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Two Bitch Spirits

Eureka Gold™

Eureka Gold™

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Eureka, Nevada sits quietly in the Diamond Mountains on the Loneliest Road in America. This historic treasure traces its mining roots to 1864, and is the home of Two Bitch™ Bourbon. Precious to the last drop, our Eureka Gold™ celebrates the legacy of the West. Tip your hat and raise a glass in toast: For the Love of Dogs, Bourbon & Good Times!



ALC./VOL.: 46%

AGE: 3 to 4 years

Tasting Experience

VISUAL: Deep Copper

NOSE: cinnamon, honeysuckle, caramelized peach, oak

PALATE: honeysuckle, caramel, toasted oak, medium grain, sweet corn, peach

FINISH: sweet slightly oaky, crisp and light

MOUTH FEEL: hallmark bourbon sweetness, smooth warming sensation


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