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Purity Distillery

Purity Estate 17 Reserve Edition Organic Vodka

Purity Estate 17 Reserve Edition Organic Vodka

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Purity Estate 17 Reserve brings all of our signature flavor and smoothness to your palate and is the perfect partner for making unforgettable cocktails. It’s a vodka that’s smooth enough to enjoy neat but really blooms when mixed. By slowly copper distilling the heart 17 times, it gives this vodka enough flavor and character to bring out the nuanced layers of our organic ingredients – and elevates any others blended with it, creating delicious cocktails.

Perfect for cocktails, Purity Estate 17 Reserve is smooth and delicious enough neat, but loves to mingle with tonic, make cosmopolitans, or Moscow mules. We give the spirit enough copper contact and distillation time to make your other ingredients shine.

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