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Jägermeister Manifest - 1L

Jägermeister Manifest - 1L

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Jägermeister Manifest is a premium herbal liqueur and line extension in the Jägermeister family that is distinct in taste, character, and processes.

It is based on the original elixir of 56 botanical ingredients – unchanged since its invention. The profound difference in taste speaks to the mastery of Jägermeister's distillers. By transforming their maceration and aging processes, the master distillers have successfully created another true original; a taste both familiar and extraordinary.

Jägermeister created Manifest for those who can taste the time, effort and process that goes into a crafted elixir. The highly complex and distinctively mature finish lingers long after it’s been knocked back, making Manifest a truly unique beast – a shot to be savored. Best served slightly chilled.

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