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Wisdom From The Women Leading the Wine & Spirits Industries, with Kim Chyan Of Speakeasy Co.


Less than 20% of winemakers and distillers are women. Traditionally, women were excluded from these industries. This number is slowly rising as more women choose to study this profession and enter the wine and spirits fields. What is it like for those women who work in this male-dominated industry? What are some of the challenges that these women face? Is there hope for better representation, and better wages, for women in the wine and spirits industry? As a part of our series about women leading the wine and spirits industries, we had the pleasure of interviewing Kim Chyan.

From growth marketing to strategy consulting, Kim has dedicated her career to helping brands grow their digital presence and profits online in a number of industries from consumer-packaged goods to non-profits to home goods. She is now applying her direct-response expertise to the wine & spirits industry. Kim is currently the Vice President of Marketing at Speakeasy Co., a technology and logistics platform that transforms beverage alcohol suppliers into direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands, while remaining three-tier compliant. She is a published writer, speaker, and thought leader, and is dedicated to modernizing the spirits industry digitally.

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