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Wonderbird Spirits

Cask Finished Gin No. 61

Cask Finished Gin No. 61

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About the Gin

Wonderbird's latest cask-aged gin.  Rested in a bourbon cask of distinguished provenance for 112 days, this special, limited-release product yielded just 262 bottles. The collector's item, which shares the same botanical bill as our No. 61 gin, is a wonderfully smooth gin with all the complexity of its predecessor plus vanilla and spice notes brought on by the barrel. A fantastic bourbon replacement for an Old-Fashioned or to sip neat.  You won't want to let this trophy sit around collecting dust.

About the Barrel

The barrel in which we rested this gin was hand selected from the famed Maker's Mark distillery by local friends and Southern culture experts John T. Edge and Wright Thompson on their highly acclaimed, James Beard Award-nominated series TrueSouth which airs on the SEC Network (Season 2, Episode 2: Hodgenville, KY).  Wonderbird Spirits was thrilled to have been granted the opportunity to give this extraordinary vessel a second life, allowing us to offer you this uniquely beautiful gin expression that is perfect for the holiday season.

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