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7 Seals Whisky

Seven Seals Whisky Bundle - Shipping Included!

Seven Seals Whisky Bundle - Shipping Included!

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Includes 3 Award-Winning 700 ml Bottles of Seven Seals Swiss Whisky :

1 -  Peated Port Wood Finish

Subtle yet multi-layered in the nose, this single malt makes you crave for more. The palate is defined by the distinctive flavor of peat smoke, embedded in full-bodied aromas of dried fruits such as raisins with accents of honey and oriental spices.

1 - Port Wood Finish

Ingeniously combines different malts from the same distillery. This results in an outstandingly complex and multi-layered character. The symphony of this union is exceptionally harmonious and is characterized by a hint of peat smoke with sweet honey, aromas of dried fruit, roasted nuts, and gingerbread.

1 - Sherry Wood Finish 

Features scents of toffee, gingerbread, roasted almonds, candy, and Christmas spices immediately rise to the nose. On the palate, these flavors combine in a harmonious way and develop long-lasting toffee and nut aromas. It finishes with a hint of orange.

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