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Your Complete Guide to Finding the Best Gin

Tired of sipping on clear liquor that doesn’t have a taste to it? Or is your flavored vodka not cutting it? If so, you’re in the right place and gin is here to save the day if you’re someone who loves clear liquor but wants to change it up. 

We’re huge gin enthusiasts because it’s enjoyable as a shot, in a martini, and even when used in a mixer, which makes it one of the most flexible types of liquor out there. 

What makes gin special is its botanical ingredients and potent juniper flavor. If you don’t know what any of that means, don’t panic, we’re here to help. This article will take you through everything you need to know about gin, including where you can find it, what it tastes like, and of course, the best products. Read on to learn more about the best gin.

What You Need to Know About Gin

Gin is a clear liquor that’s not all that different from vodka. In fact, some gin can even be made with a vodka base. What makes gin unique is the use of juniper berries and other botanical ingredients. These botanicals can influence the flavor of gin, which is what separates some of the best types of gin from some of the more basic brands. 

Typically, gin has an alcohol percentage that’s around 40-60%, and you can usually taste the botanicals.

When it comes to the other ingredients in gin, it’s usually made with a barley base that’s distilled. However, other grains can also be used. Therefore, it depends on the gin. 

Gin: An Overview

Gin is a clear liquor that has a botanical flavor to it. In order for gin to be considered gin, it must taste like juniper berries. Aside from the juniper berries, gin is made with grain alcohol that undergoes fermentation and distillation – usually, wheat or barley are used as the base grain because it pairs well with juniper berries. 

During the distilling process, juniper berries, and sometimes water, are used to alter the flavor. The juniper berries are what give gin its unique aroma, taste, and overall flavor notes. For this reason, gin is sweeter compared to vodka and some other types of clear liquor, like tequila. 

That said, it does share many of the same traits as other clear liquor, so it’s great for mixing in cocktails because it won’t overpower fruity mixers.

How to Choose the Best Gin?

Choosing the best gin isn’t too hard. It comes down to shopping for a type of gin that meets your needs. For example, if you just want to use it to make a cocktail or to take shots, you don’t have to worry as much about the flavor, and you can opt for less expensive options. 

However, if you want to experience the best flavor that gin has to offer, you have to look for some notable features. First and foremost, consider the base grain that it’s made with. You want to make sure the gin is made with wheat or barley instead of potatoes. 

Additionally, you should consider the botanicals that the gin contains. While gin has to have a juniper flavor, the best gin takes this a step further and will often include other botanicals to further enhance the flavor. 

Most gin makers will source local botanicals, so if you come across a Kentucky gin it might contain the state’s flavor goldenrod and some other local botanicals.

Last but not least, consider the cost of gin and how long it has been aged. Gin that was aged in a barrel will be smoother, and it functions better as a martini or served straight neat or on the rocks. That said, the cost will be greater, so that’s something you can look for. 

What Does Gin Cost?

You can expect to pay around $30 to $100 for most types of gin. Therefore, it's about the same price as the best tequila options. The cost of gin is influenced by the amount of botanicals used, the distilling process, and even the rarity of the batch. One thing we will say about price is that the more expensive a gin is the better, at least in most cases.

That said, even a 30-dollar gin can be delicious and suitable for sipping, so make sure you keep an eye on the botanicals to see if it’s the right type of gin for you. 

Where Can You Buy Gin?

Gin is a pretty easy liquor to find because it’s one of the most commonly consumed liquors out there. People love gin, and you can find it in your local liquor store, at most bars and restaurants, and even online. In fact, we carry some great gin that you can have sent right to your door.

The Best Gin

There’s a big difference between an average shot of gin and a delicious sipping gin that works well in a martini. Discover some of the best gin options on the market below.

1. Four Corners American Gin

MSRP: $45

Proof: 82

Tasting Notes: Juniper, Vanilla, Citrus, Black Pepper 

Our Rating: 5/5

Four Corners American Gin is a special gin because its ingredients contain botanicals from all over the United States, hence the name. What makes this gin special is the flavor. Unlike traditional gin, botanicals from all over the country give it unique tasting notes that give you the perfect combination of sweet with a little bit of spice. 

When you take your first sip, it starts with a subtle taste of citrus, which is followed by herbal sweetness. Then the experience ends with an earthy flavor that resembles mint and fresh rain. 

Flavor aside, Four Corners American Gin is also an award-winning brand and was a Double Gold Winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2023. While the flavor notes might not be for everyone, it’s worth a try if you want to experience a more unique gin.

We also love that Four Corners American Gin is smooth enough to enjoy in a martini but not expensive enough for you to feel bad about using it for shots or cocktails.


  • Award-winning brand
  • Botanicals are locally sourced from the United States
  • Smooth, sweet, and spicy
  • Great for mixing in cocktails
  • You can enjoy it straight 


  • The sweet and spicy flavors might not be for everyone 

2. New World Gin

MSRP: $37

Proof: 94

Tasting Notes: Velvet Opening, Followed by Sweet and Citrus Notes, Herbal Finish 

Our Rating: 4/5 

New World Gin is manufactured by St Augustine Distillery, which is well-known for producing high-quality whiskey and other liquors. When it comes to gin, their New World product line is second to none. It’s made with 13 botanicals that enhance the flavor far beyond the usual juniper berry flavor that you notice in most types of gins. 

Instead of just juniper, these botanicals give the gin a sweeter, fruity taste that’s perfect for mixing into cocktails.

New World Gin is good enough to drink neat or on the rocks, so it’s a flexible choice. Plus, it’s not expensive, so you won’t feel bad if you decide to pour some shots for your friends.

St Augustine Distillery also has an appreciation for detail and quality. Every bottle is brewed at 94 proof, which does a great job preserving the natural oils and botanical flavors. Overall, this makes it one of the best gins on the market for the price.


  • Affordable
  • Perfect for mixing in cocktails
  • Made with 13 botanicals 
  • Plenty of tasting notes for a diverse and complex flavor 


  • The sweet and citrus flavors might not be for everyone 

3. Wonderbird Spirits Cask Finished Gin No. 61 

MSRP: $100

Proof: 90

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Spice, Juniper 

Our Rating: 4/5

Most types of gin that you’ll come across are clear, but Wonderbird Spirits took a different route with their Cask Finished Gin No. 61

It’s similar to the brand’s traditional gin, but this gin has been aged for 112 years in a bourbon cask. In fact, it’s a collaboration between Wonderbird Spirits and the famous bourbon brand Maker’s Mark. Instead of only having a juniper berry flavor, this gin also has hints of vanilla and spice. 

While it’s not for everyone because it’s not a clear gin, it’s worth a try if you’re someone who also dabbles in bourbon. Overall, it’s one of the best options for sipping.


  • Smooth and aged for 112 days
  • Great sipping gin
  • Strong 


  • The hints of vanilla and spice aren’t for everyone 
  • Not great for mixing in cocktails 

4. Vim & Petal Gin 

MSRP: $30

Proof: 84

Tasting Notes: Lavender, Citrus, Mint Chocolate, Pine, Rosemary, Peppercorns, Cinnamon, Oats 

Our Rating: 4/5

Vim & Petal Gin is an American-made gin that offers a unique flavor experience you can’t find in most traditional gins. What makes this gin unique are the botanicals that the company uses. Instead of limiting the gin to one or two botanicals, there are 18 botanicals used to make this gin. 

Not only do you get the fresh juniper flavor, but you also get flavor notes from red winter wheat, elderberry, grains of paradise, lemon peel, and much more.

While it may seem like overkill, the combination of botanicals in Vim & Petal enhances the flavor and gives you unique tasting notes like cinnamon, oats, and rosemary. This makes Vim & Petal suitable for sipping if you’re someone who loves a martini.

Vim & Petal Gin is also one of the most affordable options for what you’re getting. It’s hard to beat the low price and high-quality ingredients. While these botanicals make the gin delicious, the ingredients do make it less flexible for mixed drinks.


  • Made with 18 botanicals
  • Complex flavor notes with a wide range 
  • Perfect for martinis
  • Affordable 


  • Not the best gin for cocktails
  • Not the best proof compared to other gin options 

5. Kentucky Wild Gin

MSRP: $32

Proof: 94

Tasting Notes: Citrus, Earthy, and a Hint of Spice 

Our Rating: 3/5

Kentucky Wild Gin is made to give you a flavor that tastes about as Kentucky as it gets. It’s made with locally sourced botanicals from Kentucky that reflect the classic gin flavors you find in Ohio Valley gin. 

In total, it’s made with 12 botanicals that are distilled right in the pot to enhance the flavor. Some botanicals used in this gin include angelica, licorice root, orris, and even a few types of citrus. Locally sourced junipers are also used for the gin as well as the American spicebush and goldenrod (Kentucky state flower).

Another unique aspect of this gin is that it includes a hint of rye whiskey spirit. This gives the gin an added spice, which is pleasant for sipping. That said, Kentucky Wild Gin is also suitable for mixing in cocktails.


  • Made with Kentucky botanicals that give it a unique and classic gin flavor
  • Hints of whiskey add spice 
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for mixing or sipping 


  • The spice might not be for everyone
  • Not as many botanicals as some other gins

Experience Gin Like Never Before

gin tonic in glass with ice, cinnamon stick, and orange peels on wooden table with brown background

Gin is one of the few clear liquors that can give you a sweet and smooth flavor. Whether you’re a gin enthusiast or someone trying gin for the first time, any of the gin options we covered in our article are worth your time, money, and taste buds. 

While gin isn’t for everyone, we recommend holding off on saying you’re not a gin person until you at least try one of the best bottles around.

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