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High West Whiskey: Complex Western Whiskey

High West is a whiskey brand centered out of Park City, Utah, that has reached notoriety for its unique whiskey blends and the complex flavor profiles many of the brand’s bottles feature. This whiskey brand operates its own distillery and saloon, and lovers of whiskey and the High West brand alike can easily visit for tours or other events.

There is a wide variety of whiskey and whiskey blends offered, making this brand versatile for those who enjoy using their whiskey for sipping neat or mixing into cocktails.

Our article gives you details on the High West whiskey brand including the history of this brand, the types of liquor produced by High West, and how to best enjoy your High West whiskey.

High West Whiskey: An Introduction

High West whiskey is produced in Park City, Utah, at the High West Distillery. This brand prides itself on blends of whiskey, often utilizing blends of bourbon whiskey and aging them in unique finishing casks to create a wide variety of flavor profiles.

The exact flavor of High West whiskey does vary depending on the bottle you are sampling and the aging length. Overall, you can expect the flavor notes of this whiskey brand to be smooth, rich, and full of distinctive flavor notes such as sweet cornbread, caramel apples, light citrus, and a variety of spice hints. In fact, it's similar in flavor and color to Glen Scotia whiskey.

The appearance of High West whiskey ranges from lighter gold to dark amber and tawny, depending on the blend. This brand is considered a more unique and new approach to traditional whiskey. The blends are always curated to create the most distinctive flavors possible, and High West is dedicated to protecting Western heritage with its whiskeys.

You can easily enjoy High West whiskey alone as something to sip neat, or you can blend it with your favorite mixers. This liquor also holds up well in a whiskey-based cocktail.

What Is the Alcohol Content of High West Whiskey?

The alcoholic content of High West whiskey varies depending on the exact blend of whiskey you are enjoying. The standard flagship High West whiskey comes in at around 92 proof, which is a 46 percent ABV.

What Is the History of High West Whiskey?

High West whiskey was established in 2006, becoming Utah’s first legal distillery since 1870.

The High West brand was initially crafted in 2004 by biochemist David Perkins and his wife after a trip to a different distillery. The family relocated to Park City, Utah, eventually creating the High West Distillery and growing the High West brand to be a notable one among Western distillery producers.

Over the years, High West Distillery has grown to include a saloon and event center. Individuals who are a fan of the whiskey and Utah distilling history visit the area to take tours or partake in the unique events that High West produces.

Today, High West whiskey is known for its unique whiskey blends, limited edition release bottles, and whiskeys with unique finishing casks. These unique finishes include whiskeys finished in barrels previously used for aging wine.

Where Is High West Whiskey From?

High West whiskey was first developed in Park City, Utah, and this brand continues to be made at the High West distillery in Utah today. Since its establishment in the Utah area in 2006, High West has grown around Park City to include a distillery, saloon, and event center.

When Was High West Whiskey Created?

High West whiskey was first developed in 2006 by David Perkins and his wife after gaining inspiration from another distillery tour. The whiskey brand started slowly but quickly began to gain notoriety as the featured blends of whiskey created offered a unique take on whiskey and livened the Utah whiskey scene.

What Types of High West Whiskey Are There?

Like most brands, there are several varieties of High West whiskey that come in at a range of price points and flavor profiles. We list the most notable High West whiskey blends below, and you can read about each variety on the distillery’s website to learn more about the distinctions between each liquor.

  • Double Rye
  • Bourbon
  • High County American Single Malt
  • Rendezvous Rye
  • The Prisoner’s Share (finished in Prisoner Red Blend wine barrels, higher ABV)
  • Bottled in Bond Rye
  • Cask Strength Bourbon

High West does occasionally offer limited edition release bottles, and you can find details about these on the distillery’s website.

What Ingredients Are in High West Whiskey?

High West whiskey is created using the standard ingredients found in most whiskeys. However, the exact blend of the whiskey’s mash bill may vary depending on the exact bottle you are purchasing.

The brand’s flagship bourbon whiskey is a blend of straight bourbon whiskeys. One whiskey in this blend has a mash bill of 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% barley malt, while the other contains a mash bill of 84% corn, 8% rye, and 8% malted barley.

In order to find specific ingredient details about High West whiskey, you will need to check the labeling information and details on the brand’s website. There, you’ll discover the mash bill components and any specifics about the bottle, such as special finishing casks for aging.

How Much Does High West Whiskey Usually Cost?

High West whiskey ranges in price depending on the blend of whiskeys used, whether or not the bottle is a limited edition release, and how long the bottle of whiskey is aged.

Bottles of High West whiskey range in price from around $20 to closer to $100 or more. At a restaurant or bar, you can expect to pay around the mid-range price for a shot of this whiskey; the exact cost depends on your location and the establishment you are visiting.

What Is the Best Way to Enjoy High West Whiskey?

The best way to enjoy High West whiskey is by drinking it the same way as you would consume any other of your favorite whiskeys.

The liquors produced by this brand are fairly versatile, and you can enjoy them neat, over ice, or with a drop of water to open the flavors. You may also be able to add in your favorite mixer, such as sour mix or ginger beer. Or, you can blend your preferred High West whiskey into a whiskey-based cocktail like a whiskey sour or an old fashioned.

You can serve High West whiskey at cocktail hours or with dinner, and this whiskey also makes a good after-dinner drink. In general, you can pair your whiskey with rich meats such as beef and salmon, berries and other rich fruit, or desserts that feature caramel and dark chocolate to further complement the flavors of your whiskey.

How to Choose a Good High West Whiskey

Choosing a good High West whiskey involves taking into account your preferences for whiskey, including blends, expected flavor profiles, and age. Many individuals prefer spicier flavor profiles, while others enjoy sweeter or smoother whiskeys. You can review the flavor profile information on the listing of any High West whiskey bottle.

When it comes to age, whiskeys that are aged longer tend to be smoother and have a more complex profile. You can select one of High West’s oldest whiskeys if you are looking for a robust flavor, or you can go with a younger whiskey blend for something that is more accessible for an entry-level whiskey drinker.

Always make sure to check the blend of whiskeys used in your preferred bottle to determine if the whiskey is a good fit for your personal palate.

Where Can You Find High West Whiskey?

High West whiskey may be available in a variety of locations, including local liquor stores and online stores. You can also purchase your favorite bottle of High West directly from the distillery’s website, as long as your state allows the shipment of liquor.

In your community, you are likely to find High West whiskey in more upscale restaurants or cocktail bars, and bars that specialize in whiskey are also likely to carry this brand.

What Are Popular Alternatives to High West Whiskey?

Popular alternatives to High West whiskey include American whiskeys, whiskeys that feature a blend, and whiskey brands that have unique limited edition whiskey releases. Notable brands that can be great alternatives when you can’t find High West whiskey include:

You may be able to find these whiskeys in your local liquor store, online, or at your favorite cocktail bar or restaurant.

High West Whiskey FAQs

High West whiskey is a unique brand, and you may have questions about this brand and the whiskeys they produce. Review our answers to frequently asked questions about this brand to learn more.

How Does High West Whiskey Protect the West?

One of the founding mottos of the High West brand is ‘protect the West.’ This brand wishes to preserve the Wasatch Range in and around the Park City area where the High West distillery is located. This is done through commitments that High West makes to the community to donate profit in order to protect wildlife and local communities.

Is High West Whiskey Real Whiskey?

Even though some connoisseurs of whiskey may look down on whiskey blends, High West does this expertly, and the majority of whiskeys produced by the brand are whiskey blends. High West whiskey does follow all distilling procedures and bottling standards, and the liquors produced by this brand are considered real whiskey.

Can I Buy High West Whiskey Cocktails?

If you prefer to drink your High West whiskey as part of a cocktail, you can purchase pre-made cocktails. These cocktails utilize the best High West whiskeys to match the ingredients used in the cocktail directly from the distillery. You may also be able to find these cocktails in your local liquor store.

The High West whiskey cocktail selection includes favorites such as the old fashioned and the Manhattan.

Holding on to High West Whiskey

glass of whiskey balanced on wooden barrel

High West whiskey is an interesting brand committed to protecting the West and upholding the history of Utah’s whiskey distilling practices. The majority of whiskeys available from High West are whiskey blends, and these curated blends offer a variety of flavor profiles that are fairly versatile.

Whether you sip your whiskey neat, add in your favorite mixer, or blend it into a cocktail, there is a bottle of High West whiskey out there for you to add to your whiskey collection.

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