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Purity Distillery

PURITY Navy Strength 34 Organic Gin

PURITY Navy Strength 34 Organic Gin

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Our Navy Strength Gin is recognized by experts as an exceptional spirit due to its smoothness and explosive flavor. The secret? We start with our award-winning organic vodka – its heart copper distilled 34 times for extra flavor and smoothness – then dial up the strength and, in turn, the botanical flavor, creating a bolder taste at 57.1% ABV. Nonetheless, this higher ABV gin is surprisingly smooth, but its botanical intensity really makes cocktails come to life.

The higher ABV of this stronger gin makes the flavors explosive, but still surprisingly smooth due to it being based on our 34-times copper-distilled organic vodka. Potent juniper and flavorful berries greet your palate. The complex fusion of ingredients is fresh and invigorating. Amazing for cocktails and surprisingly smooth enough to drink neat.

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750ML | 57.1% ALC/VOL (114 PROOF)

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