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Eléctrico Mezcal Releases Short Films to Celebrate Oaxacan Culture

Super Premium Artisanal Mezcal producer Eléctrico Mezcal has won an award for the first series of short arthouse films celebrating Mezcal's connection with the culture of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Eléctrico Mezcal is a unique tri-family business that resulted from a chance meeting of creative minds: Kathleen Blackwell's artistic and entrepreneurial spirit and Maestro Cirino's passion for pushing the boundaries of the mezcalero's artisanship. By partnering with eCommerce platform Speakeasy Co., Eléctrico Mezcal has been able to reach new markets, over 30 states within the US, while both educating and entertaining new customers with the backstory of mezcal.

The mezcal brand recently released its short film, ‘Festival Oaxaca,’ focusing on Día de los Muertos, the Day of The Dead festival. The film shows Oaxaca's vibrance and the inevitable role of Mezcal in the celebrations. It also delves into the people's profound relationship with their ancestors, and those recently departed.

The Jersey Shore Film Festival presented the film's Director, Neville Farmer, the award for Best Director – Documentary Short Film. The Film, 'Festival Oaxaca' is shortlisted as Best Documentary Short at the Los Angeles Indie Shorts Film Festival, which takes place in the Fall of 2023.

Made by award-winning British Producer/Director Neville Farmer (Globe Trekker, Planet Food), celebrated Editor David Lewis ('Blue,' 'Dead Cat,' 'Getting Away with Murder'), and Executive Producer Arthur Edström ('Pass the Salt, Please'), the first film 'Festival Oaxaca' is a dazzling and moving expression of the importance of festivals to Oaxacan life.

'Festival Oaxaca' features a soundtrack by Eléctrico Mezcal, Founder, musician, composer, lifestyle entrepreneur Kathleen Blackwell, whose latest song release 'Street Legal' featured in 'Festival Oaxaca' has been added to nearly 20+ Spotify playlists within its first 48 hours of release, and veteran Record Producer Ronan Christopher Murphy (King Crimson, GWAR, Aurora, Mafia III).

The film demonstrates that a quality Mezcal is much more than a quick shot of liquor, embedded in the people's culture. Alongside Speakeasy Co. and Park Street, Eléctrico Mezcal is available to ship directly to consumers. Certified 'artesanal,' every bottle is made with the legendary emotion, elan, and esprit that epitomizes the spirit of Oaxacan festivals. The brand delivers both young and aged luxury mezcal, with 6 SKUs currently available to order online: shop.electricomezcal.com

Click here to view the ‘Festival Oaxaca | Official Trailer'

Click here to view the total (private) 'Festival Oaxaca' arthouse short film

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