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Michter’s Bourbon Review: Our Expert Thoughts

When you want a classic American bourbon, it’s hard to look past Michter’s. As America’s first whiskey, you’re getting a taste of something special. It’s available in several variations, and the award-winning brand even has special releases of 25-year-old bourbon that will knock your socks off.

That said, even the more affordable small batches like US #1 Straight Kentucky Bourbon have a flavor profile that’s hard to beat. Ultimately, when you have a whiskey maker that makes high-class whiskey, some of that class seeps into the lesser releases as well.

This article will take you through everything you need to know about Michter’s Bourbon. We’ll take you through where it’s made, its legitimacy, and how it tastes, and even let you know if it’s worth the price. Read on to learn everything you need to know below.

A Quick Look at Michter’s Bourbon

Mitcher’s Distillery is one of the best bourbon makers in the United States, with clear tasting notes that stand out and some bottles have more than 25 years of time to age in barrels. Check out our table to get a quick look at Mitcher’s Distillery’s bourbon.

Overall Rating 5 Stars
Flavor 5 Stars
Value 5 Stars
Tasting Notes Smoky, stone fruit finish, caramel, vanilla
Classification Bourbon
Distillery Mitcher’s
Proof 91.4 (US #1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon) up to 116 (Mitcher’s 25 Years Old Bourbon 2020)
Aged 5-25 years
MSRP $50 (US #1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon) up to $10,000

Pros And Cons of Michter’s Bourbon

Mitcher’s makes a lot of bourbon, and it’s become a popular name and has been since the 18th century. Learn about some of the pros and cons of Mitcher’s Bourbon below.

Pros Cons
Around since 1753 Expensive
Smooth and spicy flavor
Different types of bourbon are available
Great value, even for more affordable batches

What Is Michter’s Bourbon?

Michter’s Bourbon is a type of bourbon. In fact, it was one of America’s first whiskey distilleries and was born before the United States in 1753. While it’s old, it has a lot more going for it than just old age, although several hundred years of experience isn’t bad. Mitcher’s is also an award-winning bourbon and continues to maintain its status as a top bourbon and whiskey maker in the United States.

Mitcher’s Distillery is known for making high-quality bourbon that’s been aged for five, 10, or even 25+ years. Therefore, you can shock your palate with a level of smoothness that’s hard to find in other bourbons. There are also plenty of more affordable blends that also have a delicious flavor profile that holds up well against some of the other best brands.

Mitcher’s bourbon is meant to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. You can also make it into an old-fashioned bourbon, but we recommend against adding too much sweetness to the drink. It’s one of the better-tasting bourbon whiskeys, so you want to have most of the natural flavor come through.

Is Michter’s Real Bourbon?

Michter’s is real bourbon. In fact, it was one of the original American bourbons. Its legitimacy has been set in stone for over 200 years, and we’re approaching its 300th anniversary in three decades. If you want something that gives you an authentic bourbon taste and feel, you can’t go wrong with Michter’s bourbon.

What Does Mitcher’s Bourbon Taste Like?

Mitcher’s can have a few flavors, but we’ll focus on the Kentucky straight bourbon flavor. Mitcher’s US #1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon is aged in fire-charred barrels made with white American oak wood. This gives it a distinct flavor that has a smoky aftertaste with every sip of the bourbon.

When it comes to tasting notes, you’ll be met with your typical whiskey flavors but also some surprises. For example, you’ll get hints of rich caramel along with notes of vanilla. Plus, it has a stone fruit flavor that pairs well with the smoky finish. Therefore, you’re not just getting one flavor, but many flavors with each sip.

Mitcher’s bourbon is also mixable, but only if done tastefully. We don’t recommend tossing this in a cup with Coke or Pepsi, but it’s good as an old-fashioned that doesn’t go heavy on the sweetness. If you purchase bourbon from Mitcher’s that’s been aged for 10 or 20 years, we recommend against mixing it with anything; we wouldn’t even pair it with ice because it could ruin the flavor profile.

Overall, Mitcher’s bourbon tastes great. It’s smooth and goes down easy, especially when it’s enjoyed neat.

What Is the Alcohol Content of Michter’s Bourbon

The alcohol content of Mitcher’s bourbon varies based on the type of bourbon and the batch. Right now, the US #1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon is the most popular small batch of Mitcher’s bourbon available and it has an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 45.7%. Some other types of Mitcher’a bourbon have an ABV of 43% (Mitcher’s Small Batch) and 42.8% (Mitcher’s US* Single Barrel Whiskey).

Mitcher’s may also release special edition batches of bourbon, which can be cask strength or stronger, so closer to 50-80% ABV. Some aged bourbons may also have a higher alcohol content depending on the batch and when it was made.

Is Mitcher’s Bourbon Good?

Is Mitcher’s Bourbon good? Absolutely. It’s one of the best bourbons on the market and continues to outperform the competition, even with the cheaper small batches of Kentucky bourbon.

What makes Mitcher’s good is its value and variety. You can get your hands on some of the cheaper batches for about $50, but if you want something more high-end, you can opt for batches of whiskey that have been aged for five, eight,10, 15, or even 20+ years. That said, you will have to shell out some more cash for these bottles, so expect to pay several hundred dollars or even a couple of thousand.

Heritage and value aside, it tastes great. It’s smooth, easy to stomach, and has a unique taste that comes from the charred white-oak barrels. We don’t think Mitcher’s bourbon misses in any aspect.

Is Michter’s the Best Bourbon?

Mitcher’s is one of the best types of bourbon that you can buy. As one of the first whiskey makers in the United States, it’s hard to beat the distillery’s level of experience. While it’s no surprise that the expensive 25-year whiskeys are delicious, even the newer bourbons that have only been aged for eight to ten years are smooth and tasty.

Whether you want a 50-dollar bottle of Kentucky bourbon or a single-barrel bourbon aged for 10 years, Mitcher’s is one of the best brands in the game.

How Is Michter’s Bourbon Packaged?

Mitcher’s bourbon comes in a glass bottle and has a big label on the front, so it’s easy to recognize on the shelf at your local liquor store. The label stated the name of the distillery, how long it had been aged, and the batch of whiskey. For example, the “US #1 Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey” will be stated exactly that on the bottle. The ABV and proof are also found on the label but in smaller letters and off to the side; it’s not the main focus.

How Should You Drink Michter’s Bourbon?

Mitcher’s bourbon can be enjoyed in any way that you like if you drink responsibly. That said, you shouldn’t treat the US #1 Straight Kentucky Bourbon like some of the more expensive batches, even if it’s delicious.

When it comes to expensive versions of Mitcher’s, focus on drinking it in a glass. Pour about two ounces into a glass if you want to sip it for a while, and sit back and enjoy the flavor. You can also add ice, but you should avoid doing so if it’s one of the more expensive batches.

Now, if you’re working with something like the Straight Kentucky Bourbon, you have some more leeway. You can pour it into a glass and add some simple sugar, an orange slice, and some ice to make an old-fashioned, or you can drink it on the rocks. It’s also smooth enough to enjoy neat.

How Much Does Michter’s Bourbon Cost?

Mitcher’s bourbon has a wide range of prices that depend on the batch. For example, US #1 Straight Kentucky Bourbon costs about $50 for a bottle, while other small batches can cost several thousand. Therefore, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact price of the bourbon.

This also applies to ordering the whiskey at a bar or restaurant, but it’s less common for them to have the more expensive options. Most bars will charge you about $15 for Mitcher’s on the rocks or about $5 for a shot for a neat.

Where Can You Buy Michter’s Bourbon?

Mitcher’s bourbon is available across the United States and at some liquor distributors around the world. Since it was one of the first whiskeys to even hit the shelves, you’ll find it in most liquor stores. That said, the batches are small, so limited quantities are available, and you may have to wait. You can also find Mitcher’s at larger distributors like Wine Guys and some other liquor franchises across the country.

Don’t want to leave the house? Order Mitcher’s online. Several retailers carry it, and some will even deliver it right to your door. You can also order it in some bars and restaurants if you find yourself in one of those settings. If you can't find it you can opt for an alternative that maintains the same quality like Woodford Reserve.

Is Michter’s Bourbon a Good Gift?

We like Mitcher’s bourbon as a gift choice. It’s a great gift for people who love a good bourbon, and you have a wide range of prices to choose from, so it can be a little side gift or a larger main gift.

On the other hand, Mitcher’s bourbon isn’t the best option for people who prefer clear liquor or dislike whiskey. If you want them to give it a try anyway, opt for the less expensive US #1 Straight Kentucky Bourbon.

Where Are Alternatives to Michter’s Bourbon?

Not a fan of Kentucky bourbon but still crave the spicy taste notes of a good bourbon? We recommend choosing Saint Augustine’s Florida bourbon instead. If you like bourbon, it’s worth a shot and comes from one of the best bourbon brands around – one of the few that can hold a candle to Mitcher’s.

Aside from Saint Augustine, you can also go for a more traditional bourbon whiskey or ditch the bourbon entirely. You can opt for a rye whiskey instead or even treat yourself to a nice scotch. Either way, you have options.

The last thing to note is that you can also choose a clear liquor if dark liquor isn’t for you. Roku gin, vodka, and some types of tequila can be a good alternative to Mitcher’s bourbon or any other dark liquor.

Dive Right Into Michter’s Bourbon and Taste an Elite Bourbon Today

two glasses of bourbon on the rocks with ice cubes behind them

When you want an American bourbon, make sure you give Mitcher’s a chance. It’s the only whiskey that’s older than the United States itself, and you can find it in several variations. If that wasn’t enough, Mitcher’s bourbon has won several awards and continues to be the #1 ranked bourbon in several categories. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into one of America’s finest types of bourbon today.

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