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Westward Whiskey

Westward Whiskey Old Grad - 2024

Westward Whiskey Old Grad - 2024

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Exclusive release to support the United States Military Academy

This Westward Whiskey is a true representation of our ethos that drives us to reimagine whiskey. We believe time in the barrel should enhance the flavors of our raw ingredients and amplify the characteristics found in our whiskey. One way to discover new possibilities in distilling and appreciate the art of the process is to consider the past. In this vein, Master Distiller Miles Munroe selected Barrels 29, 34, and 717. Each barrel chosen on its own is rare but also shares its original barreling day with a significant date in West Point history. We have created a solera system just for this special “Old Grad Whiskey”. This inaugural 1st Edition, a trilogy of rare barrels, is dedicated to graduates of the esteemed United States Military Academy. The remaining whiskey in the solera will age gracefully, forming future editions as it matures.

BARREL # C-236-29: This 8 year old whiskey was barreled on 28 May 2015. This barrel celebrates the anniversary of USMA ’94 joining the Long Gray Line! With Courage We Soar!

BARREL # 16-717: This 7.5 year old whiskey was barreled on 21 September 2016. On this day in history, 1942, the B-29 Superfortress made its debut flight in Seattle. The B-29 was conceived by fellow alumnus General Hap Arnold (USMA 1907).

BARREL # 17-34: This 6.5 year old whiskey was barreled on 10 January 2017. On this day, 1943, the 25th ID attacked the Gifu strongpoint on Guadalcanal. Alumnus General Lawton Collins (USMA 1917) was the commanding general of the 25th ID.

*All net proceeds will be contributed to the United States Military Academy 1994 Class Fund

Bottled at 47% ABV / 94 proof

Tasting Notes

  • Aroma: Bing cherry, honey, and cedar
  • Palate: Peanut brittle, red apple, nou


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