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Best Tequila for Margaritas: Our Favorite Options

The margarita is a classic cocktail featuring tangy lime juice, a hint of sweetness, and the robust, smooth flavor of tequila. There are certain types of tequila that are better than others if you are mixing up a batch of your favorite margaritas, and it’s important to choose the tequila variety that will best complement the flavors of your drink.

Our guide gives you the important details about using tequila in your margaritas and what you need to know when choosing the best tequila for margaritas in addition to providing you an overview of our choices for the best tequila for margarita cocktails.

What You Need to Know About the Best Tequila for Margaritas

When choosing a tequila to use for a margarita, it’s important to keep in mind that blanco tequila, also called silver or white tequila, is generally preferable for this type of cocktail. This is because blanco tequila is the most natural form of tequila, as it is unaged and not placed into oak barrels. The blanco tequila allows the flavors of agave to shine through, complementing the rest of the ingredients in your margarita and providing a smooth taste.

That being said, it is possible to use anejo, or aged, tequila for margaritas if you are looking for a bolder, fuller flavor that is more tequila-forward. Reposado tequila can be used if you don’t mind an oaky and stronger tequila flavor in your margarita.

The Best Tequila for Margaritas: An Overview

Tequila is crafted from the blue agave plant, and the Mexican government only allows certain regions to officially produce tequila; the premier region for growing agave and distilling tequila is in Jalisco and the city of Tequila.

Tequila comes in three varieties – blanco, anejo, and reposado – and these names refer to how long the tequilas have been aged. Blanco is unaged, anejo and extra anejo are aged and extra aged, and reposado has been aged in oak barrels. In general, blanco tequila is utilized in margaritas for its smooth flavor, natural agave notes, and the way it complements the ingredients in a margarita.

The margarita is perceived as a classic drink, with its lime hints and sweetness the perfect refreshing drink for any time of day. This drink can be quite boozy, and people generally love the way the smooth, slight burn of tequila complements the bright and tart flavor profile of the margarita.

Margaritas are typically served in a lowball glass with a salted rim, and they appear somewhat green due to the lime juice used. Margaritas are highly customizable, and this may give them a variety of different appearances depending on the types of fruit infusions or syrups used, in addition to the garnishes chosen for them.

How to Choose the Best Tequila for Margaritas?

Choosing the best tequila for margaritas comes down to a matter of taste and preference. Blanco tequilas are the traditional choice, and they will give you the best results when mixed into any kind of margarita, as the smooth and natural agave flavor complements the majority of margarita recipes.

If you are looking for a stronger, bolder, or oakier margarita flavor, you may want to choose an anejo or reposado tequila. Typically, these types of tequilas will be used in more artisanal or experimental margarita recipes.

You should also take into account the value of your tequila, its production style, the flavor profiles of your chosen tequila brand, and the budget that you are shopping in to make sure that you choose the best tequila for the margaritas you are trying to create.

What Does Tequila for Margaritas Cost?

Tequila comes in at a wide range of prices, and you can expect to pay between $25 and $100 for a bottle of tequila to use in your margaritas. In general, a decent bottle of tequila that is suitable for cocktails will be around the $30 to $70 range.

Where Can You Buy Tequila for Margaritas?

Fortunately, finding a bottle of tequila for your next batch of margaritas isn’t too difficult, as tequila is a commonly carried liquor. Your local liquor store will most likely carry a wide range of different tequilas, so you can find the brand you like best.

Alternatively, you can order tequila directly from a brand’s website or use a website like Speakeasy to purchase unique and standout tequila brands that are perfect for your next margarita.

The Best Tequila for Margaritas

Below, we give you some of our best choices for tequila to be used in a margarita. We chose these brands due to their good value, great taste, and versatility when used in all kinds of margaritas and mixed drinks.

Goza Tequila Blanco

MSRP: $31.99

Proof: 80 proof

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, tropical fruits

Our Rating: 5 stars

Goza’s Tequila Blanco has a fresh, clean taste, making it the perfect choice for a classic margarita. The flavor notes present in this liquor feature vanilla and tropical fruits, and the bottle itself has a good value and an entry-level price point. Overall, the flavor and experience of sipping this tequila make it well-rounded and versatile, though lovers of a very strong tequila flavor will likely prefer a different brand.


  • Clean tasting, perfect for a classic margarita
  • Great entry-level price point
  • Well-rounded and versatile flavor


  • The flavor profile isn’t the strongest for more experimental margarita recipes

Hotel California Tequila Blanco

MSRP: $52.99

Proof: 80 proof

Tasting Notes: Honey, floral, sweet agave

Our Rating: 5 stars

Hotel California Tequila Blanco is a favorite among tequila enthusiasts, and this tequila has a very distinctive brand and bottle. The flavor notes feature honey, floral, and sweet notes, making the liquor very complementary to most types of margaritas and great for use in all different kinds of recipes. However, some drinkers may find the finish of this tequila harsher than with other types of liquor.


  • Distinctive brand and bottle
  • Honey, floral, and sweet, making the flavors very complementary to margaritas
  • Great mid-range option


  • Some drinkers may find the finish of the tequila too harsh

Nosotros Tequila Blanco

MSRP: $47.99

Proof: 80 proof

Tasting Notes: Sweet, citrusy, herbal

Our Rating: 4 stars

The Nosotros Tequila Blanco is a highly-awarded tequila brand, and the liquor produced by this Nosotros is widely noted to have a complex flavor profile. The sweet, citrusy, and herbal agave flavor notes pair well with the traditional lemon and lime of a margarita, and there are flavor undertones that make this tequila worth sipping on too. Some enthusiasts might find this particular liquor difficult to purchase in a local liquor store, though it is almost always available only.


  • Complex flavor profile
  • Citrus notes pair well with lemon and lime flavors
  • Highly awarded tequila brand


  • It may be difficult to find in liquor stores

Goza Single Barrel Reposado Tequila

MSRP: $31.99

Proof: 80 proof

Tasting Notes: Earthy, vegetal, soft oakiness

Our Rating: 3 stars

Goza’s Single Barrel Reposado Tequila is an aged tequila that has spent time in oak barrels. This gives the liquor an earthiness to it and a soft hint of oak with vegetal undertones. It also has hints of pepper and spice, making it suitable for experimental margarita recipes or something like a spicy margarita. This choice is great for someone who prefers a strong tequila flavor in their drinks, and it is a good value tequila for its price point. However, some might consider this more of a sipping tequila and not the best choice for the classic margarita recipe.


  • Unique peppery and herbal flavor for more experimental margaritas
  • Great choice for someone who prefers a stronger tequila flavor
  • Good value tequila for the price


  • Often considered more of a sipping tequila

The Best Tasting Tequila for Your Next Margarita

tequila glasses with garnish spice rim

Margaritas are a classic cocktail that is especially popular during the summer, and you no doubt need a quality tequila to craft your next margarita. We recommend choosing a blanco tequila from our list, though an anejo tequila can work just as well if you are experimenting with margarita recipes and flavors.

Whichever option you decide to go with, as long as you combine your tequila with quality margarita ingredients, you are sure to have the perfect tart, sweet, and refreshing tequila-based cocktail.

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