Speakeasy Co. Is Revolutionizing The Alcohol Ecommerce Space

Navigating the alcohol industry’s legal swamp is a challenge. For brands big and small, the question of how to get products to fans and trade while remaining compliant continues to frustrate professionals on every level. Enter technology company and e-commerce platform Speakeasy Co. (Speakeasy), who looks to bridge the aforementioned legal swamp by enabling brands to sell directly to consumers from their own respective websites without disrupting the three-tier system.

For brands across the board, Speakeasy looks like nothing short of a huge win for the alcohol industry. The company just raised $6.8 million and count some of the hottest names in spirits as investors, including Wilco Faessen of WhistlePig, Guillaume Cuvelier of Svedka Vodka and Davos Brands, Paul Hletko of FEW Spirits, and Spirits Investment Partners of Heaven’s Door, Stolen Spirits, and Playboy Spirits. To date, Speakeasy has grown to nearly 300 partners on the platform, including notable brands like WhistlePig, Tesla Tequila, Stoli Group, Jägermeister, House of Hazelwood, and 10th Mountain Whiskey.

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