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Best Mixers for Gin: Our Top Picks

Gin is a classic liquor typically enjoyed straight or mixed into a cocktail. There are many different mixers out there for gin that provide different experiences and highlight different flavors in this spirit, and it can be hard to decide between your options when you first break into the world of gin.

Our article tells you everything you need to know about mixers for gin, including how to choose the best mixers to suit your palate and the flavor notes each mixer might bring to your favorite brand of gin. Read on to start gathering ideas about your next gin-based drink.

What You Need to Know About Mixers for Gin

There are numerous options for gin mixers around today, and many people love to experiment with different types of juices, sparkling beverages, or even syrups and soda water to create their optimal gin-drinking experience.

It’s important to note that the best mixers for gin will depend on your personal taste, and that the brand of gin you are utilizing is equally as important as your mixer. You should use a quality brand of gin with a flavor profile that you know and enjoy. Mixing different beverages and syrups with your favorite brand of gin can help bring out these flavor undertones and elevate the overall experience.

Mixers for Gin: An Overview

Mixers for gin are generally considered a staple, with the gin and tonic a classic at virtually every bar and restaurant. This simple, understated drink is subtly sweet and allows the more botanical flavors of a gin to shine through. In general, mixers for gin are a great way to change how gin is consumed and can be very unique and personalized to each person’s flavor or sweetness preferences.

Most of the time, gin and mixers are served chilled or cold. Mixers may be poured on top of a shot of gin and stirred lightly, or they may be shaken to ensure the liquids properly combine. The appearance of a gin with a mixer can vary greatly, as gin is a clear liquor that will take on the color of pretty much anything it’s blended with – this alone can give plenty of opportunity for experimenting and creating an eye-catching or colorful drink.

How to Choose the Best Mixers for Gin?

Choosing the best mixers for gin requires some consideration of the flavors you are interested in, whether or not you want something fizzy or still, and if you want to combine several mixers to create somewhat of a gin cocktail.

We take these factors into account when selecting the best mixers for gin, and our list contains some of the most popular choices. Keep in mind that you can also add garnishes to your gin and mixer, such as a lemon or lime twist or a piece of fruit, or you can muddle things like mint leaves to add a little extra flavor to your gin and mixer.

What Do Mixers for Gin Cost?

Mixers for gin typically aren’t too expensive, as they are usually juices, soda waters, and syrups. If you start adding fruit or mint leaves or other more costly ingredients your total for gin mixers may increase, but even then, it won’t be an exorbitant amount. On average, you can expect to pay between $5 and $25 for gin mixers depending on what and how much you buy.

Where Can You Buy Mixers for Gin?

Mixers for gin are easy to find as most supermarkets, convenience stores, or liquor stores will carry what you need. You can find juices, fruit, and mint leaves in your nearest grocery store, or you can pick up a pack of tonic water and juices at the local convenience store.

If you are looking for more high-quality or specialty ingredients, a local liquor store or a store specializing in organic ingredients may be the best choice for buying gin mixers.

The Best Mixers for Gin

Below, we give you the rundown on some of the best mixers for gin out there. Remember to always start with your favorite brand of gin and invest in both high-quality gin and mixers to allow your chosen combination to really bring out the liquor’s flavor profile.

Tonic Water

Tasting Notes: Subtly sweet, crisp, refreshing

Our Rating: 5 stars

A timeless classic, tonic water is a staple at many bars and restaurants, and the gin and tonic is one of the oldest, most beloved ways to enjoy gin. You can enhance your gin and tonic with fruit slices (lemon and lime are popular) or add in a few mint or basil leaves to put a spin on this refreshing gin drink that is perfect for summer or any night you need to unwind.

While tonic water is a classic, it might not be the most unique way to enjoy gin for someone looking for something more experimental. It is, however, a fantastic way to appreciate the complex notes of a classic gin like this Vim & Petal offering. It also works well with a gin that has a more unique flavor you want to stand out, like O.R.E. 118’s Raw Vegan gin.


  • Not too sweet
  • A classic mixer
  • Can be enhanced with fruit or herbs to taste


  • Not great for those who don’t love fizzy carbonation
  • Not the most experimental or unique way to enjoy gin

Cranberry Juice

Tasting Notes: Sweet, tart, fruity

Our Rating: 4 stars

Cranberry juice can also make quite an impact on your favorite gin. This sweet, somewhat tart, and fruit-forward beverage is a great addition to gin as it helps to bring out the floral and fruity undertones of this liquor.

Cranberry juice can be quite sweet for some, so only add a little bit if you are looking to enhance the flavors of your gin without too much added sugar.


  • Sweet, fruity, and fun
  • Easily available in stores, bars, and restaurants
  • Complements fruit and floral flavors


  • Can be too sweet for some

Ginger Beer

Tasting Notes: Spicy, warm, gingery zest

Our Rating: 4 stars

Ginger beer, not to be confused with ginger ale, is a bold, spicy, and warm addition to your favorite gin. Ginger beer adds a little bit of a bite to your gin and brings a zesty ginger flavor that many individuals find complements the botanical undertones of most gins.

However, ginger beer can be very strong and gingery depending on the brand, so this mixer isn’t the best for individuals looking for a smoother, sweeter gin mixer. It can, however, be a great mixer to bring out the spicier notes of cask-aged gins, like this option from Wonderbird.


  • Warm, spicy, and unique flavors
  • Ginger complements the flavor profile of most gins
  • Perfect mixer for all seasons


  • Bold gingery flavor may be too zesty

Elderflower Tonic

Tasting Notes: Floral, aromatic, fresh

Our Rating: 4 stars

Elderflower tonic often finds its place in artisanal cocktails, though this tonic is also perfect as a simple mixer for gin. Elderflower liquor is very floral, fragrant, and aromatic, and it does bring a sense of crisp freshness without overpowering the gin with sweetness.

Plus, the elderflower liquor brings out the botanicals and floral flavors of gin, making it a delicate, yet boozy, experience.


  • Complements the botanicals of most gins
  • Sweet, floral, and aromatic
  • Lightly fizzy and refreshing, an elevated take on gin and tonic


  • May create too much of a floral drink for some

Apple Cider

Tasting Notes: Autumnal, juicy, sweet

Our Rating: 3 stars

Apple cider is a more unique mixer that you may want to experiment with. This mixer brings a more autumnal feel to your gin with the sweet, fresh, and crisp flavor of apples. This combination can be further enhanced by adding a dash of cinnamon.

Keep in mind that most apple ciders are fairly sweet, and this combination might be overwhelming for those who don’t want to overpower their liquor with the sweet apple taste.


  • Perfect for autumnal gin drinks
  • Sweet, crisp apple flavor
  • Can be combined with other fall flavors, such as cinnamon


  • The apple cider taste may be overpowering for more subtle gins

Grapefruit Juice

Tasting Notes: Citrusy, tangy, bright

Our Rating: 5 stars

Grapefruit juice can be a bold mixer, but it is one that maintains its popularity for a reason. Grapefruit juice is citrusy, tangy, and bright, and it often makes for a great base if you are creating a gin-based cocktail.

Grapefruit juice works well with lighter gins that may have more fruity undertones, and it also complements botanical gins. However, grapefruit juice may be a little too bitter or tangy for some individuals.


  • Citrusy, bold, and bright flavor
  • Perfect pairing for lighter gins
  • Great base for a cocktail


  • Grapefruit can be a little on the bitter or tangy side for some

Club Soda

Tasting Notes: Clean, bubbly, simple

Our Rating: 5 stars

Club soda is bubbly and clean tasting, with most versions of club soda being unflavored and unsweetened. This carbonated beverage allows the taste of your chosen gin to shine through, and the bubbles in club soda are found to be very refreshing by most people.

You can easily enhance your gin and club soda with muddled fruit or herb leaves, by adding some syrup for sweetness, or even with a splash of juice, as this mixer is very versatile. Still, club soda may be too basic and not sweet enough for some.


  • Clean taste that allows gin to shine through
  • Refreshing bubbles
  • Can easily be combined with fruit, syrups, or herb leaves


  • Not very sweet

Mixers to Elevate Your Gin Experience

cocktail with gin mixer ice and garnish on wooden table

Gin is a staple of every bar, and this liquor has made its mark in the world of classic drinks and classic cocktails. If you are searching for a way to elevate your gin experience or you simply want to experiment with new ways to enjoy your favorite gin, combining a few mixers from our list is just the thing for you.

Choose your favorite mixers to try based on your personal preferences, including sweetness, fizziness, and potential for mixing fruit and herbaceous leaves into the drink to create the ultimate gin experience. Plus, you can use many of these mixers with other clear liquors like Reposado tequila.

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