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Frey Ranch

"The Tribe" Super Bundle including Barrel #2306 Single Barrel

"The Tribe" Super Bundle including Barrel #2306 Single Barrel

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Featuring our flagship bourbon to cask strength whiskey and everything in between, The Tribe Super Bundle includes one 750 ML bottle of Frey Ranch Straight Bourbon Whiskey, one 750 ML bottle of Farm Strength Uncut, + one 750 ML bottle of Barrel #2306 HSC-6 “The Tribe” Single Barrel Bourbon, all bundled together with complimentary shipping.

Barrel #2306 HSC-6 “The Tribe” Single Barrel Bourbon
We at Frey Ranch Distillery are glad you found us, and are raising a glass to you, Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 6! Selected by members of your very own club, this single barrel was chosen for its exceptional characteristics and textures.

“The Tribe” Single Barrel Bourbon is aged to perfection—or for 5 years, 4 months, and 7 days—and comes from Barrel #2306 at 60.88% ABV and 121.76 proof.

Tasting Notes: Loaded with the same full-bodied flavor the rest of our award-winning whiskeys are known for, Barrel #2306 HSC-6 “The Tribe” Single Barrel Bourbon presents an amazing diversity of flavor on the nose, with notes of vanilla and brown sugar. Expect rich baking spices and toasted marshmallows on the palate, that lead to hints of leather notes and a long, oakey finish.

Frey Ranch Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Frey Ranch Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey is 100% sustainably grown, malted, distilled, matured, and bottled on the Frey Ranch in Fallon, Nevada for consistently high-quality as a point of pride. With a mash bill of non-GMO corn, winter cereal rye, winter wheat, and two-row barley-malted on-site, this is a flavorful bourbon that can easily be enjoyed on its own, yet also holds up in any whiskey-based cocktail.

Tasting Notes: Aged for an average of five years, this 90-proof bourbon is smooth yet complex with oak and citrus aromas followed by vanilla, caramel, banana chips, and dried hay on the palate.

Frey Ranch Farm Strength Uncut
Every time we blend a small batch of our flagship four-grain bourbon, we taste it at cask strength before we “proof it down” to our signature 90 proof. We always fall in love with the uncut flavor, now you can too with the addition of this “Farm Strength” version of our flagship bourbon.

Typically ranging from 120 to 132 proof (60-65% ABV), we call it “Farm Strength”, inspired by how we like to enjoy our whiskey on the ranch. As with all our whiskeys, this one is made from 100% high-quality grains grown at Frey Ranch in Fallon, NV.

Tasting Notes: Robust notes of caramelized brulée, and hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. On the palate, the whiskey opens with a mélange of flavors – from birthday cake frosting and glazed butter cake to cloves, orange creamsicle and dried stone fruit. The finish delivers a sublime yet subtle hint of smoke and black cherry.

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