Speakeasy Co. Celebrates World Whisky Day Through E-Commerce Campaign With Partner Brands

Speakeasy Co. Celebrates World Whisky Day Through E-Commerce Campaign With Partner Brands

Speakeasy Co., the leading integrated DTC solution for beverage alcohol brands which enables brands the ability to sell direct-to-consumer while remaining three-tier compliant, announced an ecommerce campaign with select whisk(e)y brands in celebration of World Whisky Day.

Speakeasy Co., who has a partner base of nearly 250 leading brands, 30% of which are whiskey, has spearheaded a campaign to offer consumers 20% off on whiskey bottles on World Whisky Day, May 15, 2021, through its participating partner brands which include:

This year marks the tenth anniversary of World Whisky Day, a day that brings people across the globe together to celebrate whisky lovers and brands that are pushing growth in the category.

"Our business model is powered on connecting brands with consumers, and offering fans direct access to their favorite brands," said Josh Jacobs, Co-Founder and CEO of Speakeasy Co. "Participating in World Whisky Day is an incredible platform to further strengthen that relationship and we are honored to help reinforce that bond through our e-commerce solutions."

"Speakeasy Co. has grown tremendously in the last year and we are thrilled to share our now expansive roster of whiskey brands on our platform," added Michael Bowen, Co-Founder and COO of Speakeasy Co. "We are excited to celebrate World Whisky Day because it provides us an opportunity to showcase the innovative brands we have the pleasure of working with every day."

Adults over the age of 21+ can receive a 20% off discount on their favorite whiskey bottles from participating brands by inserting WorldWhiskyDay directly through the brands' websites on Sat, May 15, 2021.

About Speakeasy Co.
Speakeasy Co. is a technology company and e-commerce platform for the Wine & Spirits industry that ships beverage alcohol brands directly to consumers. The platform enables brands to sell directly to consumers from their own respective websites without disrupting the three-tier system, giving these brands the opportunity to own their own user experience from beginning to end, in addition to owning their own data and analytics of their target customer.

For more information, please visit www.SpeakeasyCo.com or check out our Instagram and LinkedIn.

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