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Rogue Ales & Spirits Launches Monsters of IPA bundle on Speakeasy Co. Platform

Today, Rogue Ales & Spirits (Rogue), creators of world-class ales, lagers and spirits from the Oregon Coast, is not only announcing their new Monsters of IPA campaign, but also a bundle exclusive to Speakeasy Co. (Speakeasy). This comes after Rogue's past partnership with Speakeasy, having sold multiple beverage products via their platform before.  

As part of the launch, the Monsters of IPA campaign is a celebration of three IPA's named after and dedicated to mythical creatures from Pacific Northwest folklore, through animated episodes on Rogue's social media and These elusive creatures have mystified Oregon and inspired lore for nearly a hundred years, which is why Rogue has brewed tasteful IPAs in their honor.

 "We are thrilled to add this special Rogue bundle to our roster," says Josh Jacobs, Co-Founder of Speakeasy. "Rogue's craft flavor profiles, unique packaging, and storytelling alone make us confident that consumers will respond very well."

The Monsters of IPA bundle, sold exclusively through Speakeasy, consists of one six-pack of each of the "beasts," including: Batsquatch Hazy IPA, Colossal Claude Imperial IPA and Gumberoo West Coast IPA.

"It's very exciting for us to welcome Rogue to the Speakeasy family." says Michael Bowen, Co-Founder and COO of Speakeasy. "Our centralized fulfillment model really makes us the perfect fit for brands looking to flex their creative muscle. Speakeasy is primed and ready to support special launches like LTOs, custom packaging, gifting or even merchandise."

Elaborating on the origin story behind one of the IPAs, Gumberoo, takes customers to a mythical creature that appeared one evening while three loggers camped in the woods. The loggers accidentally spilled their beer into the fire after seeing the beast, which caused smoke to fill the air. Gumberoo is currently one of the best-selling beers offered via Speakeasy.

As part of the campaign, customers will be able to watch a "Battle of the Beasts" unfold on social media over the next eight weeks, and can vote for their favorite monster.

"It can be difficult to obtain high-quality distribution for products," says Dharma Tamm, Rogue President. "Working with Speakeasy felt like the natural choice since their model helps us get our products out into the hands of fans as efficiently as possible."

The Monsters of IPA bundle is priced at $36.99, and can be found via Speakeasy at

About Speakeasy Co.:

Speakeasy Co. is a leading e-commerce and fulfillment platform servicing the beverage alcohol industry. The platform enables brands to sell directly to consumers from their respective websites without disrupting the three-tier system. Brands working with Speakeasy control the entire consumer journey from digital to doorstep, including customer relationships and data. To learn more, please visit and follow @speakeasy_co on Instagram and @SpeakeasyCompany on Facebook.

About Rogue Ales & Spirits:

Rogue Ales & Spirits (Rogue) was founded in Oregon in 1988 as one of America's first craft breweries. Rogue has won over 2,000 awards for taste, quality and packaging, and is available in all 50 states and 54 countries. Proudly rooted in Newport Oregon, Rogue's beers, spirits, cocktails, seltzers and sodas are all odes to Oregon and the endless inspiration that the state's land, sea and people provide.

For more information, go to and follow @rogueales on Instagram.

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