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Two Bitch Bourbon: Your In-Depth Guide

A brand named and styled after a pair of dogs owned by the liquor creator, Two Bitch Bourbon has quietly made a name for itself in the sleepy hamlet of Eureka, Nevada. The bourbon distributor has come out with three popular products since its inception in 2016 and is one of the more hidden gems when it comes to quality American whiskey.

Whether you are a whiskey aficionado or someone looking to get a quality gift for their bourbon-obsessed relatives, Two Bitch Bourbon is an excellent bourbon provider to choose from. To learn everything about this west coast corn whiskey, we will be giving an extensive breakdown of Two Bitch Bourbon.

Two Bitch Bourbon: An Introduction

Two Bitch Bourbon is a bourbon company specializing in mid-to-high-shelf liquor ranging from fifty-dollar bottles to options well over a hundred bucks. They have products like the small batch with a bite that has a spiced, syrupy flavor with notes of banana, nutmeg, and vanilla. For a sweeter choice, whiskey lovers can try the caramel and honeysuckle-infused flavor of Eureka Gold.

Each bottle is beautifully constructed and made with elegant craftsmanship that helps emphasize the golden-brown hue of the bourbon inside. The visual shows a drink of higher quality, which is reflected both in the taste and in the cost of some of the more expensive products, such as the Single Barrel Select.

While it isn’t going to be sold at an auction, Two Bitch Bourbons has the feel of a quality concoction that should be savored and sipped instead of poured into a mixed drink. The products will be appreciated by bourbon enthusiasts and those who enjoy a more complex liquor, though they may be a bit too heavy for folks with more sensitive palettes.

What Is the Alcohol Content of Two Bitch Bourbon?

The Alcohol content will change depending on which Two Bitch Bourbon you choose, with the Eureka Gold being the lightest option of the trio at 46% ABV (alcohol by volume). The second is the Small Batch with Bite that sits at 100 proof or 50% ABV. Finally, the Single Barrel Select tops the list at a potent range of 115 – 120 proof, depending on the bottle.

What Is the History of Two Bitch Bourbon?

Created in 2016, Two Bitch Spirits was created by the Luby family in Eureka, Nevada. The name comes from two puppies the family adopted after their dog mocha was lost in the desert before their wedding. The name, initially meant to be a joke, was an immediate hit, and before long, Two Bitch Spirits was in full swing.

The dogs, Scarlett and Sage, have become popular mascots for the company and are featured in the company’s logo as two silhouetted dobermans facing away from one another. Because of their canine-friendly reputation, Two Bitch products have become popular with dog lovers and bourbon enthusiasts throughout the United States.

Where Is Two Bitch Bourbon From?

The line of Bourbon’s originates in Eureka, Nevada, a small town with little more than three hundred people. Located in an old stone church, Two Bitch Spirits has turned a remote village in the rural parts of Nevada into the headquarters of a quietly bustling bourbon enterprise. While they have planned expansions, the company has yet to leave the quiet perimeter of Eureka.

When Was Two Bitch Bourbon Created?

While the company was initially created in 2016, the first batch of Two Bitch Bourbon was very likely made a bit before the original opening. Owners Joe and Lauren Luby originally held a whiskey party where they labeled the bourbon “Two Bitch Bourbon.” The name was an immediate hit, and the evening was the first time people would try the liquor.

What Types of Two Bitch Bourbon Are There?

There are three different variations of Two Bitch Bourbon, and all are distinct in flavor, even if they are somewhat visually similar.

Two Bitch Eureka Gold

The most affordable option and also the least intimidating when it comes to flavor, Eureka Gold is a great mid-shelf choice. The bourbon has a cinnamon and honey nose, with a sweetness on the tongue and splashes of wood and caramel. This bourbon is excellent for those who want a clean, light bourbon that goes down easy and possesses worthwhile flavor.

Two Bitch Small Batch With Bite

Small Batch with Bite is the middle-ground choice at $89.99 and comes with an intense depth of flavor that fuses nuts, bananas, and spices to create a brilliant, bold taste. The nose is intense and distinct, with vibrant spices tickling the nostrils, giving whiffs of smoked pecans and anise. Small batch with bite is excellent for people looking to dip their toes into more elaborate bourbons.

Two Bitch Single Barrel Select

The VIP of the bunch, the Single Barrel Select, is a $104.99 bottle that offers complex, aged flavors and a bottle of bourbon that will not be soon forgotten. The fairly limited drink comes from aged oak barrels and provides incredible depth in taste that is worthy of any enthusiast. While it may not be for casual drinking, special occasions are great for Single Barrel Select.

What Ingredients Are in Two Bitch Bourbon?

Two Bitch Spirits is a company that specializes in bourbon and has done a good job of refining its talent to create exceptional products throughout. Like any bourbon, Two Bitch Bourbon is made with a fermented mash that is at least 51% corn. For the lighter bourbons, like the Eureka Gold, sweeter spices like cinnamon and honeysuckle are present throughout the drink.

In the Small Batch with Bite, the prevailing flavor is baking spices, pecans, and bananas. The taste of the batch with bite is pleasant, easy to sip, and sweet throughout. The Single Barrel Select is far more mysterious, with no ingredients listed. Depending on the barrel, the flavor can differ slightly from bottle to bottle.

How Much Does Two Bitch Bourbon Usually Cost?

Two Bitch Bourbons will range from $60 to $105 on average, with the more expensive bourbons being aged longer in oak casks. Those unsure of their bourbon affinity should test the waters with something simpler and more straightforward, like the Eureka Gold. For the cigar-smoking, denim-clad bourbon lover, the Single Barrel Select may be more appropriate.

What Is the Best Way to Enjoy Two Bitch Bourbon?

Two Bitch Bourbon can pair well with a number of foods and drinks to bring out the flavors of both. Aged cheeses, ham, ribs, and pork all taste fantastic next to a glass of Small Batch With Bite, while a dessert heavy with chocolate can help compliment the oaky flavor of bourbon.

While you can mix bourbon with other liquids for delicious mixed results, aged options, like Single Barrel Select, should be poured neat, with a few drops of water, or on the rocks. That doesn’t mean you can’t pour some Eureka gold with soda for a delicious, refreshing bourbon and coke.

How to Choose a Good Two Bitch Bourbon?

To know which bourbon to select from the Two Bitch product line, a person should know what they want from a bourbon. If you want a strong, smooth, unique taste while also maintaining that trademark oaky flavor, then you will want to go for a more complex beverage like the Single Barrel Select.

If you are looking for a more versatile bourbon that can be enjoyed neat or in the company of other liquids, then the other two are preferable. Small Batch with a Bite or Eureka Gold has very agreeable, enjoyable flavors that are easy for newcomers and won’t pop their eardrums from the alcohol kick.

Where Can You Find Two Bitch Bourbon?

If you are on the West Coast, particularly in Nevada, you may find the bourbon brand in stores and taverns near your area. For others, the possibility of locating the brand in physical locations will be a difficult task. The company has yet to establish itself throughout the United States, and most will have to order the product online.

Thankfully, Speakeasy has all three products from the company on their site. Whether you want Eureka Gold, Small Batch with a Bite, or Single Barrel Select, you can easily order any or all three online.

Two Bitch Bourbon FAQs

Due to the constant confusion that comes from discussing liquors, we will try to clear up confusion surrounding bourbon and Two Bitch products in general.

What Is Bourbon?

Bourbon is a type of whiskey that originated in the United States and has become one of the most popular liquors today. The higher percentage of corn in the fermented mash creates the iconic golden brown liquid that distinguishes bourbon from other whiskeys. Like all liquors, there are aging and ABV conditions that must be met before distribution.

How Do Bourbons Get So Expensive?

Not every bourbon will cost triple digits, and there are plenty of worthwhile options at every price range. If bourbon is going to be expensive, it usually comes down to a few different factors.

The first is how in-demand bourbon has gotten over the last few decades, particularly in the Western world. The second is how high whiskeys are taxed in certain states, which can up the price considerably. Finally, making bourbon is expensive, and the batches that take years to age will usually be pricier to cover the production costs.

What Does Aging Do to Bourbon?

We constantly hear about how a certain whiskey has been aged for seven years, but we don’t always know why that is important. The aging process creates the trademark taste people have grown to love, and the longer a bourbon sits in a barrel, the more color and flavor goes into the bourbon. Aging can also remove the snap of the alcohol, making the bourbon more palatable.

Last Call on Two Bitch Bourbon

a corridor of whiskey barrels

Two Bitch Spirits is a company that has a bright future ahead of it, and the three products it has released are testaments to the brand’s quality. For those trying to sample the company’s selection, Eureka Gold or Small Batch with a Bite are excellent choices to get your feet wet. If you are looking for a gift for a bourbon snob, the Single Barrel Select is a stellar choice.

Bourbon comes in many shapes, tastes, and sizes, and no two will taste exactly alike. Thankfully, the Nevada distributor’s smaller list of bourbon options is exceptional. If you are looking for a lesser-known choice the next time you are going over to a friend’s house, Two Bitch bourbon is an excellent brand to impress your peers.

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