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Caffè Notte Coffee Liqueur

Caffè Notte Coffee Liqueur

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Find out for yourself why Caffè Notte won Double Gold honors at the International SIP Awards.

OVERVIEW  The love child of Ferino Distillery and Reno's own Coffeebar Roastery, Caffè Notte takes single origin whole coffee beans and extracts them into brandy for a complex and surprisingly robust coffee flavor, without the bitterness of most coffee spirits.

WHAT’S IN IT  Ethically-sourced, single-origin espresso beans, typically from Ethiopia or Guatemala.

HOW TO ENJOY The coffee old fashioned is a show-stopper, and it also works well in your classics (white russians, espresso martinis), or keep it simple on the rocks with an orange twist, or dribble some over your ice cream!

ABV: 35%
Format: 750ml
Cases: 6x 750ml

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