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Our Expert New Riff Bourbon Review

New Riff bourbon is a newcomer to the Kentucky bourbon scene, though this brand is quickly making a name for itself thanks to distinctive distilling processes. There are a few different varieties of New Riff bourbon, and this brand prides itself on being family-owned and adhering to the United States Bottled in Bond standard, producing somewhat of a craft liquor.

Our review gives you the rundown on everything you need to know about New Riff bourbon. We get into the expected flavor profile of this brand’s most popular bottles, the alcohol content, and how to drink this bourbon for the best, most enjoyable experience.

A Quick Look at New Riff Bourbon

The following table gives you a quick look at New Riff bourbon so you can gather the most important details about this liquor.

Overall Rating 4 stars
Flavor 4 stars
Value 5 stars
Tasting Notes Vanilla, sweet oak, leather, caramel, light baking spice
Classification Bourbon whiskey
Distillery New Riff Distillery, Newport, KY
Proof 100 Proof
Aged Aged
MSPR $41.99 to $100

Pros And Cons of New Riff Bourbon

New Riff bourbon is a unique brand with pros and cons. Review our table below to learn about the major pros and cons of this liquor.

Great value for the price Shipping is unavailable in some states
Wide range of varieties Younger-aged bourbon may not appeal to some
Bottled in bond

What Is New Riff Bourbon?

New Riff bourbon is a relative newcomer to the bourbon scene, and this brand prides itself on being a family-owned venture with a smaller, yet fully dedicated, staff. A wide variety of bourbon whiskies and something the brand calls ‘whiskey riffs’ are available. These liquors will have varying flavor profiles in addition to varying mash bills and final flavor profiles.

In general, New Riff bourbon is made from the standard mash bill you would expect from Kentucky whiskey. The brand uses the Kentucky sour mash distilling process, and you can expect the brand’s flagship Straight Bourbon Whiskey to be comprised of a mash bill of 65% corn, 30% rye, and 5% malted barley.

The appearance of New Riff bourbon and other liquors produced by the brand ranges from amber to darker tawny colors depending on the finish of the bottle and how long it has been aged.

New Riff bourbon is perceived as a newer take on a timeless drink, created with classic processes to produce more of a craft liquor. It can hold up on its own, or it can be used in cocktails as the flavor profile tends to stand out even when mixed with other ingredients.

Is New Riff Real Bourbon?

New Riff bourbon is real bourbon. It is created utilizing traditional Kentucky sour mash processing and craft distilling methods, in addition to meeting the United States standards for Bottled in Bond American whiskies.

The brand prides itself on a new take on classic and traditional methods of creating bourbon, allowing this liquor to shine in a market of Kentucky bourbon whiskies.

What Does New Riff Bourbon Taste Like?

The exact flavor profile of New Riff bourbon varies depending on the bottle you are tasting – this brand offers several varieties with different mash bills and aging lengths.

However, the brand’s flagship whiskey is the New Riff Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This liquor follows Bottled in Bond standards and is aged for four years in charred oak barrels; it has a mash bill of primarily corn with rye and malted barley added.

The nose of New Riff’s flagship bourbon contains hints of butterscotch and spice, and the profile of this liquor may be somewhat sweet. Tasting notes include rye spices like cinnamon and mint, with undertones of sweet vanilla. The finish of this liquor is smooth with distinctive hints of red berries and white pepper.

New Riff also offers a straight rye whiskey as part of their flagship offerings. The tasting notes of this liquor are heavier on the rye spices, with hints of butterscotch, vanilla, and toffee as distinctive parts of the palate.

What Is the Alcohol Content of New Riff Bourbon

The majority of New Riff bourbons are created with the Bottled in Bond process, a United States standard that dates back to the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897.

Under this process, whiskies produced must be bottled at 100 proof, meaning they contain a 50 percent ABV. Some of the brand’s other whiskies may be bottled at over 100 proof, and you will need to check the label of each whiskey individually to determine the ABV.

Is New Riff Bourbon Good?

New Riff bourbon is considered a good brand of bourbon. This is because of its small-batch process, the brand’s dedication to creating Bottled in Bond whiskies, and its up-and-coming presence in the world of Kentucky bourbon whiskies.

The brand offers great value, providing whiskies solidly in the mid-range of price while still offering robust and complex flavors that one might find on higher-priced whiskies.

Many individuals consider New Riff to be more on the craft side of liquor, and the brand is continually striving to make itself a big name in the world of American whiskey. While some drinkers may prefer whiskies that are aged longer than the brand’s average four-year aging process, like Hooten Young, the bourbon produced by New Riff is unarguably a great value.

While some drinkers may prefer whiskies that are aged longer than the brand’s average four-year aging process, the bourbon produced by New Riff is unarguably a great value. New Riff makes a quality addition to anyone’s Kentucky bourbon collection.

Is New Riff the Best Bourbon?

While New Riff is becoming popular in the world of American whiskey and Kentucky bourbon whiskies, it is not yet considered the absolute best bourbon that money can buy. This is partly due to the younger age that most whiskies produced by the brand have, as many individuals consider longer-aged bourbons to have more complex flavors.

However, New Riff holds itself to high standards and produces a unique craft, bourbon whiskey, utilizing the Bottled in Bond process. These factors could easily lead to it being one of the top contenders of Kentucky bourbon whiskey in the future.

How Is New Riff Bourbon Packaged?

New Riff bourbon is packaged in distinctive bottles that meet Bottled in Bond standards. The label on each bottle includes the New Riff logo, the distillery information, and the proof and ABV.

Each bottle also has the words ‘bottled in bond without chill filtration’ at the bottom, so you know that the liquor you are purchasing utilizes the unique Bottled in Bond distilling process.

How Should You Drink New Riff Bourbon?

New Riff bourbon is fairly versatile, and you can drink it the same way that you would drink any of your favorite bourbons.

A timeless way to enjoy this liquor is by sipping it neat, though you can serve it over ice or with a drop of water added to open up the flavors if you so choose. The robust flavors of New Riff bourbon do hold up to mixers and cocktail recipes, so don’t hesitate to also serve this liquor as part of a whiskey sour or old fashioned.

Like most bourbon whiskies, you can consume New Riff bourbon as a before-dinner drink, during a meal, or as an after-dinner drink.

Food that pairs especially well with New Riff bourbon includes fatty or rich meats such as salmon, brisket, and pork ribs or pulled pork. You may also enjoy your New Riff bourbon with the complements of things like chocolate cakes and custards with rich berries.

How Much Does New Riff Bourbon Cost?

New Riff bourbon has a fairly decent price per bottle for its flavor and production method, making it solidly a mid-range bottle of bourbon. You can expect to pay anywhere between $40 and $100 for your New Riff bourbon depending on the bottle you are buying, its aging length, and whether or not the bottle is a limited edition release.

If you find New Riff bourbon at a bar or restaurant, you can expect to pay the standard price of a shot of mid-range or even high-end liquor. This will depend on your location and the type of establishment you are in.

Where Can You Buy New Riff Bourbon?

New Riff bourbon can be found at a range of locations, and you may be able to purchase it at your local liquor store. Local bars, cocktail bars, and whiskey bars may also carry a few of the New Riff bourbon varieties.

If you are having trouble finding New Riff bourbon for purchase in your area, you can purchase it directly from the distillery for shipping as long as your state allows the shipment of alcohol. Online websites like Speakeasy Co also sell this brand.

Is New Riff Bourbon a Good Gift?

New Riff bourbon can be a good gift, especially for someone who prefers a more unique bourbon or someone who is intrigued by liquor created using the Bottled in Bond process. This brand is an up-and-coming brand, and it can be a good idea to gift someone a new distinctive bottle for their Kentucky bourbon whiskey collection.

Where Are Alternatives to New Riff Bourbon?

three people toasting bourbon in a bar

New Riff bourbon is a leader in unique bourbon whiskey distilling practices, and this brand uses the Bottled in Bond process along with traditional Kentucky sour mash distilling. Alternatives to this brand would utilize similar processes, something that can produce a similar flavor with distinctive flavor notes due to the variations in grain and manufacturing.

Popular alternatives to New Riff bourbon include:

  • Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond
  • Ben Holladay Bottled In Bond Straight Bourbon
  • Evan Williams Bottled in Bond

You can check the label on the bottle you are interested in directly for further details about ABV, the distillery, and specific flavor notes.

New Riff Bourbon: A New Take on an Old Classic

New Riff bourbon prides itself on being family-owned and producing new takes on classic and traditional methods of creating bourbon whiskey.

With a variety of bottles available, all offering different aging lengths and flavor profiles, it will be easy to find the perfect bottle of bourbon whiskey from New Riff to add to your collection. Then you can enjoy some every time you feel like taking a sip of distinctive Kentucky bourbon.

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