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Wise Caldwell

JFC Extra Anejo Tequila

JFC Extra Anejo Tequila

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A singularly spectacular and super rare kind of spirit. This is what happens when you take an already super tasty one-year-old tequila from the Jalisco highlands and export a curated selection of barrels crafted by Master Cooper, Ramiro Herrera (the only Mexican Master Cooper we know of), to the distillery in Mexico for another 30-months of aging, before bottling and then re-importing the finished tequila back to Cali, to bring to you.

Supple in a way you can’t imagine until you taste it yourself, its heady scents of oak and vanilla lead you down a white rabbit’s path of flavor that showcases sweet spice, heady herbs, toasted brioche, cinnamon, chocolate, citrus and crème brulee.

What we’ve done with barrels master crafted from 200-year old Haute Futaie French oak trees, is really the lunatic fringe of the spirits craft, and a palpable leveling up of everything we love about small batch spirits.

Proof: 80

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