Speakeasy Co. Creates New Technology to Provide Customers with Fulfillment Visibility

Speakeasy Co. Creates New Technology to Provide Customers with Fulfillment Visibility

SAN DIEGO, June 25, 2024 -- Speakeasy Co., the leading eCommerce and fulfillment solution for the Wine & Spirits industry, is revolutionizing the beverage alcohol market with innovative technology and a centralized fulfillment model. Speakeasy announces the recent build and launch of a unified tracking portal, fully developed in-house to minimize shipping errors, and improve customer experience.

This portal, active at tracking.speakeasyco.com, takes customer satisfaction to the next level. Customers can track their orders from start to finish and see real-time updates on the status of their products and estimated delivery time. This technology will also allow package tracking for regional carriers that otherwise do not have a tracking page. The level of transparency limits the number of delivery errors, and provides peace of mind to customers awaiting an order arrival where signature is required.

"Our team is thrilled to have completed this project all in-house," said Ryan Mitchell, VP of Technology and Programming at Speakeasy. "We're confident that this release is going to set a new benchmark in the industry, utilizing customizable technologies to further improve the end customer's experience within beverage alcohol."

The tracking portal was made with the user-experience in mind:

  • Real-Time Shipment Tracking: Get immediate updates on the movement of shipments across Speakeasy's regional carrier network, ensuring customers are always in the loop.
  • Integrated Data Sources: The portal pulls updates from Shopify and local regional carriers, offering a comprehensive view of shipment statuses.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Experience an easy-to-understand user interface, designed to simplify tracking, and enhance customer experience.

"Shipping alcohol often means we rely on regional carriers that leverage limited and unsophisticated technology," said Michael Bowen, co-founder and COO of Speakeasy. "Our new tracking system addresses the issues we've faced with these carriers, where creating individual accounts to track a package was necessary. We've eliminated this roadblock for consumers across all our shipping states, providing greater transparency from packaging to delivery."

With unique technologies and comprehensive brand support, Speakeasy Co. is empowering beverage alcohol brands to take control of their online sales and create a more direct connection with consumers.

For more information on Speakeasy's new tracking portal, view the announcement here: https://speakeasyco.com/blogs/new-at-speakeasy/new-feature-speakeasy-tracking. Brands looking to join the Speakeasy platform can email partnerships@speakeasyco.com to book a meeting. Join the digital revolution and see how Speakeasy Co. can help your brand thrive in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape.

About Speakeasy Co.:

Speakeasy Co. is a technology company and eCommerce platform for the Wine & Spirits industry that ships beverage alcohol brands directly to consumers. The centralized fulfillment model enables brands to sell directly to consumers from their own respective online storefronts without disrupting the three-tier system. Brands are given the opportunity to own their growth and user experience from beginning to end, in addition to owning their data and analytics of their target customer.

To book a meeting with our partnerships team, please email partnerships@speakeasyco.com and check out our Instagram and LinkedIn.

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