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Freeland Spirits

Freeland Spirits Forest Gin

Freeland Spirits Forest Gin

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Forest Park is just five blocks from the distillery, and is one of
the country’s largest urban forest reserves. While the blue
bottle features the best of Oregon’s farm fields, our Forest
Gin showcases ingredients that grow right in our backyard
woods, including chanterelle mushrooms, douglas fir tips,
salal berries and nettles, all of which have been distilled
on the rotovap to preserve their freshness. This gives
our Forest Gin the same all-encompassing quality
of a trip to the woods.

Aroma: New growth needles and forest floor
Taste: A hint of florality and fresh greenery,
complemented by deep notes of earth, berry,
and fresh rain
Finish: Sun-kissed tree tops

ABV: 45%


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