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Purity Vodka: Explore this Premier Brand

Purity vodka is an emerging premier vodka on the market, with the brand growing in popularity due to its unique distillation process and smooth taste.

Purity vodka and Purity gin are consistently considered among the best-tasting liquors by experts. The copper distillation process used to create these spirits is utilized to remove any harsh taste from the product, leaving you with a clean-tasting liquor.

Our article gives you more details on Purity vodka, including how this liquor is crafted, the history of Purity vodka and Purity gin, and the ingredients in Purity vodka. Then, you can determine if this brand of vodka is the best choice for you.

Purity Vodka: An Introduction

Purity vodka is a vodka produced in Sweden and distilled through a unique copper distillation process. The Purity brand also produces gin, and there are a few different types of each liquor available through the brand.

Overall, Purity vodka is known to taste very clean and fresh. The intensive and meticulous distilling process used to craft the spirit removes harsh aftertastes and allows for the natural ingredients of the vodka to shine through. Some versions of Purity vodka have additional infusion added to create certain flavors, such as citrus flavors.

Purity vodka is made from Swedish winter wheat and malted barley. It has a clear, translucent appearance, though it might take on a light coloration if it is infused with botanicals and citruses. The bottles for Purity vodka and Purity gin are fairly distinctive, with the number of times the spirit has been distilled (this ranges from 17 to 34 times) listed boldly on the bottle.

The vodka produced by Purity is seen as a new artisan twist on a classic liquor, and it can be consumed by itself, in a cocktail, or with your favorite vodka mixer.

What Is the Alcohol Content of Purity Vodka?

Purity vodka, like most straight spirits, has a relatively high alcohol content. Depending on the specific type of Purity vodka you are enjoying, the proof will be anywhere from 80 to 96, meaning the ABV will range between 40% and 48%.

What Is the History of Purity Vodka and Purity Gin?

The history of Purity vodka and Purity gin dates starts with Leif Nerhammars, who developed a copper still for the small-batch production of alcohol.

The copper still produces vodka and gin so pure that no filtration is required, and every pass through the copper still removes unwanted flavors and encourages smoothness in the spirit. This distillation process is what sets the brand apart from others on the market.

Currently, Purity vodka and Purity gin are considered newcomers to the liquor market. However, their unique flavor and distillation process are pushing them to the forefront of liquor brands with speed.

Both liquors produced by Purity have impeccable flavors and natural ingredients. This makes them versatile for those who enjoy their vodka neat or mixed into a cocktail that enhances the flavors of the spirit.

Where Is Purity Vodka and Gin From?

Purity vodka and Purity gin were first developed in Sweden, which is where they are currently made today. Both liquors are crafted by Purity within a 13th-century castle, Ellinge Castle, located in southern Sweden, which is where the brand’s copper stills are located.

When Was Purity Vodka Created?

Purity vodka was first created around a decade ago, with the liquor winning awards as early as 2017 due to its premium nature and impeccable taste. The Swedish brand came to the American market in 2018, and it has since thrived as vodka enthusiasts love the way this ultra-distilled and smooth brand tastes.

What Types of Purity Vodka and Gin Are There?

There are a few different types of Purity vodka and Purity gin around today. Each variation of spirit has a slightly different distilling number and varying flavors, though they are all distilled at least 17 times for a clear, clean taste.

Estate 17 Reserve Vodka

The signature bottle of Purity vodka is distilled 17 times for pure taste, clean flavors, and a smooth drinking experience.

Mediterranean Citrus Spritz Vodka

Copper-distilled 34 times for pure taste and infused with bergamot, grapefruit, and sweet oranges to create a citrusy and botanical flavor, Mediterranean Citrus Spritz is perfect for the summer.

Signature Edition 34 Vodka

Distilled an impressive 34 times, this vodka has layers of flavor due to the winter wheat and malted barley used, and the fresh spring water used to enhance these clean and smooth flavors.

Connoisseur 51 Reserve Vodka

One of the finest vodkas the Purity brand produces, Connoisseur 51 Reserve features 51 distillations. Along with that, it features 20 hours of exposure to the copper still for a unique and complex flavor.

Old Tom 34 Gin

Crafted from a base of 34-time distilled vodka, this gin is combined with juniper, sugar cane, and botanicals to craft a soft and subtly sweet liquor perfect for cocktails.

London Dry 34 Gin

Purity’s London Dry 34 Gin utilizes the time-tested London Dry gin recipe and infuses the brand’s signature 34 vodka with an assortment of herbs and berries, such as juniper, basil, thyme, lingonberry, European blueberries, and lavender to craft this liquor.

Navy Strength 34 Gin

With a higher ABV of 57.1%, this gin features bold botanicals and a smooth, enjoyable flavor that makes it versatile for any of your favorite gin-based drinks.

What Ingredients Are in Purity Vodka?

Purity vodka utilizes winter wheat and malted barley in its spirits. Other ingredients you may note include botanical or citrus infusions, though the ingredients list for this brand is rather limited to allow the true flavors of the vodka to shine.

How Much Does Purity Vodka Usually Cost?

Purity vodka has a fairly reasonable price for such a premium-tasting liquor, and you can generally expect to pay between $26 and $60 for a bottle of this liquor. Purity gin falls in a similar price range.

When out at a restaurant or bar, you may pay the price for a mid-range shot of liquor for a shot of Purity vodka. The exact price depends on the venue you are drinking at and your location.

What Is the Best Way to Enjoy Purity Vodka?

The best way to enjoy Purity vodka and appreciate the smooth flavors of this liquor is to sip on the vodka chilled. You can serve it over ice or simply neat and chilled, or you can mix it with tonic water or soda water to enhance the flavors. We also recommend blending it with your favorite vodka-based cocktails, such as the martini.

Your Purity vodka can be enjoyed as part of a formal dinner party or as pre-dinner drinks. It can also make for a refreshing end-of-night drink during the summer, especially if you blend it with citrus fruits and a splash of sparkling water.

How to Choose a Good Purity Vodka

All of the Purity vodka options tend to be high-quality and a good choice, as this brand prides itself on crafting premium vodka with its copper distilling process. You can choose the best Purity vodka for your preferences, however, by reviewing the options of vodka this brand creates and selecting one with flavor notes that stand out to you most.

You can review the options on Purity’s website to get a better sense of how each vodka variety might taste, and you can check the bottle for details on distillation and ABV. We recommend the brand’s signature 17 vodka for a smooth and entry-level introduction to this brand’s unique vodka collection.

Where Can You Find Purity Vodka?

Purity vodka is generally available in liquor stores around the United States, or you can purchase it directly from the brand’s website. You may not be able to find it often in bars and restaurants, depending on your location, as Purity vodka is not the most commonly carried vodka brand. However, higher-end and more artisan cocktail bars may carry this vodka.

What Are Popular Alternatives to Purity Vodka?

There are a few alternatives to Purity vodka, though they are unlikely to feature the copper distilling method this brand is known for. Alternatives for Purity vodka you can try include:

  • NEFT Vodka – distilled using artesian spring water from the Alps and non-GMO rye grains
  • Stolichnaya Gold – filtered through the mineral shungite for taste and purity
  • Absolut Elyx – distilled using a copper still

Of course, if you are searching for a more easily available vodka that is considered top-shelf or more premium, we recommend trying a brand like Grey Goose.

Purity Vodka FAQs

The following answers to the most frequently asked questions about Purity vodka can help put any lingering queries about this brand to rest.

Is Purity Vodka an Imported Vodka?

Purity vodka is produced in southern Sweden, which does make it an imported vodka. However, this doesn’t affect the price of the vodka too much, and the brand is fairly easy to find in liquor stores or to have shipped to your address.

Does Purity Create Anything Other Than Vodka?

While Purity is known for its distinctive vodkas, the brand also created ultra-distilled and boldly flavored gins. These gins are crafted using the Purity vodka as a base and conducting further distillation, infusions, and filtrations as necessary.

What Is the Expected Flavor Profile of Purity’s Signature Vodka?

Purity prides itself on its Signature Edition 34 vodka. When tasting this particular variety of Purity vodka, you are likely to encounter a very neutral nose with the faintest hints of ethanol.  The full flavor features graininess with hints of lemon-lime and grass, and finishes with a taste reminiscent of raw almonds.

The mouthfeel of Purity Signature Edition 34 is somewhat tingly with a clear and pure-tasting finish.

Pure Sips of Purity Vodka

hands holding vodka cocktails and toasting

The Purity brand aims to create some of the most pure-tasting and smooth vodka around, and any of the Purity vodka options available are sure to be palate-pleasers.

This versatile brand is fine to be enjoyed by itself, with a simple mixer, or combined in your favorite vodka-based cocktail to enhance its flavors. No matter how you choose to enjoy your Purity vodka, you are sure to get pure sips of one of the smoothest vodkas around.

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