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Wonderbird Spirits

Wonderbird Spirits Gin Combo

Wonderbird Spirits Gin Combo

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Why choose? Pick up a Wonderbird Gin Combo bundle which includes a bottle of our Gold Medal-winning flagship Gin No. 61 and the limited edition No. 97 Experimental Magnolia Gin!

Gin No. 61

Our Gold Medal-winning flagship gin, No. 61, is made with obsessive attention to every detail. First, we ferment Mississippi Delta-grown Jasmine rice to make the base spirit. Our approach, which borrows from traditional sake making, sets a beautifully clean foundation for layering the subtly complex flavors and aromas from our botanicals.

  • 45% Alcohol by Volume (90 Proof)
  • 750ml 

No. 97 Experimental Magnolia Gin

This extremely limited edition is the first-ever issuance of our Experimental Gin Series. Using the same Mississippi Delta rice base spirit as our award-winning flagship gin, No.97 features the delicate essence of locally harvested Southern Magnolia petals (Magnolia Grandiflora).

  • 48% Alcohol by Volume (96 Proof)
  • 750ml 

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