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Wise Caldwell

CONSTABLE 12-Year Canadian Rye Whiskey

CONSTABLE 12-Year Canadian Rye Whiskey

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The venerable Brion Wise doesn’t stop his treasure hunt for the rarified stuff from around the globe until he finds something this good.

Crafted from a single batch of 100% rye whiskey, and curated from four very special barrels, that were painstakingly sourced and blended to attain something good enough for the inaugural release of the finest Canadian Rye. 

Rye whiskey is a certain kind of love affair… of the soft, and sultry kind. In its greatest artform it takes on levels of complexity wrapped up in a beautiful package of crushed, vanilla-hued velvet on your palate. This bottling is beautifully integrated, luscious and smooth with absolutely no after-burn.

Proof: 109.4

Produced: 210 bottles

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