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Kirkinriola - Red Wine

Kirkinriola - Red Wine

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Kirkinriola: Portuguese Re-Charred Red Wine Barrique

This island whisky is from our triple distilled single potstill range – triple distilled using only the best unmalted and malted barley available. The patient, yet purposeful, triple distillation produces a complex, layered and balanced new-make spirit. Dr. Swan described our original new-make which trickles off our copper pot stills as “the best that I have tasted in any distillery at this stage, super fruity.” This triple-distillate is even smoother and fruitier!


This single cask series, Kirkinriola (pronounced ‘kirk-in-riola’), is our connoisseurs / collector’s single-cask edition. Like the passionate, spirited Ulster-Scots, it is an ever-changing series of triple-distilled potstill expressions based on unique one-off single casks, or other special selections. With individually numbered bottles, it is sought after by those who appreciate fine whisky.


This particular Kirkinriola special release single cask comes from a select Portuguese recharred red wine barrique imported from Europe. This barrique underwent the Dr. Jim Swan shave-toast-rechar (STR) preparation and gives a wonderfully complex nose with apricot, papaya, pears, honey, oats, and sherried fruit cake. The palate is creamy and full bodied with cereal and a symphony of floral and fruit notes including roses, honey, nectarine, papaya, apricot, apples & candied orange. Layered into this are red wine, blackcurrant, wood spices and a lingering oak finish with a hint of sea breeze befitting an island distillery. Enjoy!


92 Proof

Natural Colour & Non-Chill Filtered

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