How we got started

In 2015, Speakeasy Co. humbly began as a cocktail subscription box, a distant concept from what exists today.

Back then, we wanted to introduce subscribers to the most crucial ingredient in a cocktail, the spirits, all while making a fun drink. We naturally gravitated towards craft spirit brands, who educated us on the confines of the post-Prohibition 3-tier system, the existing regulatory climate, and the $250B alcohol industry still running off paper invoices. The alcohol industry was ripe for innovation.

Over the years we transformed Speakeasy into a 3-tier compliant e-commerce platform managing websites, facilitating payments, and creating fulfillment centers, allowing brands to finally own their data, customer relationships, and growth. Today we partner with nearly 300 brands and have raised over $9M to continue to scale our platform.

What we value


Put people before product and profits. We prioritize creating a company culture that fosters collaboration, education and passion for what we do, recognizing that our people are the foundation of our success. We believe that a strong culture of collaboration and passion is key to building a successful company.


Continuously innovate through iteration. Radical ideas are what brought us here. Collaboration and teamwork are crucial for success, as we collectively work towards operational excellence. Not only will we bring new ideas to the table, but we are also proactively thinking of solutions. In an industry that moves quickly, we remain agile and passionately curious, always seeking new ways to improve and innovate.


Make decisions that can last. Every decision we make needs to be sustainable for our workforce, partners, team culture, business, society, and Earth. By prioritizing sustainability in every decision we make, we strive to build a company that is not only successful, but also responsible, ethical, and long-lasting.


Take action quickly and find solutions when things aren't working. We take ownership of our work and are dedicated to growth while keeping our focus on the customer and quality. Our commitment to these values ensures that we provide the best service possible to our customers and continuously improve our business.


Examine all practices openly and honestly, ensuring that our actions match our words. We prioritize integrity and act with it, recognizing that our collective team's efforts contribute to the greater whole. By prioritizing transparency within the company, we aim to build trust with our employees and customers and foster a culture of honesty and accountability.

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