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NEFT Vodka

Neft Vodka 1L Holiday Barrel & 4 Mini Barrels

Neft Vodka 1L Holiday Barrel & 4 Mini Barrels

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Bring some festive fun to your bar or gift that seasonal joy to a friend with our Holiday Bundle. Each bundle includes a 1-liter holiday barrel of NEFT, as well as four 100ml mini barrels. Cheers to the holidays!


Meticulously distilled in Austria using only artesian spring water from the Alps and old-world non-GMO rye grains, NEFT Vodka lets the quality of its ingredients shine with no extra flavors or additives.


Pepper on the tip of the tongue gives way to sweet caramel, vanilla, and lemongrass in the top of the register with a velvety finish. The high viscosity yields a smooth, elegant mouthfeel that shines in both vodka cocktails and neat pours.


Recognized by the industry's best, our award winning spirit continues to be the pour of the town. Awarded 98 Points from The Tasting Panel and Best Vodka at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


NEFT’s iconic barrel design keeps vodka chilled for up to 6 hours, is shatterproof and easily recyclable, and is made of lightweight metal with a lower carbon footprint than glass bottles. Available in black or white.

Imported by NEFT USA, Miami, FL. 40% alc./vol. Sip responsibly. Distilled from rye. ©2023 NEFT Vodka USA, Inc. All rights reserved.

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