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Hooten Young Review: Your Guide to This Sipping Whiskey

Hooten Young whiskey is a veteran-founded whiskey brand established in 2018 by Tim Young and retired Special Mission Unit Master Sergeant Norm Hooten. The brand aims to create a smooth-sipping whiskey that can be enjoyed by those spending long evenings together reminiscing and enjoying the company of their loved ones. There are a few different varieties of Hooten Young Whiskey, and they may have slightly different flavor profiles depending on the aging length and finishing touches.

Our review gives you an overview of Hooten Young whiskey, including important information like flavor notes, ingredients, alcoholic content, and how to best enjoy this unique brand of whiskey.

A Quick Look at Hooten Young Whiskey

The following quick look at Hooten Youn whiskey gives you the must-know facts about this liquor and the essential information to help you decide if this is the next whiskey brand you should be adding to your collection.

Overall Rating 3 stars
Flavor 3 stars
Value 3 stars
Tasting Notes Maple, vanilla, apple, light spice
Classification Whiskey
Distillery MGP Distillery, Indiana
Proof 92, 93, or 125 proof
Aged Aged
MSPR $89.99 - $169.99

Pros And Cons of Hooten Young Whiskey

The following table gives you a quick overview of both the pros and cons of the Hooten Young Whiskey brand. Read them over before moving on to the rest of our review of this unique liquor.

Corn-based whiskey that creates a lighter flavor Flavor can be too sweet or watered-down for some
Unique wine barrel finished options Can be difficult to purchase in some locations
Cigar and whiskey pairing options

What Is Hooten Young Whiskey?

Hooten Young whiskey is an American whiskey brand that is veteran-founded and created with the intention of crafting a smooth sipping whiskey to enjoy during long conversations with loved ones. The appearance of Hooten Young Whiskey ranges from lighter and gold to a more amber color depending on the age length and finishing barrels, and it is perceived as a respectable newcomer to the American whiskey market, a market that is typically dominated by classic and more well-known brands.

Hooten Young whiskey is made from a mash bill of 99 percent corn and 1 percent barley, something that contributes to its lighter and sweeter taste. It can be enjoyed alone in the timeless fashion of sipping it neat or over ice, or you may want to combine it with other ingredients to create a whiskey-based cocktail, such as a whiskey sour.

The Hooten Young brand also prides itself on its cigars, and if you enjoy cigars, you can easily pair a cigar from the brand with your favorite Hooten Young whiskey for a relaxing and enjoyable evening of complementary flavors.

Is Hooten Young Whiskey Real Whiskey?

Hooten Young is considered real whiskey, as this brand utilizes all of the proper and necessary steps in the creation of their whiskey. According to United States regulations, whiskey must have at least 80 percent of its mash bill consisting of corn, and the Hooten Young whiskey utilizes a mash bill of 99 percent corn and 1 percent barley. The aging and finishing processes used by Hooten Young also meet standards for whiskey creation in the U.S.

What Does Hooten Young Whiskey Taste Like?

The exact flavor notes of Hooten Young whiskey vary depending on the bottle you are drinking from, and finishing casks, age length, and the blend of grains used in the whiskey creation process do play a part in the taste of Hooten Young Whiskey.

In general, you can expect Hooten Young whiskey to be a somewhat lighter whiskey, as the majority of bottles have a lower proof and a dominant corn mash bill, leading to a less boozy and robust flavor. This isn’t to say that Hooten Young will taste bad, however, but it may be sweeter, lighter, and more suitable for sipping to a wide range of whiskey drinkers versus other brands that produce heavier whiskeys with very complex flavor profiles.

The tasting notes on most bottles of Hooten Young whiskeys include vanilla, maple, brown sugar, apples, citrusy notes, and a hint of spice. The exact flavors depend on the bottle you are sipping, with whiskeys that are aged longer containing stronger flavors and finishing casks depositing a variety of unique notes into your Hooten Young whiskey.

What Is the Alcohol Content of Hooten Young Whiskey

The alcoholic content of Hooten Young whiskey does vary depending on the bottle you are enjoying. The majority of Hooten Young whiskey has a lower proof than other whiskey brands, coming in around 92 proof and a 46 percent ABV (alcohol by volume). Some bottles have a 93 proof and 46.5 percent ABV, while the strongest Hooten Young whiskey has a hefty 125 proof and a 62.5 percent ABV.

Is Hooten Young Whiskey Good?

Hooten Young whiskey is good if you are looking for a majority corn-based whiskey, a sweeter whiskey, or if you are looking to try new and unique brands of whiskey. Hooten Young boasts a lighter flavor with sweeter notes, and it can be quite versatile if you want a whiskey that can be enjoyed alone or when mixed into a cocktail.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a very good value whiskey, a cheap whiskey, or one with a more robust or stronger flavor, Hooten Young may not be the brand for you. Experienced drinkers tend to find the flavor of most Hooten Young whiskey varieties too light or somewhat watered-down, and the bottles can be expensive to obtain in some areas, not making it the best choice for someone searching for good value for flavor. Instead, you might want to try Frey Ranch bourbon instead.

Is Hooten Young the Best Whiskey?

While Hooten Young is certainly a unique brand of whiskey with a distinctive foundation backstory, it is not typically considered the best whiskey you can buy. Part of this is because the brand is much newer to the American whiskey scene, and there are other very well-established brands that dominate the whiskey market.

Part of this is because the flavors of Hooten Young whiskey are generally considered on the lighter and sweeter side. Hooten Young whiskey doesn’t have the range and complexity of flavors that many whiskey connoisseurs may consider when deciding what the best brand of whiskey is.

How Is Hooten Young Whiskey Packaged?

Hooten Young whiskey is packaged in distinctive bottles that feature a rounded top and the Hooten Young label on the front of the bottle. The label changes color depending on the age of the whiskey, and details about the whiskey, such as the ABV and proof, are also included on this label. The Hooten Young logo is seen at the top of the label, making it easy to locate and identify this particular brand.

How Should You Drink Hooten Young Whiskey?

Hooten Young whiskey can be enjoyed like any other popular whiskey. You may want to sip this whiskey neat, served over ice, or with a drop of water to open up the flavors. The majority of individuals prefer drinking their Hooten Young whiskey at room temperature, and you will typically serve this liquor in a lowball glass.

If you want to enhance your Hooten Young whiskey, you can add a mixer to it, such as sour mix or ginger beer. It may also blend well into a cocktail such as a whiskey sour or an old fashioned. You may enjoy Hooten Young whiskey as a before-dinner drink, during dinner, or as part of a nightcap with a Hooten Young cigar, as the flavor of this whiskey is fairly versatile and matches many different situations.

How Much Does Hooten Young Whiskey Cost?

Hooten Young whiskey ranges in price depending on the bottle you are purchasing and your location. You can expect a bottle of Hooten Young whiskey to be anywhere from $89.99 to $169.99, depending on the age and whether or not it is a limited-edition release. At a bar or restaurant, you can expect a shot of Hooten Young whiskey to match top-shelf liquor prices in your area, as this whiskey isn’t the most common and may be seen as a somewhat unique find outside of a liquor store.

Where Can You Buy Hooten Young Whiskey?

You can buy Hooten Young whiskey online directly from the store, as long as your state allows delivery of liquor, or you may be able to find it at your local liquor store. As a smaller brand, this whiskey might not be easily available everywhere, though some cocktail bars, restaurants, or whiskey bars might carry this brand. Hooten Young whiskey is also carried by Speakeasy.

Is Hooten Young Whiskey a Good Gift?

Hooten Young whiskey can be a good gift, especially if you are gifting it to someone who is a veteran or is currently in the armed forces. The brand is a major supporter of individuals who have served and aims to honor soldiers with its unique whiskey bottles. Hooten Young also produces unique and notable cigars, so if you are gifting whiskey and cigars to someone who loves both, this brand can offer package deals and complementary flavors.

Where Are Alternatives to Hooten Young Whiskey?

Popular alternatives to Hooten Young whiskey include American whiskeys from smaller manufacturers and whiskeys that utilize a stronger percentage of corn in their mash bill. These create flavors that are similar to Hooten Young while still providing a distinctive flavor profile.

Popular alternatives to Hooten Young whiskey include:

You can check with a brand directly for specific details about ABV, proof, the distillation process, and flavor notes.

Relax With Hooten Young Whiskey

bartender pouring whiskey into glass from jigger in bar

Hooten Young whiskey is a unique whiskey brand that is veteran-founded and aims to enhance those evenings when you are remembering those you lost while spending time with those you love. The whiskey is lighter, sweeter, and perfect for sipping on, and you can blend your Hooten Young whiskey into a cocktail to further enhance your whiskey-drinking experience.

This whiskey is a great choice for entry-level drinkers, those who prefer a sweeter or corn-based whiskey, or those who are interested in adding this unique choice to their whiskey collection.

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