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Fernet Ferino

Fernet Ferino

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OVERVIEW  Fernet Ferino is your Italian grandmother's medicinal cure-all. A fresh take on the classic Italian spirit, overproofed at 42%, and with under 5% sugar by volume, Fernet Ferino is drier than you might expect, and foregoes the traditional caramel coloring you’ll typically find in most other Fernets. This allows us to better showcase the ingredients and let them shine through.

WHAT’S IN IT  Sage leaf gives way to floral notes driven by rose hips, elderflower and myhrr, while turmeric and saffron dance with cardamon, orange and lemon peel.

HOW TO ENJOY Are we in Argentina? No? We still recommend a Fernet & Coke. Also try our take on a black manhattan, or drink it like a bartender. Down the hatch!

ABV: 42%
Format: 750ml
Cases: 6x 750ml

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