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Freeland Spirits: Your In-Depth Guide

Freeland Spirits is a distillery located in Portland, Oregon, that specializes in gin and whiskey. They’ve been around since 2016 and it’s a women-owned distillery that seeks to empower women and share the taste of fresh botanicals with the world.

While the distillery is on the newer side, plenty of options are available, ranging from 6-year aged gin to cask strength whiskey products. Ultimately, the goal of this distillery has always been to bring fresh-tasting gin to people across the country.

This article takes you through everything you need to know about Freeland Spirits. We cover where the brand comes from, how it’s made, as well as some of its notable spirit options. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Freeland Spirits.

Freeland Spirits: An Introduction

Freeland Spirits is a famous distillery that’s known for manufacturing high-end liquor. Located in Portland Oregon, Freeland Spirits is a company that’s dedicated to supporting women and breaking the boundaries of what women can do by dreaming big. Hence the name, Freeland Spirits.

This dream was inspired by the founder’s grandmother, who was a strong Texas woman who valued independence and living off the land.

Today, Freeland Spirits is a popular liquor brand in East Oregon. The company produces a handful of liquor options that range from clear gin to dark whiskey and bourbons. All of the grains used in the liquor come from local farms in Oregon, which gives the liquor a distinctly American taste.

Additionally, there is something for everyone at Freeland Spirits. People who prefer light and botanical liquor can choose a gin liquor, and people who prefer the smoky flavor or bourbon or whiskey have plenty of options.

The last thing to note is that this distillery uses premium equipment, like their copper pot still and cold vacuum macerator, for their cold distillation process. This dual distillation process allows the distillery to use fresh botanicals instead of botanicals that die during the traditional distilling process. The result is gin that is not only fragrant, but smooth and delicious.

What Is the Alcohol Content of Freeland Spirits?

Freeland Spirits produces gin and bourbon, so the alcohol content varies based on the liquor you’re sipping. The average bourbon from Freeland Spirits is about 46% ABV, so expect a smooth bourbon whiskey that’s delicious to sip but not always the best for taking shots.

On the other hand, the alcohol content of their gin can vary. Some gin options, like Freeland Gin, have a lower ABV of about 47%. However, Freeland Spirit’s Forest Gin is 45%, and the Dry Gin is 57% ABV, which is a little more potent.

What Is the History of Freeland Spirits?

Freeland Spirits has a long and vast history that begins with the founder’s grandmother Meemaw Freeland; this is what they call grandmas in Texas. This was the founder, Jill Kuehler’s grandmother, who was a free spirit who didn’t care about limits or what other people thought about her.

What’s more interesting, though, is the fact that Meemaw Freeland didn’t care for liquor that much. Still, her words of wisdom were the inspiration for the Freeland Spirits brand; All Good Things Come From Scratch.

While Jill’s grandmother wasn’t a fan of alcohol, many of the memories of Jill’s childhood brought her closer to the idea of opening a distillery. She used to love playing with botanicals in her grandmother’s garden. Ultimately, this is where her love for agriculture began, and for a while, it was reserved for gardening and playing around.

However, this all changed in 2016 when she was hanging out with one of her friends enjoying a delicious whiskey. Her friend happened to be Cory Carman, who raised grass-fed cows in Oregon.

As the two friends continued talking, they discovered that their dreams lined up. Jill’s friend wanted to grow grain on the ranch, and Jill wanted to use that grain for liquor production. From there, Freeland Spirits was born.

Where Is Freeland Spirits From?

Freeland Spirits is from Oregon, which is located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It was first developed in Oregon, and it continues to be manufactured there today. Freeland Spirits remains in Oregon due to the availability of premium local botanicals that can be grown, sourced, and experimented with in-house.

When Was Freeland Spirits Created?

Freeland Spirits began in 2016 when Cory Carman and Jill Kuehler came up with the idea. Carman had a premium location for the distillery and the ability to grow grains for the alcohol Kuehler would produce.

Freeland Gin

Freeland Spirits Gin is the brand’s flagship liquor. This gin was inspired by Meemaw’s garden, which was the garden that the founder, Jill Kuehler grew up on.

Freeland Gin is distilled using a dual-distillation process that includes the brand’s staple Fresh Five Botanicals, which include rosemary, mint, thyme, honey, and cucumber. These botanicals play well with the other 14 dried botanicals to create a flavor experience you won’t forget.

With every sip, you’re taken on a flavor journey filled with zesty citrus, golden herbs, and even warm spices and woodsy notes. Ultimately, it’s good enough to sip neat and has a modest alcohol content of 47%.

Freeland Dry Gin

Freeland Dry Gin is more of a London-style gin than the brand’s Freeland Gin. While it’s a London-style dry gin, it’s distilled in Oregon and incorporates many botanicals native to the area. With each sip you’ll taste the bold aromatics used in the production of this gin that range from hints of spice to smooth and flavorful juniper berries.

What’s more, the goal of this gin was to create a Navy Strength Gin, so it’s made for people who want a little more kick behind every sip. It has an alcohol content of 57%, so it’s a notch up from other types of gin you’ll find in the Pacific Northwest.

Freeland Forest Gin

Freeland Forest Gin is a unique gin that was inspired by Forest Park, which is only 5 blocks from the distillery. Instead of focusing on botanicals from Oregon’s farms, Freeland Forest Gin features botanicals that grow in the forest. Some unique botanicals in this blend of gin include chanterelle mushrooms, salal berries, nettles, and douglas fir tips.

What’s more, these botanicals are distilled on a rotovap to ensure that they’re as fresh as possible. This process gives this gin a flavor that’s more in tune with the forest. While it has a hint of floral notes and fresh greenery, it also has deep notes of berries and earth. It has an ABV of 45% and even smells like the forest floor when you pour it.

Freeland Old Tom Gin

Freeland Spirit’s Old Tom Gin is a special release for Women’s History Month. This gin was the result of aging Freeland Spirit’s dry gin for 6 years in whiskey barrels owned by Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, which is a women-owned whiskey maker.

While Freeland Old Tom Gin maintains several of the same flavors as the dry gin, it also has hints of vanilla and maple syrup. Its ABV is similar to the dry gin, and it’s the perfect hybrid between gin and whiskey.

Freeland Rye Whiskey

Freeland Rye Whiskey has a mash bill of 75% Organic Dark Northern Rye, 20% Organic Purple Karma Barley, 5% Organic Buckwheat. This gives the Freeland Rye Whiskey one of the most unique flavors you’ll ever come across. It has a nutty richness that’s balanced by the spices that seep in from the New American Oak barrels.

This is the distillery’s first attempt at a 100% Oregon-sourced rye whiskey, and they knocked it out of the park. While unique, the oak, pistachio, and vanilla flavors pair well for a smooth and delicious flavor. With an ABV of 50%, it has a bit more kick than the brand’s bourbon, but it’s still great for sipping.

Freeland Bourbon

Freeland Bourbon takes things in a different direction while maintaining the quality that Freeland Spirits is known for. The distillery’s bourbon pays homage to the founder’s southern roots in Texas. For this reason, bourbon lovers will be stoked to sip this whiskey that has hints of vanilla, caramel, and spices that come from the charred American oak barrels.

Freeland Bourbon has a mash bill that’s fit for a bourbon whiskey at 70% corn, 20% rye, and 10% malted barley. Freeland Bourbon has a long and almost velvety finish that’s smooth to sip but potent with a 46% ABV. To further enhance the flavor, Freeland Bourbon is aged in Oregon’s Elk Cove Pinot Noir barrels that add some hints of that Northwest Pacific charm.

Freeland Cask Strength Bourbon

Like the original Freeland Bourbon, Freeland Cask Strength Bourbon has a mash bill that’s 70% corn, 20% rye, and 10% malted barley. It also shares the same flavor notes with hints of vanilla and caramel that pair well with the spices from the New American Oak barrels.

That said, the key difference with this whiskey is that Freeland Cask Strength Bourbon is bottled at cask strength with an ABV of 56%. For this reason, it packs more of a punch than Freeland Bourbon, and it’s perfect for people who want to experience a cask-strength blend.

What Are the Ingredients in Freeland Spirits?

Freeland Spirits have a wide range of ingredients depending on the spirit. The distillery loves to use its Fresh Five Botanicals for most gin spirits. These botanicals include mint, thyme, honey, rosemary, and cucumber. Along with these fresh botanicals, 14 dried botanicals native to the Oregon area are also used for the Freeland Gin and Freeland Dry Gin.

There are some variations with this method for the Freeland Forest Gin, which includes forest botanicals. These fresh botanicals include chanterelle mushrooms, salal berries, nettles, and douglas fir tips.

There is also the Old Tom Gin that uses the same ingredients but includes a 6-year aging process in whiskey barrels, so more vanilla and spices make their way into the gin.

When it comes to whiskey there are two versions available: the rye whiskey and the bourbon whiskey. The rye whiskey is made with Organic dark northern rye, organic purple karma barley, and organic buckwheat. These ingredients are local to the Pacific Northwest, so while it’s a whiskey, it includes Northern and coastal ingredients that give it a unique flavor.

On the other hand, the bourbon is more traditional and features a mash bill that’s 70% corn, 20% rye, and 10% malted bakery.

How Much Does Freeland Spirits Usually Cost?

Freeland Spirits varies in price depending on the type of spirit you’re purchasing. For example, some of the more affordable gin and whiskey are as affordable as $40-$50 per bottle.

However, once you get into the rye whiskey and some of the cask strength options expect to spend more than $100. If you get lucky, you can find some of these options on sale in your area or online.

What Is the Best Way to Enjoy Freeland Spirits?

Freeland Spirits can be enjoyed in many ways. The most popular way to enjoy liquor from this distillery is to sip the gin or whiskey.

We highly recommend sipping the gin because of the Fresh Five Botanicals that have become this distillery’s trademark. When paired with 14 dried botanicals these fresh ingredients bring out a unique flavor experience that you can experience fully when you sip it.

That said, Freeland Spirits’ line of gin can also be enjoyed as a cocktail. The company recommends some fun options including a Springtime Gin & Tonic along with some frozen cocktails.

Additionally, the Old Tom Gin is strong and dark enough to be enjoyed as an old-fashioned, which you can also make with the Freeland Spirits Bourbon if you’re more of a bourbon fan.

When it comes to Freeland Spirits’ whiskey options, many of them are meant to be enjoyed neat or with ice, especially the cask-strength rye whiskey. You can use the whiskey with popular mixers like whiskey and Coke if you go with the more affordable bourbon.

How to Choose Good Freeland Spirits

Freeland Spirits aren’t hard to choose if you know what you’re looking for. If you like gin, you can try a wide range of the company’s gin options.

There are even specific options for people who may prefer a dry gin to a more fresh and botanical gin. In fact, there is even a cross between bourbon and gin that’s darker that’s perfect for whiskey or gin lovers who want to experiment.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who prefers dark liquor, stick to some of the dark liquor options. You’ll find plenty of whiskey and bourbon options to enjoy. Plus, there is even a cask-strength bourbon for people who love a strong sipping whiskey.

Where Can You Find Freeland Spirits?

Freeland Spirits are growing in popularity, so you can find them all over the United States. However, you’ll have the most luck at bars and restaurants in Oregon, specifically Portland locations.

You can find it in some bars and restaurants in other states, as well as in liquor stores around the country. You can also order Freeland Spirits online through retailers you can trust like Speakeasy.

Freeland Spirits FAQ

Have questions about Freeland Spirits? We have answers to some of the most common questions below.

Who Is the Owner of Freeland Spirits?

Jill Kuehler is the owner of Freeland Spirits. She released her first gun in 2017 and her first bourbon in 2018. She continues to run Freeland Spirits but has since added master distillers like Molly Troupe to the team.

Can You Visit Freeland Spirits Distillery?

Yes! You can visit Freeland Spirits’ tasting room in Oregon to enjoy some of their spirits. There are also tours around the distillery, and you can meet some of the people who work on the Freeland drinks you know and love.

The Portland tasting room is open from 12-9 Thursday through Saturday and 12-8 Sunday through Wednesday. You can find the tasting room in Portland, Oregon, at 2671 Northwest Vaughn Street Portland, OR 97210. Plus, you can enjoy snacks, cocktails, and much more.

How Long Is Freeland Bourbon Aged?

Freeland Spirits uses a blend of 3-year-old bourbon and 12-year-old bourbon after they’re aged in charred oak American barrels. From there, the blend is rested in pinot noir barrels from Elk Cove Winery in Oregon.

Experience a Taste of the Pacific Northwest With Freeland Spirits

whiskey glass in a barrel

Freeland Spirits have become a staple of Pacific Northwest distilling. Their dedication to uplifting women in the industry and their Fresh Five Botanicals have turned this simple distillery into a nationally known brand. All ingredients are sourced from Oregon and you’ll even find some fresh takes on bourbon and whiskey using Oregon ingredients.

Plus, Freeland Spirits has something for everyone. Whether you prefer clear liquor, like gin, or dark liquor, like whiskey, Freeland Spirits has options for you.

Overall, if you’re looking for a unique liquor flavor and want to purchase from a respectable brand, you can’t go wrong with Freeland Spirits.

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