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Nosotros Tequila

Robb Report X Nosotros Tequila - Everything You Need for a Nightcap

Robb Report X Nosotros Tequila - Everything You Need for a Nightcap

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Everything You Need For a Nightcap

Perspective, wisdom, experience - many good things come with age.

Robb Report and Nosotros are delighted to present another: a tequila with time on the clock and flavor in the bottle.

What's in the Box - 

1 - Bottle of Nosotros Madera, aged for 21 months in white-oak barrels to bring out the depth and intensity of the wood. It’s best paired with dark chocolate to highlight the notes of dried fruit, nuts, butterscotch and the balanced cinnamon toffee finish. Each bottle of Madera includes the unique batch number and is presented in an engraved box and stand, perfect for adding to a true aficionado's shelf. 

 2 - 8 oz lowball glasses have crystal-clear clarity that enhances the presentation to elevate any drink to a higher level of sophistication. These glasses are co-branded for Robb Report and Nosotros.

1 - 2oz bar of Chocolate Naive Rough-Ground Rustic Dark Chocolate 75%

Ingredients: specialty cacao, sugar, cacao butter.

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