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Doc Swinson Bourbon: Our Expert Thoughts

Doc Swinson Bourbon is a new name on liquor store and bar shelves. Despite this, it’s already a noteworthy one.

If you’re a bourbon enthusiast looking for a new product to try, the following overview will explain why you may wish to track down a bottle of one of Doc Swinson’s varieties. In addition, the distillers at this company state even those who aren’t typically fans of whiskey have nevertheless come to love their products. Keep reading to learn why.

Doc Swinson Bourbon: An Introduction

Doc Swinson is a whiskey brand primarily focusing on craft bourbon. The team here uses classic techniques and ages its products in specially selected barrels to offer complex flavors you might not always find in other bourbons.

What Is the Alcohol Content of Doc Swinson Bourbon?

Doc Swinson Bourbon isn’t just a single product. The brand offers multiple varieties of bourbon with differing alcohol contents.

The alcohol content for Doc Swinson Bourbon varieties is as follows:

  • Alter Ego: 95.8 proof
  • Alter Ego High Proof: 114.6 proof
  • Straight Bourbon Blenders Cut: 115 proof
  • Straight Bourbon Session Blend: 90-proof
  • Garryana: 108.8 proof
  • Bossa Nova: 112.8 proof
  • French Toasted: Varies depending on batch
  • The Forgotten One: 98.7 proof
  • Dos Padres: 115.1 proof
  • Pineau Des Charentes: Varies depending on batch
  • Moscatel: Varies depending on batch
  • Tawny Port: 114.2 proof
  • L’Esprit: Varies depending on batch
  • La Mente: Varies depending on batch
  • El Cuerpo: Varies depending on batch
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: Varies depending on batch
  • 15 Year Kentucky Straight: Varies depending on batch
  • Sercial and Malmsey Madeira: 102.8 proof
  • Madeira: 102 proof

According to a CNBC story, a spirit must enter a cask at no lower than 80 proof and no higher than 125 to qualify as bourbon. All Doc Swinson Bourbons meet these qualifications. Some are relatively high proof, while others are “session” bourbons with lower proofs for easy enjoyment.

What Is the History of Doc Swinson Bourbon?

Doc Swinson Bourbon is a relative newcomer to the bourbon scene. Despite this, the team at this craft distillery has already managed to create a range of products that attract attention and acclaim from bourbon enthusiasts.

Doc Swinson Bourbon began with just 10 casks in 2017. The company’s founders never originally planned on creating their own whiskey brand. Instead, they started as professionals developing spirits for other companies.

They leveraged their expertise to experiment with their own bourbon. In just a few short years, this side project has grown into a thriving distillery of its own.

Where Is Doc Swinson Bourbon From?

Per the company’s website, Doc Swinson Bourbon’s headquarters is in the state of Washington. The distillers point out that the climate of the Pacific Northwest recalls that of certain European regions whose traditional whiskey distillers have inspired modern American distilleries.

Doc Swinson Bourbon currently doesn’t have a tasting room. However, there are plans to open one at some point in the future.

Where Is Doc Swinson Bourbon From?

Doc Swinson Bourbon’s story begins in 2017. That said, because the team at this distillery already worked in the industry, they’ve been able to offer aged bourbons despite only being in business for a few years.

The fact that the Doc Swinson brand is new doesn’t mean the people behind it have limited experience. On the contrary, the team members at Doc Swinson have worked in the industry for years, and many of them have earned acclaim for their skill and knowledge.

What Types of Doc Swinson Bourbon Are There?

Doc Swinson Bourbon comes in several varieties. They include:

  • Alter Ego series: The Alter Ego series features two bourbons. One is a high-proof bourbon, but both take inspiration from Scottish and Irish distilling techniques.
  • Blenders Cut and Session Blend: The Blenders Cut and Session Blend entries, as their names imply, are blended whiskeys featuring both rye and bourbon.
  • Exploratory Cask series: The team at Doc Swinson Bourbon experiments with aging their whiskeys in various types of casks to influence the flavors. Options include cabernet sauvignon cask bourbons, French oak cask bourbons, and more.

Be aware that bourbon isn’t the only whiskey style Doc Swinson offers. They also produce craft rye whiskey, offering their unique take on two iconic spirits. Consider trying their rye along with their bourbon to decide which style of whiskey they’ve mastered.

What Ingredients Are in Doc Swinson Bourbon?

Ingredients in Doc Swinson Bourbon may vary slightly from one offering to another. However, all feature the key ingredients that distinguish bourbon from other whiskeys.

According to an overview of the whiskey distillation process in Science Direct, a typical bourbon mash consists of:

  • 70% corn
  • 15% rye
  • 15% malted barley

Doc Swinson Bourbon’s mash may not meet these criteria exactly. Generally, though, the distillers at Doc Swinson strive to offer traditional bourbon that’s unique enough to stand out among the competition. For example, the mash for one of its Blenders Cut casks is:

  • 75% corn
  • 21% rye
  • 4% malted barley

That’s just one example. It illustrates how Doc Swinson Bourbon strikes a balance between honoring tradition and experimenting.

How Much Does Doc Swinson Bourbon Usually Cost?

Prices for Doc Swinson Bourbon can vary depending on which bottle you purchase and where you buy it from. For example, the average price of a 750 ml bottle of the Alter Ego series Triple Cask Straight Bourbon is $68. For the same size bottle of the 15 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon, the average price is $215.

The higher-priced bottles of Doc Swinson Bourbon usually possess greater flavor complexity. Their alcohol content is often high as well.

Keep this in mind when deciding what bottle to purchase. While you might wish to try a less expensive option first to determine if you like the brand, a premium bottle could last you a long time if you’re the type to savor your whiskey slowly.

What Is the Best Way to Enjoy Doc Swinson Bourbon?

You may prefer to drink Doc Swinson Bourbon straight. The team here works hard to create balanced whiskeys that satisfy the palate on their own merits. The best way to enjoy such products is often to sip them neat or on the rocks, with water as the only potential chaser.

[image: alt text: man smelling whiskey glass]

That’s not to say you can’t savor Doc Swinson in a cocktail. Consider some of these lesser-known bourbon-centric cocktails to use a unique whiskey in a unique way:

  • The Horsefeather: The bite of ginger beer and lemon combine with a dash of bitters to give us this bourbon cocktail that’s refreshing without being too gentle.
  • Paper Plane: Aperol, contrary to what the past few years may have led you to believe, isn’t just the namesake ingredient of an Aperol Spritz. In the Paper Plane, it joins bourbon, Amaro Nonino, and lime, resulting in a bourbon cocktail like no other.
  • The Bone: The Bone doesn’t dilute the flavor of the bourbon too much. Rather, it relies on a little bit of simple syrup, lime juice, and just a few dashes of Tabasco sauce to add a little kick.

You may also wish to experiment with creating your own cocktails using Doc Swinson Bourbon. When doing so, check the tasting notes (more on this below) to decide what ingredients would mix best with your bourbon of choice.

How to Choose a Good Doc Swinson Bourbon

Because Doc Swinson Bourbon comes in several varieties, account for these factors when trying to find the perfect bottle for yourself or a friend:

  • Alcohol content: Some Doc Swinson Bourbon varieties are session whiskeys you can easily sip comfortably. Others are high-proof bourbons that may appeal to more experienced drinkers. Consider this before picking a bottle.
  • Tasting notes: Doc Swinson’s website offers a thorough overview of the tasting notes of every whiskey the distillery offers. Check this information to find one that speaks to your personal preference.
  • Awards: The information on Doc Swinson’s website also covers any awards its bourbons have won. If you’re still struggling to choose a bottle, selecting an oft-awarded variety from the lineup is an easy way to be sure you’re getting a quality product!

Of course, any whiskey aficionado knows much of the joy of whiskey comes from tasting different varieties and options. You may just want to give every Doc Swinson Bourbon a try over the years.

Where Can You Find Doc Swinson Bourbon?

Doc Swinson Bourbon offers a helpful Find Docs tool. You may use this to find a store or bar near you that carries Doc Swinson. The tool also provides options for ordering Doc Swinson Bourbon online.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find any stores or bars in your area currently carrying Doc Swinson Bourbon. Again, this whiskey is quite new in comparison to many of the more established brands. As it develops a following, you’re likely to find that tracking down this whiskey becomes increasingly easier. If you like the idea of this bourbon but have trouble finding it, Knobel Whiskey is a great alternative. Additionally, Lost Lantern whiskey and some other types of bourbon can also serve as an alternative.

What Are Popular Alternatives to Doc Swinson Bourbon?

Doc Swinson Bourbon may delight craft bourbon fans, but bourbon isn’t everyone’s drink of choice. If you’re looking for an alternative to Doc Swinson Bourbon, consider trying one of the company’s rye whiskeys.

You might also be looking for a bourbon alternative that contains no alcohol. While there currently aren’t any non-alcoholic bourbon substitutes that match the complexity of the products Doc Swinson offers, a bottle of Kentucky 74 from Spiritless may do the trick. Whiskey enthusiasts have noted it’s particularly convincing as a whiskey substitute in popular cocktails like the whiskey sour.

Other popular craft bourbons to be aware of include:

That’s by no means an exhaustive list. American distillers are continuing to develop craft bourbon in record numbers as the classic spirit continues to enjoy a surge of new interest. Now is clearly a good time to be a fan of good whiskey.

Doc Swinson Bourbon FAQs

Do you still have questions about Doc Swinson Bourbon? The FAQs below may provide the info you’re seeking:

Who Makes Doc Swinson Bourbon?

The Master Distiller at Doc Swinson Bourbon is Jesse Parker. He learned to blend liqueurs from his grandparents and began working at a distillery at age 21. He’s already earned over 100 awards for his work.

What if I Don’t Like Whiskey?

Any truly experienced drinker knows there isn’t one spirit for everyone. It’s possible you’ll never find a variety of Doc Swinson Bourbon that resonates with your tastes. If so, that’s fine. Be aware, though, that the team here has stated they specifically aim to create whiskeys even non-whiskey fans will appreciate. You may want to try one just to find out if your feelings about bourbon change.

Why Is the Cask a Whiskey Is Aged In Important?

The distillers at Doc Swinson Bourbon carefully select the casks in which to age their whiskeys. They do so because the cask adds new dimensions of complexity to a whiskey, ensuring it doesn’t taste like a bourbon any other distiller could have created.

Doc Swinson Bourbon: For Passionate Bourbon Drinkers, From Passionate Bourbon Drinkers

male and female hands toasting two glasses of bourbon

The team at Doc Swinson believes a renaissance is currently underway in the American whiskey scene. Their goal is to participate by offering a lineup of bourbons that embody a blend of tradition and innovation. Cheers!

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