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Sorel Liqueur: Everything You Need to Know

Sorel Liqueur is a relatively new spirit developed from the traditional hibiscus tea consumed in many African nations and what is now Barbados. In this guide, we cover everything from its history to the best ways to serve it.

Read on to learn more about this fascinating liqueur.


Sorel Liqueur: An Introduction

 This liqueur has a long history steeped in tradition, and its bright red color and floral, fruity, and spicy flavor make this spirit distinctive. Sorel Liqueur is best consumed simply poured over ice or mixed into a cocktail.

Hibiscus, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and other spices all contribute to the unique flavor of this drink. Sorel Liqueur is perceived as a modern twist on a classic herbal recipe, and the liqueur is quickly becoming popular among cocktail enthusiasts and those who enjoy the floral, sweet, and spicy drink.

What Is the Alcohol Content of Sorel Liqueur?

Like many liqueurs, the alcoholic content of Sorel Liqueur isn’t too high. This liqueur has an ABV of around 15 percent, and this percentage may lower if you are blending it into a cocktail with several other ingredients.

What Is the History of Sorel Liqueur?

Sorel Liqueur comes from a long history and unique culture, with the original versions of Sorel developing around the 1600s as a result of the spice trade. 

The sorrel plant, commonly known as hibiscus, was imported from West Africa to the New World and the area that is now known as Barbados. African traditions mixed with those of the local natives, and hibiscus tea became a common drink. 

British naval officers added rum to preserve the hibiscus tea from these areas, and spices such as ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and many others were blended into the drink. This is the first known appearance of an alcoholic sorrel-based drink.

In 1920, the maternal grandparents of Jack Summers, the creator of Sorel Liqueur, emigrated from Barbados to Brooklyn. They brought with them their cultural traditions and their knowledge of sorel-based recipes. They pass this information down to their daughter, who passed it to Jack.

In 2010, Jackie Summers quit a decades-long career in corporate America after an ordeal with a spinal tumor. He went on to create the first shelf-stable version of Sorel Liqueur, and he opened a microbrewery to produce the spirit called Jack From Brooklyn in 2012. 

At the time of his microbrewery opening, Jack Summers was the only Black person in America with a license to produce liquor. Additionally, he is the first-known Black person since prohibition to hold this license.

Sorel Liqueur is currently perceived as a modern twist on liqueur that incorporates years of history, and this sweetly floral spiced liqueur is becoming more popular as a drink to be enjoyed over ice or mixed into a well-balanced cocktail.

Where Is Sorel Liqueur From?

Sorel Liqueur has its history in the spice trade of 500 years ago mixed with African traditions. The drink we know as Sorel Liqueur today originated in Barbados. The traditions of this drink were brought to Brooklyn, where Jackie Summers established his micro-distillery, and this drink is still made today.

When Was Sorel Liqueur Created?

Original versions of Sorel Liqueur were most likely created in Barbados as traditional hibiscus teas were mixed with rum and spices. The modern Sorel Liqueur we know today was created in Brooklyn in New York City, and it utilizes the traditions found in Barbados to create this drink.

What Types of Sorel Liqueur Are There?

There is only one kind of Sorel Liqueur, the original kind. This liqueur has a distinctive red color due to the hibiscus used in its blend, and it maintains a fruity, floral, and spicy taste. The brand of Sorel Liqueur created by Jackie Summers is the one and only Sorel Liqueur available, and this spirit is highly awarded as of 2022.

Sorel Liqueur 

Sorel Liquer is a liquer with centuries worth of history. Therefore, if you're someone who wants a taste of history, this liquer will take you back to the 1600s. The centuries worth of history can be tasted with each sip, so you can tell it's a liquer that's made with a lot of love. It has a signature red appearance, classy bottle, and smooth flavor. Despite being smooth, it's a sweet liquer that's perfect to sip on a warm summer day with some ice. However, it's also delicious when it's made into a cocktail.

Sorel Liquer is made with premium ingredients and it's known as a hibiscus flavored liquer. It includes Moroccan hibiscus, Brazilian clove, Nigerian ginger, and Indonesia nutmeg. These ingredients give it a smooth flavor that you won't forget. Sorel Liquer is also an easy sipping liquer, and that's reflected in the 15% ABV rating.

What Ingredients Are in Sorel Liqueur?

The standard ingredients of Sorel Liqueur include Moroccan hibiscus, Brazilian cloves, Indonesian cassia and nutmeg, Nigerian ginger, and a small amount of sugar. 

While these are the main ingredients, Sorel Liqueur has hints of other fruits, florals, and spices. The combination of warm spices, hibiscus flowers, and select savory hints allows users to experience hundreds of aromas and flavor notes while enjoying this liqueur.

How Much Does Sorel Liqueur Usually Cost?

The standard price for a bottle of Sorel Liqueur is around $44.99. 

If you are ordering Sorel Liqueur at a bar or restaurant, you may pay between $10 and $20 for a single serving depending on your location. This pricing will also vary if you are ordering this liqueur straight, or if you are ordering a Sorel-based cocktail.

What Is the Best Way to Enjoy Sorel Liqueur?

The best way to enjoy Sorel Liqueur is to pour a measure of this drink over ice. By consuming it chilled and straight, you can best enjoy the many flavors and aromas this unique drink has to offer. 

Another very popular way to enjoy Sorel Liqueur is to mix it into a cocktail. Several popular drinks have emerged utilizing Sorel Liqueur as a main ingredient, including Sorel-based margaritas and spritzes.

If you are looking for a more comforting way to enjoy Sorel Liqueur, this drink may be heated up and consumed warm. This is a great way to end your evening and experience all of the unique flavors and spices that Sorel Liqueur has to offer.

Sorel Liqueur pairs well with almost every liquor, and it is known for being versatile. You can serve Sorel Liqueur and Sorel-based drinks alongside summery dishes or as part of a fall dinner spread. The many sweet, spicy, and floral aromas in this drink allow it to blend well and bring out the best in the foods or drinks you are serving it alongside.

How to Choose a Good Sorel Liqueur

Selecting a good Sorel Liqueur is relatively easy, as there is only one Sorel Liqueur in the marketplace. You can choose to purchase your Sorel Liqueur from Speakeasy or directly from the manufacturer, depending on the state you are in. Some local restaurants or liquor stores might also carry this high-quality, unique drink.

Where Can You Find Sorel Liqueur?

Sorel Liqueur may be a small-batch product, but it has had success expanding into the majority of states. Speakeasy sells Sorel Liqueur and allows this product to reach 37 different states, so if you are having trouble finding this product at your local cocktail bar or restaurant, you can order it online.

Locally, specialty cocktail bars, restaurants, and other bars that serve artisanal cocktails are the most likely to carry Sorel Liqueur.

Sorel Liqueur FAQs

If you’ve got more lingering questions about Sorel Liqueur, read through our answers to frequently asked questions below.

What Does Sorel Liqueur Taste Like?

Sorel Liqueur has a very unique taste, and individuals may perceive different aromas or flavor notes each time this liqueur is consumed. In general, Sorel Liqueur has a very hibiscus-forward taste that’s sweetened with sugar to cut through some of the bitterness of this flower. Floral notes give way to various fruit notes, with citruses, stone fruits, and dried fruit being prominent. 

The unique spice blend added into Sorel Liqueur gives it hints of warmth, fall spices, and a savory or herbal note. All of these flavors are what create the distinctive taste of Sorel Liqueur and allow it to be so versatile when blended into cocktails.

Which Cocktail Can I Use Sorel Liqueur In?

Sorel Liqueur can be substituted for other liquors in cocktails such as the mule or a margarita, and it often makes an appearance in spritzes to give the drink a unique floral and sweet taste. 

Your local bar or restaurant may have cocktails they’ve created with Sorel Liqueur as a base. Or, you can consult the website for Sorel Liqueur to learn cocktail recipes featuring this liqueur straight from the manufacturer.

Will My Local Bar Carry Sorel Liqueur?

Your local bar or restaurant may carry Sorel Liqueur – this brand is becoming more popular throughout the United States and is finding its way into more establishments. Check with your local bar or restaurant to determine if they carry this liqueur or search online to see where Sorel Liqueur is carried around your state.

If you aren’t able to locate this liqueur in person, you can always purchase a bottle online and start enjoying this drink at home.

Sipping Sorel Liqueur

red cocktail with garnish on bar table

Sorel Liqueur is a distinctive red drink featuring hibiscus and spices that comes from over 500 years of history and tradition. This one-of-a-kind liqueur was established in 2012 and takes its heritage from Barbados, the home of the first versions of Sorel Liqueur. 

Today, the micro-distillery Jack From Brooklyn produces and ships this product across the United States so any interested individual can experience the unique, pleasing taste of Sorel Liqueur.

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