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BrandyLab Aged California Brandy

BrandyLab Aged California Brandy

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BRANDYLAB is a true, small-batch California Brandy handcrafted in the Golden State's Central Valley. A rare German-style pot still and a column still formerly used to make rocket fuel are employed to capture the precise heart of the distillate and ensure the proper flavor profile. BRANDYLAB also utilizes a unique production technique by aging and finishing the Brandy in up to seven different oak barrels to get the perfect flavor profile of California Brandy. BRANDYLAB captures all the hallmarks of a California Brandy - an exceptionally balanced fruit-forward flavor paired with a delicate nose never overpowered by wood.

The flavors of BrandyLab are predominantly apricot and stone fruit with notes of vanilla, cocoa, caramel and almond.

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