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JJ Corry



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A blend of malt and grain Irish whiskey, The Gael is the perfect marriage of Irish whiskey flavours. Matured in sherry & Bourbon casks from Jerez, Spain & Kentucky, U.S.A. The Gael is a blend comprised of some of the oldest whiskeys from our flavour library.

NOSE: An immediate hit of Irish Whiskey’s signature orchard fruits—with a suggestion of ripe red apple but dominated by white peaches and apricots. Floral notes, and hints of freshly cut lawns and Douglas Fir dance around those stone fruits.

PALATE: Orange hard candy develops into candied orange peel, before giving way to cooked stone-fruit flavours: apricot frangipane tart and peach cobbler.

AGE PROFILE: 5-30 years old
ABV: 46%


A meticulously balanced Blended Grain Irish Whiskey Aged in Craft American and Bourbon casks from Tennessee and Kentucky, U.S.A.

NOSE: Rich and deep notes of vanilla fudge and toasted coconut speak of the bourbon influence. Top notes of griddled pineapple and lime give a fresh zing.

PALATE: A lively start with bright, green apples, toasted coconut continuing from the nose. With influence of fresh oak is clear.

AGE PROFILE: 5-11 years old
ABV: 46%

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