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Amaro Cannella

Amaro Cannella

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OVERVIEW  Amaro Cannella is a balanced bitter liqueur like no other. With over 20 unique botanicals, our take on the classic Italian amaro is floral up front, followed by balanced citrus notes, and a signature bittersweet finish. At a higher proof and much less sugar than a traditional Italian Amaro, it both stands on its own and has great versatility in cocktails.

WHAT’S IN IT  Elderflower, pink peppercorns and myrhh drive the floral notes, giving way to orange and lemon peel, among many other botanicals, roots and spices.

HOW TO ENJOY Employ in everything from spritzes to negronis to old fashioneds, or try as a "shakerato" - just shake 2 oz amaro with ice, pour on the rocks with a lemon or grapefruite peel garnish and enjoy!

ABV: 33%
Format: 750ml
Cases: 6x 750ml

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