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Teremana Tequila Review

In a trend that has become synonymous among celebrities, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson threw his hat into the world of alcohol with Teremana Tequila. Created in 2019, the newer tequila has had an electric reception in its short shelf life, already becoming a popular brand in a crowded marketplace.

Coming out with a new brand of liquor has proven difficult for companies that put a notable public figure on the cover, as enthusiasts take a bit more than name recognition to enjoy tequila. To put any doubts to rest and conclusively decide if the tequila is worthy of its asking price, we will be reviewing Teremana Tequila in extensive detail.

A Quick Look at Teremana Tequila 

For those who desire an immediate and concise summary of what Teremana Tequila offers, we will give a general overview in the table below.

Overall Rating 3 Out of 5 Stars
Flavor 3 Out of 5 Stars
Value 3 Out of 5 Stars
Tasting Notes Citrus, Agave, Black Pepper
Classification Tequila
Distillery 2x Distilled in Copper Pots
Proof 40%
Aged Unaged
MSPR $38.99

Pros And Cons of Teremana Tequila

Regrettably, several celebrity-sponsored tequilas have missed the mark in recent years. While The Rock has surpassed a number of his contemporaries, the ambitious drink still has places it can be improved upon.

Reasonably Priced Simple, Restrained Flavor
Ideal for Margaritas Quite Bitter on the End
Harsh, Chemical Nose

What Is Teremana Tequila?

Teremana Tequila comes from a remote town in Jalisco, a region synonymous with the famous Mexican liquor. While the drink has relied heavily on the marketing power of Dwayne Johnson’s celebrity, the company has taken no shortcuts in its quality and creation.

From the same minds that brought forth Avion tequila, Teremana has been a passion project of trio Jenna Fagnan, Ken Austin, and Tequila-newcomer Dwayne Johnson.

The process of making Teremana is one that starts very familiar, with blue agave that is meticulously reaped and roasted for seventy-two hours. This process brings forth its notable citrus taste and sugar; it will then be put into copper pot stills, where the fermentation process begins.

It is a clear, transparent liquid made to compete with other reasonably-priced blanco tequilas. While it will fail in comparison to other brands in a neat pour, it makes a solid choice for cocktails or margaritas. Despite its lesser price tag, the tequila strives to be a premium brand respected by enthusiasts.

Is Teremana Real Tequila?

Teremana has put genuine effort into its brand and made sure that the tequila is perfected in the Jalisco region by seasoned farmers and distillers who have a history in the business. The tequila is made without additional sugar and utilizes the famous blue agave that has become world-renowned for its flavor, particularly in tequila.

Those tricked by big names in the past are rightfully hesitant, though Teremana Tequila is the genuine article. It has qualities that could be improved, and several critics have had serious reservations about the nose and flavor, but it is as legitimate as a tequila can get.

What Does Teremana Tequila Taste Like?

Depending on who you ask, the taste of Teremana can skew wildly. One thing that is universally agreed upon is the prevalent infusion of agave, citrus, and black pepper, which create a competent, if not mildly bitter, flavor. Those looking for a rich tequila flavor may be disappointed, as the drink refrains from being overly pronounced.

Beneath its prominent features, the hints of earth, smoke, and vegetal peak through the fruity front. It’s as if you can taste the soil the agave grew from, though not unpleasantly. A keen palette will recognize the vanilla and delicate dusting of cinnamon before the black pepper begins to win out again.

In a neat glass, the bitter aftertaste can leave a bad impression, though it will be approvingly absent on the rocks or in a cocktail. The tequila is by no means a poor drink and has a lot going for it, though it fails to compete with similar-priced brands that offer a bit more taste and a bit less bite as it washes away.

What Is the Alcohol Content of Teremana Tequila

Teremana is 40% alcohol by volume (ABV) or 80-proof, which has become a popular standard of many tequilas. Considering the alternatives for legitimate tequila, it sits on the lighter side, with some being as high as 55% abv or 110-proof and a few going as low as 35%.

Is Teremana Tequila Good?

Teremana is a competent brand that has won some awards for its tequila, though it is middling-to-fair when it stacks up to its competitors. Those with an affinity for refrained flavors and a bit of kick may fall in love with the tequila, though most will settle for a more preferred brand of similar price.

The drink has a lot of worthwhile qualities, and it had a lot of preparation before it went to the shelf. The competitive tequila market has produced some real winners over the years, and, regrettably, Teremana has yet to achieve the lofty heights of its contemporaries.

Is Teremana the Best Tequila?

While Teremana may have advocates that are a bit kinder to it than we may be, no one would make the argument that it stands head and shoulders above the rest. It makes a good tequila for cocktails, a decent choice on the rocks, and a rough swallow for most when poured neat.

How Is Teremana Tequila Packaged?

The bottle’s packaging is nothing to write home about, though the raised lettering on the bottom of the bottle speaks to a subtle craftsmanship. However, they offer more details on the back of the bottle than most, which is very appreciated by those interested in the distilling process or calorie count.

How Should You Drink Teremana Tequila?

As previously discussed, the drink is ideal over the rocks or mixed into a cocktail. Like most tequilas, Teremana is best enjoyed at room temperature. That being said, a vast amount of recipes will cool the liquor anyway, so no one will look at you cross for chilling it beforehand.

Because of its muted flavor, adding additional ingredients can help provide a more enjoyable drink. It can work great as the heavier part of a margarita, made into an old-fashioned, or poured into a refreshing tequila sunrise.

How Much Does Teremana Tequila Cost?

Depending on your location and its availability, Teremana can range anywhere from the low twenties to high thirties for a bottle. On average, it will sit above thirty-five and not make a sizable dent in your weekend budget.

As for bars, it depends on which place you find yourself and how much of a premium they charge, though it will commonly sit between five to seven dollars.

Where Can You Buy Teremana Tequila?

The availability of Teremana is often criticized, and it may be hard to find it at a restaurant or a favorite local haunt. Most liquor stores will likely have a bottle or two, though people in the market for Teremana may be disappointed at its limited accessibility.

Is Teremana Tequila a Good Gift?

If someone is a tequila aficionado, they may leave the bottle in a forgotten cabinet for quite a while. Alternatively, people passionate about tequila cocktails and margaritas will likely enjoy the liquor. For those trying to impress a friend with a refined palette, there are worthwhile choices to be found in other brands.

Where Are Alternatives to Teremana Tequila?

If The Rock’s new brand has not knocked you off your feet, there are cheaper alternatives and more preferable tequilas. A favorite of those in the market for a slightly cheaper tequila should look into Goza Blanco Tequila.  The tequila has a minty flavor with a similar black pepper kick towards the end that doesn’t sit quite as unpleasantly on the tongue.

If a person is looking for something a bit higher on the shelf, the Hotel California Blanco is a very popular choice. The tequila has that similar agave and black pepper flavor with a subtle note of honey that wraps it up nicely for those looking for a multifaceted sipping tequila. Additionally, you can try other types of tequila, like Espolon Tequila.

tequila with limes and salt

The Last Word on Teremana Tequila

Teremana is a tequila new to the market and has plenty of time to grow into its own. Despite the time and effort that went into making the premium liquor, a few things should be fixed before enthusiasts take the plunge with the new brand.

It is not the worst tequila on the market by any stretch. However, there’s a long road to travel before it becomes a favorite of anyone, with so many incredible alternatives available.

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