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Club Kokomo Spirits

A Taste of Kokomo

A Taste of Kokomo

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The bundle features four 4-packs of Club Kokomo's 12 oz canned craft cocktails. All flavors are made with award winning spirits, all natural flavors, and are gluten free.

Afternoon Delight - Craft Rum Cocktail - 10% Alc/vol
One of their most unique creations, this combination of citrus, maple, ginger and allspice will have you dancing on the ceiling.

Kokomojito - Craft Rum Cocktail - 10% Alc/vol
This is where it all started—famously coined by Mike Love himself. Our version of the classic Mojito delivers a smooth blend of lime and mint with a subtle hint of lemongrass.

Excitation - Craft Gin Cocktail - 10% Alc/vol
We might be big fans of the song ‘Kokomo’ but we lean into some “gin and juice” on this track. (Shout out to you know who). This fresh and crisp gin cocktail will surprise you with notes of black cherry, passionfruit and citrus and a healthy dose of ‘Good Vibrations.’

Mystique - Craft Rum Cocktail - 10% Alc/vol
You won’t believe your taste buds with this bright and shiny rum cocktail. Your daily serving of fruit in a can features the tropical flavors of guava and lychee finishing delicately alongside our jasmine tea infused rum. It won’t be a mystery any longer.

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