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Freeland Spirits

Freeland Rye Whiskey Batch #1

Freeland Rye Whiskey Batch #1

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100% Oregon Grown, Bottled-in-Bond

Inspired by her love of whiskey and desire to highlight Oregon terroir in our spirits, Jill Kuehler founded Freeland Spirits with this product in mind. A true embodiment of Oregon's rich agriculture and dedication to quality. Our journey begins in the heart of Oregon's fertile fields. Master Distiller, Molly Troupe, collaborated with Camas Country Mill to select heritage and ancient grain varieties that are stone-milled to preserve full flavor. The blend of Great Northern Rye, Purple Karma Barley, and the nutty richness of Buckwheat give Freeland Rye a balance of spice and depth with notes of pistachio, clove, and candied ginger.

Join us in raising a glass to the heart and soul of Oregon, embodied in every drop of Freeland Rye.

Age: 4 years
Mashbill: 75% Organic Dark Northern Rye, 20% Organic Purple Karma Barley, 5% Organic Buckwheat
Barrel: New American Oak
ABV: 50%,
Aroma: vanilla, oak, pistachio, leather
Taste: pistachio, banana fosters, clove, candied ginger
Finish: softly lingers
Only 12 barrels produced 

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