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Heritage Distilling: Your Guide to the Craft Distillery

The craft distilling renaissance in the U.S. has allowed small operations to grow very quickly in the past few years. Heritage Distilling, in the Pacific Northwest, is one such brand.

Heritage Distilling is a craft distillery that doesn’t specifically make one type of spirit. The company doesn’t use any gimmicks to boost sales, either.

Heritage Distilling has cultivated a following in a short span of time because they simply release quality products. Keep reading to learn more about their spirits and why you might wish to track them down.

Heritage Distilling: An Introduction

Heritage Distilling offers everything from basic bourbon whiskey to flavored vodkas and canned cocktails. Along with offering impressive takes on a range of well-known spirits, the company also makes a point of honoring members of the armed forces.

In addition, Heritage Distilling’s contributions to and participation in regional charities and causes has earned the distillery a reputation for respecting its community and roots.

What Is the Alcohol Content of Heritage Distilling’s Products?

The alcohol content of a Heritage Distilling spirit can vary from one product to another. The following are a few examples to help you better understand how much alcohol this company tends to include in its spirits:

  • Stiefel’s Select Single Barrel Four Grain Bourbon: 94 proof
  • Dual Barrel (Vanilla) Bourbon Whiskey: 92 proof
  • Lavender Flavored Vodka: 60 proof

Check the alcohol content of any Heritage Distilling product you’re thinking of buying before making a purchase if this factor is important to you.

Although many of the company’s products have fairly standard levels of alcohol in them, some may contain more alcohol than you might expect. Checking this detail beforehand can ensure you don’t end up drinking something too strong.

What Is the History of Heritage Distilling?

Heritage Distilling has cultivated a reputation for being one of the top craft spirits distillers in the U.S. in just over a decade. According to the company’s website, in the past eight years, Heritage Distilling has earned more awards from the American Distilling Institute than any of the other approximately 1,500 craft distilleries in North America.

Heritage Distilling began life as an idea shared around a campfire. Since those modest beginnings, the company has grown rapidly, offering dozens of flavored vodkas and numerous other premium spirits.

Where Is Heritage Distilling From?

Heritage Distilling is based in Washington. However, the company has two tasting rooms in nearby Oregon, indicating its popularity in the region has grown quickly. According to an interview with 253 Lifestyle Magazine, Heritage Distilling is currently the largest independent distillery in the Pacific Northwest. The business is also primarily women-owned.

The original Gig Harbor Heritage Distilling tasting room location is right on the waterfront. Thus, even when deciding where to open their first public location, the team at Heritage Distilling appears to have prioritized choosing a spot that offers a glimpse of the region’s beauty. Such choices seem to reflect the pride the team here takes in their region.

When Was Heritage Distilling Created?

Heritage Distilling began life in 2011. Its co-founders are Justin and Jennifer Stiefel. They opened their first distillery location and tasting room in Gig Harbor, Washington, expanding at a steady pace since then.

Heritage Distilling began attracting the attention of industry professionals fast. As of this writing, the company has won awards from the American Distilling Institute in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

The fact that Heritage Distilling started winning awards a mere three years after starting up indicates they achieved an impressive degree of quality early. The fact that Heritage Distilling continues to win such awards suggests they’ve never stopped aiming for that level of quality as they’ve grown.

What Types of Heritage Distilling Products Are There?

Heritage Distilling isn’t the type of craft spirits company that limits itself to creating one type of product. Its products include such spirit varieties as:

  • Flavored Vodka: Heritage Distilling’s flavored vodkas boast such flavors as blood orange, huckleberry, and lavender. The company states the distillers derive these flavors from natural ingredients.
  • Whiskey: Heritage Distilling offers several different types of whiskey, including bourbons, blends, and even a chocolate whiskey.
  • Canned Cocktails: Heritage Distilling’s line of canned cocktails offer a convenient way to enjoy the company’s spirits in a pre-mixed drink.

The distillery also offers its Elk Rider series. Entries include:

  • Elk Rider Gin
  • Elk Rider Vodka
  • Elk Rider Blended Whiskey
  • Elk Rider Bourbon
  • Elk Rider Rye
  • Elk Rider White Rum

If you’re a fan of booze in all or any of its forms, odds are good you’ll find more than one offering from Heritage Distilling that appeals to your tastes.

What Ingredients Are in Heritage Distilling’s Spirits?

The ingredients from one Heritage Distilling spirit naturally may not be the same as those from another of the company’s products.

According to the distillery’s FAQ, their facility is not certified gluten-free. However, Heritage Distilling makes its vodkas from gluten-free ingredients anyway. Still, it’s wise to check the ingredients list of any product to confirm you’re not allergic to it.

How Much Do Heritage Distilling’s Spirits Usually Cost?

Prices can vary for Heritage Distilling’s products depending on what you wish to try. The following overview should give you a general sense of the price points this company offers:

  • Stiefel’s Select Single Barrel Four Grain Bourbon: $79.95 per bottle
  • Flavored Vodkas: $24.95 to $20.99 per bottle
  • Canned Cocktails: $14.95 for a four-pack

Be aware that some of Heritage Distilling’s products are harder to track down than others. In addition, the company sometimes releases special or limited edition releases that may be more expensive than its standard line.

For example, its Special Operations Salute™ Whiskey is available for pre-sale with a special presentation tube and a lithograph celebrating the U.S. Special Operations Forces. This unique product honoring America’s troops sells for $125.00

What Is the Best Way to Enjoy Heritage Distilling’s Products?

There is no one right way to enjoy Heritage Distilling’s spirits. Again, the company makes too many spirits to limit them to just one method of consumption.

bartender making drink

For example, if you purchase a Heritage Distilling whiskey, you may prefer to enjoy it on its own. Drinking a Heritage Distilling whiskey neat (ice can numb your tongue and prevent you from appreciating all the flavors) is an ideal way to take in the nuances and complexities of the spirit.

However, those who prefer their spirits in cocktail form can still find plenty to love at Heritage Distilling. Along with its line of canned cocktails, the distillery’s website also offers a selection of cocktail recipes that showcase its products’ unique qualities.

How to Choose a Good Heritage Distilling Spirit

Heritage Distilling’s wide range of offerings can make it seem difficult to determine which one is right for your tastes. Ways to narrow down your options include the following:

  • Set a Budget: You may want to begin by testing Heritage Distilling’s less-expensive offerings first. If you find you’re happy with the brand’s most affordable spirits, you can test its premium offerings.
  • Fill a Niche: Naturally, you should account for your own taste (or the taste of someone you’re gifting a bottle to) when choosing what Heritage Distilling spirit to try first. However, maybe you’re a fan of all types of spirits. If so, consider trying a unique Heritage Distilling product that fills a void in your liquor cabinet. For example, maybe you don’t have many flavored vodkas with natural ingredients. Consider trying one of Heritage Distilling’s flavored vodkas in this case.
  • Visit a Tasting Room: This could be among the best ways to get to know Heritage Distilling’s products. If you have the opportunity to visit one of the distillery’s five tasting rooms, you may get the chance to ask questions of the experts working there. They could get to know your tastes and provide you with a spirit that fits the description of what you’re looking for.

Just remember that Heritage Distilling offers many products. If you devote time to the process, you may try them all eventually.

Where Can You Find Heritage Distilling?

Heritage Distilling has tasting rooms in the following locations:

  • Gig Harbor, WA
  • Roslyn, WA
  • Tumwater, WA
  • Whiteaker – Eugene, OR
  • Fifth Street – Eugene, OR

Heritage Distilling’s website offers an interactive map through which customers can find retailers offering Heritage Distilling products near them. Remember, although the distillery has earned significant acclaim in recent years, it’s still a small independent operation. Heritage Distilling’s products might not have reached your region yet if you live far from the Pacific Northwest.

Luckily, you can also purchase many Heritage Distilling products through the company’s website.

What Are Popular Alternatives to Heritage Distilling’s Spirits?

Heritage Distilling isn’t the only craft distillery in the U.S. offering impressive takes on classic spirits. Other options to consider include:

  • Middle West Spirits: Middle West Spirits is another distillery offering flavored vodkas. Heritage Distilling focuses more on flavors like lavender and blood orange, while Middle West primarily offers honey and vanilla-flavored vodkas, ensuring their products complement each other instead of competing.
  • Cedar Ridge: Cedar Ridge offers blended whiskeys similar to those Heritage Distilling offers. Whiskey enthusiasts may wish to try both to decide which brand deserves a long-term spot on their shelves.
  • Rogue Ales & Spirits: Alcohol enthusiasts may recognize Rogue as a popular craft beer brand. They might not know Rogue also offers a line of canned, ready-to-drink cocktails to compare to Heritage Distilling’s offerings.
  • Club Kokomo: Club Kokomo is another brand offering quality canned cocktails. As the brand’s name implies, these products generally consist of tropical and citrus drinks.

Popular brands like Smirnoff also offer a range of flavored vodkas. Although Smirnoff’s products might not be of the same quality as Heritage Distilling’s, they might represent an affordable and widely available alternative. However, if you're looking for another small distillery with a personal touch, Heaven's Door Whiskey is a great alternative.

Heritage Distilling FAQs

Want to learn more about Heritage Distilling? Check these popular FAQs:

Does Heritage Distilling Ship to Me?

The answer to this question depends on where you live and what product you’re buying. As Heritage Distilling acknowledges in their FAQ, shipping alcohol can sometimes prove challenging due to various laws. When you attempt to buy a given Heritage Distilling product online, you’ll find information regarding what states the company ships said product to.

Does Heritage Distilling Offer Membership Clubs?

Yes. If you’re already a fan of Heritage Distilling and would like a way to consistently try their products, joining one of the company’s membership clubs may be an ideal way to do so.

Are Heritage Distilling’s Products Good for Cooking With?

Yes! True, the best way to enjoy any spirit from a craft distillery may be to drink it on its own or in your favorite cocktail. Heritage Distilling also offers several recipe ideas for those who would like to cook with their spirits.

Heritage Distilling: Revolutionizing Craft Distilling in the Pacific Northwest

Heritage Distilling has come a long way in not a long time. In a little over a decade, the company has grown from a passing business idea to one of the most sought-after craft distilling brands in the country.

Keep an eye out if you’re unable to find Heritage Distilling’s spirits near you right now. Odds are, they’ll start showing up in more and more regions as the brand continues to grow in popularity.

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