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Knobel Whiskey: Your Guide to This Powerful Liquor

Knobel Whiskey is a great whiskey brand that produces a wide range of whiskey for you to enjoy. Plus, many of you may know it because of Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. You can find whiskey that’s aged for a few years, several years, and even over a decade, which gives you a wide range of price options and smoothness to choose from. While it’s not as famous as some of the other big-name whiskey brands, that’s not a knock on its quality. In fact, it’s worth giving Knobel whiskey a try, even if you already have a staple brand that you like to buy from.

When it comes to Knobel whiskey, or any whiskey really, there’s a lot you should know before blindly picking up a bottle. It’s important to know what the alcohol content is, how it tastes, a brief history of the alcohol, and how to enjoy it. Thankfully, we’re here to help by taking you through everything you need to know about Knobel whiskey.

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Knobel Whiskey: An Introduction

Knobel’s spiel is that it’s a potent whiskey that should be enjoyed after a long day’s work. This makes its target the average hard-working American, which makes it a great choice for people who aren’t looking to spend a fortune on a good bottle of whiskey.

While Knobel is one of the more affordable brands, that doesn’t mean their product is bad. For the price, it has a great smooth flavor that you can enjoy any day of the week, and it’s a great choice for relaxing around the house. It has a simple flavor that has hints of oak with a kick of spice at the end. Its flavor isn’t as unique compared to other types of whiskey, but that’s a good thing because it’s typically more affordable.

What Is the Alcohol Content of Knobel Whiskey?

The alcohol content of Knobel whiskey varies based on the type of Knobel whiskey you’re drinking. The company has been around for several years and has several tiers of whiskey that you sell. For example, the Knobel Rickhouse Edition has an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 47.5%, which gives it a potent flavor that’s sure to give you a buzz. Some other types of Knobel whiskey have a range of 30-50% ABV, but this depends on the specific type of whiskey.

What Is the History of Knobel Whiskey?

Knobel whiskey has a unique history and roots in Tennessee. It follows the many principles that are found in Tennessee whiskey, but its history is more personal than anything. The company is named after Carl Knobel, who used to love farming, mining, construction, and anything else that he could do with his hands. While Carl Knobel loved to get down and dirty, he also loved his Tennessee whiskey, which is what inspired this brand.

To this day, each bottle of Knobel whiskey is inspired by Carl Knobel and the blue-collar men like him who work hard every day. In fact, Carl Knobel even inspired the hit TV show Dirty Jobs, which made Mike Rowe a household name; Carl Knobel was even Mike Rowe’s grandfather. Today, Knobel whiskey is associated with the show Carl Knobel, Mike Rowe, and the state of Tennessee itself. Ultimately, it’s become a household name among whiskey lovers in the state, and it’s even starting to have a reach that goes beyond Tennessee state lines.

Where Is Knobel Whiskey From?

Knobel whiskey is a Tennessee whiskey. It’s from the rural parts of the country that have enough land to grow rye and distill whiskey for several years. The whiskey is produced on one of these farms, and all of the ingredients are made in-house to ensure a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience. If you’re a Mike Rowe fan, you’ll love his Knobel whiskey.

When Was Knobel Whiskey Created?

Knobel whiskey is a recent whiskey brand that hasn’t been around for a long time. What makes this brand special is its association with Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. The whiskey debuted in December of 2021, but it took a long time for the whiskey to hit shelves across the United States and abroad. Still, it’s starting to become more popular and a household name.

What Types of Knobel Whiskey Are There?

Knobel whiskey is a new type of whiskey, so you will find less variation than with other, more established brands. That said, there are still plenty of options for whiskey enjoyers to get their hands on.

Starting with Knobel Tennessee Whiskey, this is the whiskey that started it all. It has a 45% ABV, and it’s 90 proof, so it’s almost cask strength. This Knobel Tennessee Whiskey is charcoal-filtered and has a unique taste that’s smokier than other types of whiskey.

Another type of Knobel whiskey is the Knobel Rickhouse Edition. This whiskey is made with the help of French Staves, which gives it a unique sip that’s smoother than the traditional blend. Plus, it’s aged for a longer period and incorporates notes of vanilla and some other flavors.

Knobel whiskey also has a barrel-strength whiskey. This is their most powerful rye whiskey, and it’s bound to give you a buzz after a few sips. That said, each release of this whiskey is in limited quantities, and the alcohol by volume varies.

The last type of Knobel whiskey to look at is Knobel Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey. This whiskey has a mash bill that contains 95% rye and 5% malted barley. When you sip this whiskey, it has a dominant grain flavor that’s made smooth by subtle hints of vanilla

What Ingredients Are in Knobel Whiskey?

Knobel whiskey doesn’t have many ingredients in it. In fact, it usually only has rye grain and barley. These ingredients are combined in a mash that results in the Knobel whiskey that you can drink out of the bottle. Additionally, it’s important to note that all of the ingredients used for the mash come from local farms in Tennessee. This makes it one of the few authentic Tennessee whiskey options that you can find.

How Much Does Knobel Whiskey Usually Cost?

Knobel whiskey varies in price. Ultimately, it comes down to the type of Knobel whiskey that you’re looking for. Some of the options that aren’t aged for long periods will cost under $100. In fact, the brand is marketed for hardworking people who don’t need a classy whiskey, so you can find many bottles around the $50 range.

On the other hand, some types of Knobel whiskey, like the cask strength special releases, have a higher price tag that can reach over $100. Still, it’s one of the more affordable whiskey brands that you find.

What Is the Best Way to Enjoy Knobel Whiskey?

Knobel whiskey is meant to be a sipping whiskey. This means that it’s made to drink in a glass without any mixers, ice, or other types of alcohol. That said, many people love a whiskey like this with an orange as a garnish to bring out more of the vanilla flavor. Drinking it on the rocks is also acceptable, especially because this whiskey isn’t as smooth as some of the more expensive brands.

Aside from drinking it straight, you can also add this rye whiskey to cocktails. You can mix it with coke for a whiskey and coke, or you can mix in some apple cider or sweet vermouth. Ultimately, what you mix it with comes down to flavor preferences. If you want to bring out the spice, opt for Coke, but if you’re looking for more sweetness, something like apple cider is a better option.

How to Choose a Good Knobel Whiskey

Knobel whiskey is available in several types that have different flavors and strength ratings. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always make it easy to choose the appropriate strength. The good news is that there are a few easy ways to determine the right type of Knobel whiskey for your needs.

First and foremost, focus on potency. If you’re looking for something that will knock your socks off, you’ll want to opt for a Knobel whiskey that’s cask strength. The proof will be higher, along with the ABV, which will help you chase that buzz even faster. On the other hand, this might be too strong and bitter-tasting for some people.

Now, if you’re looking for something smooth that you can sip after a long day’s work, the Knobel Rickhouse Edition is a great choice. It’s aged for a few years and has a smooth flavor that won’t leave you cringing or with chills after each sip.

The last thing to consider is if you enjoy sipping whiskey at all. While Knobel whiskey is meant to be sipped, that doesn’t mean you have to sip it. In fact, Knobel Tennessee Whiskey is affordable and perfect for combining with apple cider, coke, and other beverages.

Overall, there is a Knobel whiskey for everyone, depending on your needs.

Where Can You Find Knobel Whiskey?

Knobel whiskey can be found in many places. If you’re in the Tennessee area, there’s a good chance that you’ll find it on a shelf at your local liquor store. On the other hand, if you’re from outside the area, your options may be more limited. It’s also important to note that it came out in 2021, so it’s not as popular as some of the name brands that you’ll find on the shelf.

The good news is that online liquor providers like Speakeasy Co. carry Knobel whiskey. Speak Easy Co and other providers also carry most types of whiskey, so you can have it shipped right to your door.

Some bars in Tennessee may also carry Knobel whiskey, but it’s hard to find it in establishments outside the state right now.

What Are Popular Alternatives to Knobel Whiskey?

Knobel whiskey is a great Tennessee whiskey, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re not a fan of the grainy flavor that you get with rye whiskey, try something like bourbon whiskey or scotch whiskey instead. These whiskeys have different flavor profiles that might be more appealing for pallets.

Additionally, you can ditch whiskey entirely if you’re not a fan of it. There are plenty of alternatives, like clear liquors that have a smooth flavor. For example, you can try vodka if you want more of a neutral taste. You can also give tequila a shot if you prefer some Spanish liquors or get creative with Meili Vodka.

Knobel Whiskey FAQ

Have questions about Knobel whiskey? Well, we have the answers below.

Is Knobel a Bourbon or Whiskey?

Bourbon and whiskey are the same thing. Bourbon is a type of whiskey that’s made with a corn mash. This means that the mash bill has more corn on it than rye, barley, or other grains. The difference between Knobel whiskey and bourbon whiskey is that Knobel whiskeys have a mash bill that’s mostly rye. In fact, some of Knobel’s whiskey will have a mash bill that’s upwards of 95%. The flavor and taste are similar, but Knobel whiskey is grainier.

Where Is the Best Whiskey Made in America?

The best whiskey in the United States typically comes from Tennessee and Kentucky. This means that Knobel whiskey comes from one of the whiskey capitals in the United States. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with the flavor or ingredients.

Why Is Aged Knobel Whiskey More Expensive?

Aged Knobel whiskey is more expensive than whiskey that’s not aged for long periods because it has a smoother flavor. When the whiskey is aged in barrels, the flavor profile is more smooth because it has more time to pull in flavors from the barrel.

Knobel Whiskey: A Conclusion 

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If you’re a fan of Mike Rowe or Dirty Jobs, you owe it to yourself to give Knobel whiskey a try. It’s made for the working man, and it packs a punch that will definitely help you relax and unwind after a long day’s work. We’re also big fans of Knobel whiskey because it’s affordable and comes from Tennessee, which is one of the few states known for making premium whiskey.

Whether you’re trying whiskey for the first time or want to change up your nightcap, it’s worth it to give Knobel whiskey a try. 

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