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Rare Hare: Explore This Seductive Brand

A newer product of the adult magazine distributor Playboy, Rare Hare is a line of bourbons, whiskeys, and cognacs that are all firmly top-shelf products.

The triple-digit liquors are aged and perfected to create some of the best whiskey ever poured into a bottle. The tall asking price makes the product reserved for special occasions, and it is always an event when a bottle of Rare Hare is uncorked.

If you are curious about Playboy’s unique new venture in adult beverages, you are in the right place. The following sections will provide a detailed overview of the expensive whiskey and what goes into creating such an impressive liquor.

Rare Hare: An Introduction

Rare Hare is a line of bourbons, cognacs, and whiskeys that have been well-received by critics for their sweet and smooth flavor, brilliant color, and fruitier notes found within. While all four batches of Rare Hare whiskey have been well-received, most agree the price does not reflect the quality of the bottle itself.

The exclusive Rare Hare Society membership that comes with every bottle is a far more captivating motivator, though only for those interested in future releases from the brand. The bottles do come with a sense of elegance, however, and the drink undoubtedly feels like a quality liquor made by master distillers.

What Is the Alcohol Content of Rare Hare?

The whiskey distributor has four products that differ in alcohol by volume (ABV.) Their flagship whiskey, the 1953, has an ABV of 55.5% or 111 proof. For a drink with a less forceful impact, Lucky Bastard is a Canadian whiskey that sits at 44.5% ABV or 89 proof. The Lapine is a 60-year-old cognac with 40.9% ABV or 81.8 proof.

Lastly, you have The Tempest. The Tempest is a Tasmanian whiskey and their newest product, which is 84 proof or 42% ABV. While they will not have as much give as lesser potent liquors, the whiskeys of Rare Hare offer less punch than similar alternatives.

What Is the History of Rare Hare?

Rare Hare was an effort by Playboy to venture out of their usual market and dive into crafting quality liquors. A brand that has always had a luxurious portrait around its public persona, creating a line of top-shelf whiskeys and cognacs seemed like an obvious decision.

The first batch came out in 2021 and was received fairly positively by critics despite the unusually high asking price for a bottle. The bourbon was their 1953, the year Playboy was created. To build on the name and rarity of the whiskey, only 1,953 bottles were ever made.

Since then, they have released three new products and made a very successful “society” that creates a feeling of exclusivity for the privileged few that buy a bottle.

While some enthusiasts will say the product is overpriced or similar to other less-expensive whiskeys, no one is complaining about the taste of Rare Hare liquor. Not everyone will be willing to spend the cash, but Rare Hare shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Where Is Rare Hare From?

Rare Hare has the luxury of starting with quite a bit more capital than other smaller distilleries. Because of their dense, deep pockets, the company has created exceptional liquors from distilleries on two continents.

For their 1953, they had the whiskey aged in cognac casks in the province of Champagne in France. Lucky Bastard was created in western France where it aged for thirty years. Lapine is also from the wine capital and is made from grapes in the village of Echebrune in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

The Tempest is the first product to see new land and comes from the island of Tasmania off the southern Australian coast. Rare Hare collaborated with Hellyers Road Distillery, a famous Australian whiskey distillery, to create an exceptionally mellow and enjoyable flavor throughout.

When Was Rare Hare Created?

While the Playboy name has been in the public eye since the early fifties, their new liquor is a newcomer to the whiskey scene. Created in 2021, Rare Hare has made a stir with their triple-digit liquors. Often debated for its price tag, the product has gotten a lot of press and will likely remain an exclusive luxury liquor provider for those able to fetch a bottle.

What Types of Rare Hare Are There?

The Rare Hare line comes with four different bottles: a bourbon, two whiskeys, and one cognac. The brand has cultivated an early reputation for quality with its initial releases, each coming with a surprising depth of flavor.


The first and most well-known release of Rare Hare, 1953, is a bourbon named after the founding year of Playboy. A 111-proof offering, 1953 is a whiskey aged for 17 years in cognac casks and has a nose stuffed with caramelized fruits and an oaky finish. The taste hints at corn, herbs, and an array of intermingling spices.


The exclusive cognac of Rare Hare, Lapine is a $999 750 milliliter bottle of 60-year-old liquor. Because of its lofty cost, the bottle is best reserved for special occasions or gifts given to dear friends. The nose is immediately fragrant, with a blooming whiff of strawberries, fruits, and vibrant foliage tickling the senses.

The flavor hits the tongue with a smooth start, giving off toast, oranges, and even honey notes. The citrus that permeates the golden-brown liquor can be tasted throughout each sip, which compliments that subtle hint of coffee at the end.

Lucky Bastard

Lucky Bastard is a 30-year-old whiskey aged in Pineau Des Charentes casks, a popular apéritif (alcohol taken before a meal) in France. A fruitier whiskey than most are used to, Lucky Bastard has a gentle nose that brings visions of honeycomb, flowers, and vanilla. The flavor is rich and sweet, with sugar, wood, coconut, and chile peaking through every taste.

The Tempest

The most recent addition to Rare Hare, The Tempest is a $1000 Tasmanian whiskey aged for twenty years in bourbon and port casks. The nose of the expensive whiskey is uniquely pleasant and blends a delightful mix of citrus, marmalade, vanilla, and fresh pastries.

The flavor is a welcome addition to the drink’s aroma, with a deep citrus taste complimented by notes of grapes, apricots, and ginger. While it may only be reserved for big events in a person’s life, the Tempest is an excellent example of quality Tasmanian whiskey.

What Ingredients Are in Rare Hare?

Because of the variety of liquors in their roster, there is no defining ingredient found in all the different Rare Hare releases. The 1953, for instance, is a bourbon with a palpable corn taste that speaks to the heavy amount used in the fermentation process. The citrus-heavy flavor of Lapine results from its fruit-heavy ingredients originating from its grape base.

Grapes are also found in the Lucky Bastard, which is made and aged in France. The Tempest is made with malt and barley found throughout the island of Tasmania, though like all the other products of Rare Hare, there is no extended ingredient list to go off of.

How Much Does Rare Hare Usually Cost?

There is no getting around the fact that Rare Hare bottles are very confidently priced and are reserved for a very exclusive group of people. The bottles range anywhere from $600 for the 1953 all the way to $1000 for The Tempest or Lapine. If you are curious about trying the Playboy product, it will be a hefty asking price to get your hands on a bottle if they aren’t sold out.

What Is the Best Way to Enjoy Rare Hare?

These are not beverages that should be mixed, as it is a waste of excellent liquor. The drinks should be enjoyed in a shot glass, snifter, Glencairn glass, or a tulip glass for Lapine. They can be enjoyed neat, with a couple of drops of water, or on the rocks, though using any of the bottles for a cocktail may be a waste of very hard-to-get liquor.

For the 1953, any smoked or cooked meat will pair incredibly well and salmon is also a popular dinner choice. The Tempest, Lapine, and Lucky Bastard also go well with meats, cheeses, and several dessert dishes that can complement the liquor flavor. Cigar smokers will find all four drinks great ways to wash down the smokey flavor of your favorite Cuban.

How to Choose a Good Rare Hare

If you are going to make the jump and get your very own bottle of Rare Hare, it pays to know what you are getting. While every bottle will be top-shelf liquor, they differ in taste and spirit from one drink to another. Fans of fruity liquors may want to go for the more tame Lapine, while those who want a softer bourbon than its competitors may want to get the 1953.

When judging whether whiskey or cognac is high-quality, it is vital to judge the nose of the product to ensure it has a vibrant aroma of spices, fruits, and even wood. A good whiskey will have a depth of taste that produces several different flavors and avoids an overly boozy finish.

Where Can You Find Rare Hare?

Due to the product’s exclusivity and high price, it will not be featured prominently in chain restaurants, taverns, or even some higher-end bars. Physical locations such as liquor and ABC stores will be unlikely to carry bottles of Rare Hare, and most people will have to search for the product through Speakeasy or other online retailers.

Rare Hare FAQs

The luxury liquor distributor has built their image around exclusivity and status, which has created an aura of mystery around their products and services. Let’s answer some common questions about the brand to get a better idea of Rare Hare and the items they sell.

What Is the Rare Hare Society?

The Rare Hare Society is an exclusive membership of people who have purchased bottles from Rare Hare. The advertised purpose of the Rare Hare Society is to give members access to future events, private releases, and even potential travel opportunities. Whether the membership provides these perks is still largely up for debate.

Is Rare Hare Worth the Price?

While it may be worthy of special events and gifts for family, Rare Hare is unlikely to become a staple on anyone’s shelf. The flavor is superb, and all releases have made great sipping drinks, but the quality of the product may not reflect the price of the bottles for people more budget-conscious.

For those looking for an affordable beverage, there are more reasonable whiskeys that taste similar.

What Makes Rare Hare Stand Out?

What makes Rare Hare stand out above its mid-shelf competition is the quality of the distilleries used to make the liquors, the arduous aging process, and the depth of ingredients within. Rare Hair liquors will have a fruity, smooth flavor that makes them approachable for old hat enthusiasts and relative newcomers.

Last Call on Rare Hare

glass of whiskey and a cigar

Rare Hare is a luxury liquor designed and marketed for an upper-class individual looking to enjoy the finer brands and bottles the world has to offer. Their four releases are all exceptional, expensive, and wildly exclusive. Because of the limited supply, it is easy to imagine the bottles eventually becoming popular collection items.

If you know someone who is a fan of the Playboy brand or a genuine whiskey or cognac enthusiast, Rare Hare has a few great options to gift them.

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