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Heaven's Door

Exploration Series I - Calvados Finish

Exploration Series I - Calvados Finish

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Heaven’s Door Exploration Series is all about pushing the boundaries of whiskey craftsmanship. With our master distiller’s guidance, we explore new finishing methods to create unique limited-time offerings, enriching the whiskey experience.

The series’ debut is deeply rooted in French influence, with carefully incorporated elements of product, wood, and technique. Its foundation is comprised of Heaven’s Door’s award-winning Tennessee Straight Bourbon whiskey finished inside freshly dumped Calvados Brandy casks. We then introduce an additional layer of complexity through medium-heavy toasted French oak staves.

Calvados, an apple brandy from Normandy, France, matures for at least two years in the French oak casks before being filled with our Tennessee Bourbon. This imparts sought-after characteristics like fresh apple cider and baked apple brandy. Our new, medium-heavy toasted French oak staves, sourced from Quercus Petraea trees, offer excellent aroma, medium ellagitannins, and high oxygen permeability. 

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