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Best Flavored Whiskey: Your Full Expert Guide

Flavored whiskey can be divisive in the whiskey world, as some whiskey enthusiasts prefer the more natural expressions of this spirit, while others love the many different creations you can craft with flavored whiskey. Whether you are new to the world of flavored whiskeys or an enthusiast looking for the next best thing, you are likely wondering about the best flavored whiskey around today.

Our guide gives you an overview of flavored whiskey, including how to choose the best flavored whiskey, where to buy this liquor, and the general expected costs you might encounter. Read on to learn more about the best flavored whiskeys on the market.

What You Need to Know About Flavored Whiskey

Flavored whiskey is whiskey blended with natural or artificial flavors to create a distinctive blend of whiskey flavors and add sweetness or spiciness. One of the most popular flavor additions to whiskey that most people have heard of is cinnamon, though peanut butter and espresso flavors are becoming increasingly popular in the flavored whiskey world.

It’s important to note that there are many different varieties of flavored whiskey, and it can be difficult to choose between them all. Additionally, some types of flavored whiskey are not even whiskey at all due to the added ingredients that deviate from the standard and modernly accepted whiskey recipe. It’s always important to check the manufacturer’s details and bottle labeling for in-depth information about the bottle you purchase.

Flavored Whiskey: An Overview

Flavored whiskey is, true to its name, a whiskey flavored with either artificial or natural (or a combination of both) flavorings to create a certain flavor in the whiskey. Popular choices for flavored whiskeys embrace the smokiness and spice of this base liquor, enhancing it with notes of cinnamon, peanut butter, espresso, and even fruits like apples.

Among whiskey enthusiasts, flavored whiskey can be a somewhat controversial topic, as the added sugar and flavorings in some brands of flavored whiskey end up completely overpowering the whiskey taste. Some flavored whiskey varieties may not even be considered true whiskey and might be classified as a flavored and sweetened whiskey substitute.

However, whiskey labeling can be confusing, and the U.S. Treasury Department’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) (the organization in charge of alcohol whiskey labeling) has not updated or clarified whiskey labeling requirements regarding flavored whiskey.

Flavored whiskey appears much like regular whiskey, though the bottles will typically feature different colors and occasionally pictures of what the whiskey is supposed to taste like. This drink is not perceived as a classic type of liquor, though whiskey by itself is a timeless classic due to the added sugar and flavorings. Rather, flavored whiskey is often seen more like a newcomer’s drink or something for individuals who prefer sweetened liquors of the robust and bold flavors of regular whiskey.

How to Choose the Best Flavored Whiskey?

Choosing the best flavored whiskey depends on a few different factors, including how sweet a whiskey is, the types of flavors the whiskey may capture, and the price point of the whiskey. All of these are very important to consider as you start to think about the type of flavored whiskey you are interested in.

In general, flavored whiskeys can be broken up into a few different categories: spice, like cinnamon; sweet, like peanut butter or honey; bold and robust, like espresso; and fruit, like cherry or apple.

Additionally, you will want to keep in mind the ingredients of a flavored whiskey and the proof of the whiskey, something that can tell you how strong the alcohol in your chosen product is. These details should be available on the bottle or on the manufacturer’s website for your review.

What Does Flavored Whiskey Cost?

Flavored whiskey can have a wide price range because there are many options on the market today. On average, you can expect to pay between $20 and $100 for a decent bottle of flavored whiskey. Certain notable brands or limited-edition releases of flavored whiskey may be more expensive than generic cinnamon and apple-flavored whiskeys.

Where Can You Buy Flavored Whiskey?

Flavored whiskey is available in a variety of places, and you can most likely purchase a flavored whiskey at your local liquor store. If you are having trouble finding a certain type of flavored whiskey or are interested in a more unique brand, you can shop online or through a store like Speakeasy.

When visiting bars and restaurants, you may not find a huge variety of flavored whiskeys outside of apple, honey, and cinnamon varieties. Most bars and restaurants will carry these, and more upscale cocktail bars might have a wider range of flavored whiskey.

The Best Flavored Whiskeys

Below, we give you an overview of our favorite flavored whiskeys on the market today. All of these options provide robust flavors and plenty of variety if you are looking to spice up your whiskey shelf with something new.

Scandalust Cinnamon Whiskey

MSRP: $33.99

Proof: 80 proof

Tasting Notes: Spicy cinnamon, robust whiskey

Our Rating: 5 stars

Scandalust Cinnamon Whiskey is a deviation from other types of cinnamon whiskeys on the market in that it doesn’t use sugar or additives to craft its flavor. Instead, this liquor is made from whiskey and cinnamon, and that’s it. This brand is great for those who love cinnamon whiskey but don’t want their drink to be too sweet, and the unique bottle design is perfect for displaying on your shelf. However, if you are looking for a sweeter flavored whiskey, this may not be the best choice for you.


  • No sugar or additives
  • Great for those who don’t want their flavored whiskey too sweet
  • Unique bottle design


  • Not the best choice for those who want a sweet cinnamon whiskey

Tennessee Shine Company Espresso Whiskey

MSRP: $31.99

Proof: 60 proof

Tasting Notes: Roasted coffee, nuttiness

Our Rating: 4 stars

Tennessee Shine Company’s Espresso Whiskey features a rich flavor profile of roasted coffee, nuttiness, and bold corn whiskey. The aftertaste has the signature heated bite of corn whiskey, and the combination of flavors makes for an overall bold and robust experience. Many enthusiasts also note that this flavored whiskey packs a lot of punch for a good price.

This brand’s Espresso Whiskey is likely not the best choice for those who aren’t true espresso or coffee enthusiasts, as the roasted coffee flavor is very bold, and it can be a little more difficult to find this brand in the liquor store.


  • Rich flavor profile featuring roasted coffee
  • Corn whiskey delivers a pleasing aftertaste
  • Good value for the price


  • Not a great choice for those who don’t enjoy coffee
  • Can be hard to find in liquor stores

Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Smoked Maple Whiskey

knob creek smoke maple whiskey bottle
Image Source: https://www.knobcreek.com/our-products/smoked-maple-bourbon-whiskey

MSRP: $34.99

Proof: 90 proof

Tasting Notes: Smoked hickory, maple, vanilla, caramel

Our Rating: 5 stars

Knob Creek’s Kentucky Straight Smoked Maple Whiskey is an outstanding addition to any flavored whiskey lover’s arsenal, and this brand packs quite a punch into its flavored whiskey. The Smoked Maple Whiskey comes in at 90 proof, making it more boozy with a strong whiskey flavor. The maple notes aren’t too sweet, and there are distinct undertones of smoked hickey, vanilla, and caramel that give this a complex flavor profile.

However, some may find this whiskey too strong in terms of alcoholic content and whiskey aftertaste.


  • Unique and complex flavor profile
  • Maple notes are not too sweet
  • Higher proof than other flavored whiskeys


  • May be too strong for some in both ABV and aftertaste

Crown Royal Regal Apple Whiskey

crown royal apple whiskey bottle
Image Source: https://www.crownroyal.com/canadian-whisky/crown-royal-regal-apple/ 

MSRP: $15.99

Proof: 70 proof

Tasting Notes: Crisp apples, caramel, light spice

Our Rating: 3 stars

Crown Royal is one of the most popular whisky brands around today, and many people are familiar with the brand’s apple whisky. This apple whisky has a relatively fair price point, making it a good choice for those shopping on a budget, and it is a great addition to cocktails, mixed drinks, and desserts. There are hints of caramel and light spice in this liquor that create a pleasing palate, though some drinkers think that the aftertaste of Crown Royal Regal Apple Whisky has too much of a fake aftertaste.


  • Popular budget apple whisky
  • Great for cocktails
  • Hints of caramel and spice for a complex flavor


  • Some drinkers dislike the almost fake apple aftertaste in this whiskey

Tennessee Shine Company Caramel Whiskey

MSRP: $31.99

Proof: 60 proof

Tasting Notes: Sweet caramel, hints of salt

Our Rating: 4 stars

Tennessee Shine Company’s Caramel Whiskey is a fan favorite, and for good reason. This perfectly balanced whiskey features sweet and rich caramel and just a hint of salt and bold whiskey flavors, leaving it melting in your mouth. This liquor is perfect for mixing into desserts or crafting a decadent cocktail, though some may find the caramel flavor far too sweet to drink a lot of this liquor at once.


  • Perfectly balanced and sweet caramel notes
  • Great for mixing into desserts or cocktails


  • Flavor tends to be very sweet

Fantastic Flavored Whiskey

focused shot on glass of whiskey
Flavored whiskey boasts an impressive presence in today’s whiskey market, and many individuals who are new to whiskey or those who love the sweetened and distinctive tastes of flavored whiskey can surely find something to enjoy in the world of flavored whiskeys. While some whiskey enthusiasts may find the assortment of today’s flavored whiskeys somewhat controversial, the truth is that flavored whiskeys have a popular following, and these unique liquors are here to stay. Mix your favorite flavored whiskey into a cocktail or simply sip it neat for a distinctive flavor experience that lets you spice up your day or evening.
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