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Villa One, the ultra-premium tequila from Nick Jonas and John Varvatos Announces Speakeasy as an Online Partner

Today, Villa One, the award-winning tequila founded by Nick Jonas and John Varvatos, launches on Speakeasy Co. (Speakeasy), utilizing it as an online partner. The brand has chosen to partner with Speakeasy to create an entirely new sales channel through e-commerce, allowing them to access customers while keeping the three-tier system intact. Speakeasy will enable Villa One to reach fans beyond the bottle by helping to coordinate the sales and fulfillment of both signed bottles and guitars.

Villa One

When Nick Jonas and John Varvatos, creatives from the world of music and fashion, respectively, met, they became fast friends – discovering a shared love of tequila and honest, simple times with those who matter most. Villa One launched in 2019 as their brainchild, along with master distiller Arturo Fuentes, and was brought to life through a partnership with Stoli Group. The entire ethos is rooted in the notion that life is simply better when friends old and new come together, one glass at a time. Or, to put it more simply, "Life As It Should Be." Villa One has since gone on to win Platinum at the SIP Awards ISC in 2020 in the Silver category and Gold at the New Beverage Tasting Institute in 2021 in the Añejo category.

 Villa One

"We are excited to partner with Speakeasy Co. so we can provide a streamlined experience for Villa One's customers via e-commerce," says Varvatos. "Being able to see the operation first-hand during my visit to their fulfillment facility has given me even more confidence in our brand's success this upcoming holiday season and in years to come," adds Jonas.

Speakeasy Co. has disrupted the beverage alcohol industry to allow ease of direct-to-consumer sales for hundreds of brands. As a partner, they create ease of fulfillment with their centralized fulfillment model, to ensure that brands can focus simply on their growth and continue to sell directly to customers. Speakeasy also provides value-add above and beyond, including unique and special marketing moments and experiences.

"We couldn't be happier to have partnered with such a special brand," says Josh Jacobs, Co-Founder and CEO of Speakeasy Co. "What Jonas and Varvatos have created with Villa One is truly unique and premium. Their use of Speakeasy will only increase and improve distribution and sales, allowing them to double down on marketing and create unique online shopping experiences for their loyal fans."

Villa One is an ultra-premium tequila, made with 100% Blue Weber agave, matured 5-7 years. Villa One's signature style combines the herbaceous, earthy lowland notes and the sweeter, fruity notes of highland agave giving unique character, and a distinctively smooth finish. It is made with ultra-pure, natural volcanic spring water which delivers a fresh, pure taste and a perfect base for the delicate flavors to shine through. The bottle itself was designed by Varvatos and Jonas with each expression featuring fine jewelry-inspired metalwork around the neck that represents the signature style of the John Varvatos brand.

Villa One's three expressions, Silver, Reposado and Añejo are available at

About Speakeasy Co:

Speakeasy Co. is a leading e-commerce and fulfillment platform servicing the beverage alcohol industry. The platform enables brands to sell directly to consumers from their respective websites without disrupting the three-tier system. Brands working with Speakeasy control their entire consumer journey from digital to doorstep, including customer relationships and data. To learn more, please visit and visit the Speakeasy Instagram and Facebook.

About Villa One:

Villa One is an ultra-premium tequila founded by Nick Jonas and John Varvatos. The duo worked side by side with master distiller Arturo Fuentes, the "Godfather of Tequila", who brings more than 30 years of distilling experience. Unlike most tequilas, Villa One sources agave from both the highland and lowland regions of Jalisco, giving it a distinct and rounded profile that is offered in three expressions: Silver, Reposado, and Añejo. To learn more, please visit or visit Instagram and Facebook.

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