Meili Vodka: Your Expert Guide

Meili Vodka: Your Expert Guide

Meili Vodka is a unique type of vodka that allows you to taste the flavor. You can enjoy Meili Vodka as a mixed drink, alone, or in the form of a shot, but we advise against wasting the flavor away in a shot glass. What makes Meili Vodka have such a potent and noticeable flavor is that it’s distilled five times. This gives it a neat and smooth flavor that you can’t always find with other types of vodka. Therefore, you won’t cringe or get chills when you take a sip of Meili Vodka.

Meili Vodka is also a star-powered vodka if you’re into that sort of thing. It was made by Jason Momoa, who is a popular actor whom you may know as Aquaman or the guy that Daenerys Targaryen married at the start of Game of Thrones. While it has the stamp of approval from Jason Momoa, it’s also made by Blaine Halvorson, who has a knack for making delicious vodka.

While the star power and unique flavor are tempting enough, we’re only scratching the surface here. Read on to learn more about Meili Vodka and how it can change up your drinking habits with a new and fresh vodka.

Meili Vodka: An Introduction

Meili Vodka was created by Jason Momoa and his longtime friend, Blaine Halvorson, and both of them are passionate about making and producing the best vodka you can drink. It’s one of the smoother vodkas on the market, and this comes from its distillation process; it goes through five distillation phases that bring out the smooth flavor. 

When you take a sip, you get a bright and effortless-tasting vodka that’s designed to be enjoyed without any ice, garnishes, or other flavors. The taste is fresh, and you can tell it’s from a clean water source the second you take your first sip. There’s just nothing like it that combines grains and purified mountain water the same way.

Aside from the taste, Meili Vodka is becoming popular across the United States. It’s available in most local retailers, and you can even order it online if your state allows you to. Overall, it’s an interesting new vodka that looks like it’s here to stay.

It’s also important to note that it’s one of the few alcoholic drinks that someone who is gluten-intolerant can drink because it’s gluten-free. All ingredients are sourced from local farms and it’s brewed in small batches.

What Is the Alcohol Content of Meili Vodka?

Meili Vodka has an average ABV (alcohol by volume) of about 40%. This can vary depending on the batch and how often a batch is distilled. That said, it usually comes out the same each time and maintains an ABV of 40%. Meili Vodka has only been around since 2023, so the alcohol content can still change as more Vodka starts to come out or if the company decides to evolve the brand. Expect it to stay at this ABV for a while because that’s the common ABV of 100-proof vodka.

What Is the History of Meili Vodka? 

Meili Vodka is a new vodka that hasn’t been around for a long time; in fact, it’s a recent launch. Meili Vodka was made by Jason Momoa and Blaine Halvorson in early 2023. For this reason, you might not have seen it on the shelves of your local liquor store. Thankfully, as the brand grows in popularity, there’s a good chance that this will start to change over time.

When the vodka was released, it was released with a focus on being environmentally friendly. It’s made in Montana and only uses locally sourced grains and mountain spring water. This makes it eco-friendly and helps local farmers enjoy a more stable life in the region. For this reason, it’s more than just a tasty vodka; it’s an enjoyable vodka that doesn’t damage the environment and the region around its production.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been around for a while yet, and its availability is limited because it’s made in small batches. This makes it hard to gauge how long it will be around and if it can be successful.

Where Is Meili Vodka From?

Meili Vodka is made in Bozeman, Montana at an estate-grown distillery. It’s made using natural spring water, and all of the ingredients are sourced locally by farmers in the area. Meili Vodka is also sustainable, and the water doesn’t go through any extra purification because it comes from the natural springs found within Mountana’s mountain.

When Was Meili Vodka Created?

Meili Vodka has only been around for a short period. It was created in early 2023 and hasn’t even hit the shelves in all of the states yet. While it’s only been around for less than one year, it already has a big following, and there’s a good chance that Meili Vodka is here to stay for the long haul.

What Types of Meili Vodka Are There?

At this time, there is only one type of Meili Vodka, which is the flagship vodka that’s made by Jason Momoa and Blaine Halvorson. The vodka is made in small batches, so there is a chance that you’re getting a different type of vodka each time you order a bottle.

People may also notice that there are multiple types of bottles, so it may seem like there is a different type of Meili Vodka. While this is true, the vodka is the same, and only the bottle is different because each bottle is made with recycled glass.

What Ingredients Are in Meili Vodka?

Meili Vodka is made with simple ingredients that come from the Montana area. The ingredients that you’ll find include purified water from springs in Montana and 100% grain. This grain is sourced from local families, which is why it’s only released in small batches. Unlike other types of liquor, vodka doesn’t have a wide range of ingredients, which is why it has a smooth flavor that a lot of people love.

How Much Does Meili Vodka Usually Cost?

Meili Vodka is one of the most affordable options for what you’re getting. Typically, a bottle only costs a little over $20. The only time it costs more is if there is a limited edition release of Meili Vodka that drives the price up. Jason Momoa has also signed some bottles that can drive the price up well over $100. That said, if it’s available in your area, you don’t have to worry about spending over $50 on Meili Vodka, even with most markups.

What Is the Best Way to Enjoy Meili Vodka?

You can enjoy Meili Vodka in several ways because of the five-level distillation process. It has been distilled so many times that the flavor is neutral and smooth. While it doesn’t taste like water, that’s about the closest thing that it tastes like. For this reason, you can enjoy Meili Vodka as a straight vodka on the rocks, or you can add some ice if you want to water it down because it’s too strong.

It’s also worth noting that the smoothness of Meili Vodka makes it a great choice for people who want to find a good vodka for mixed drinks. You’ll barely notice it, so you can make some delicious drinks with it. Meili Vodka pairs well with fruity drinks, tonic, and seltzer. If you’re going to pair Meili Vodka with a drink like tonic or seltzer, it’s a good idea to add some other type of flavoring to keep it flavorful.

Overall, Meili Vodka is smooth enough to enjoy any way you want. For an affordable vodka, it stacks up well compared to other brands like Ketel One, Greg Goose, and Tito’s.

How to Choose a Good Meili Vodka

There is only one type of Meili Vodka, so choosing the best type of vodka comes down to whether or not you like it. Before you shop, consider what the vodka is made with and if you enjoy the smooth flavor. If you’re not a fan of vodka, we don’t know if Meili Vodka will change your mind. Still, it’s worth a shot if you want to get a cheap bottle of vodka that maintains its quality and works well in mixed drinks.

Where Can You Find Meili Vodka?

Meili Vodka isn’t the easiest vodka to find. There’s a good chance that you can find it in a local liquor store if you live near Montana, but that doesn’t mean you can find it outside the area. What’s more, it’s not available in every state yet, which means you might have to travel to find the vodka that you’re looking for.

The good news is that Meili Vodka can be found online by a handful of providers. That said, make sure it’s available in your state before you go through the shipping process and end up disappointed.

What Are Popular Alternatives to Meili Vodka?

Meili Vodka is a pure-tasting vodka. The only alternatives you have, if you’re looking for a similar vodka, is something from one of the name brands like Grey Goose or Ketel One. Some other small distilleries will also have unique vodka options available if you’re looking for a replacement.

When it comes to Meili Vodka, you can also choose another clear liquor as an alternative if you’re not a fan of how smooth it tastes. One of the best clear-liquor alternatives is tequila, specifically Patrón. PatrónPatron is one of the few clear tequila options, so be prepared to pay a little extra for it. That said, if you're not a fan of clear liquors you can switch over to something like Whistlepig Whiskey instead.

Meili Vodka FAQs

Have questions about Meili Vodka? Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Meili below.

What States Sell Meili Vodka?

Meili Vodka is more limited than other types of vodka in the United States. For this reason, you can only find them in some states. Currently, the states that carry Meili Vodka include:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • New Mexico
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Colorado
  • Nebraska
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • North Dakota
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin
  • Oregon
  • South Dakota
  • Pennsylvania
  • Utah
  • Wyoming
  • Iowa
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Kansas

While these are the states that currently carry Meili Vodka, there’s a good chance that it will become more widely available as it becomes more successful and popular.

Why Do Meili Bottles Look Different?

Meili Vodka prides itself on being a green and sustainable brand. For this reason, all bottles come from recycled bottles, which gives each bottle a unique appearance. Ultimately, Jason Momoa and his partner came into the business with the idea of having no two bottles look alike. Plus, Jason Momoa has been known to sign bottled, so these are good collector’s items if you order one.

Who Is Blaine Halvorson?

Halvorson is a successful businessman who created Madeworn and Junkfood Clothing. He’s been a long-time friend of Jason Momoa and functions as a marketing expert for the Meili Vodka brand.

Enjoy Meili Vodka Today!

three shots of vodka with ice cubes and steam on black bar

If you’re someone who’s sick of knocking back shots of horrific vodka, you’ll want to give Meili Vodka a shot. It has some of the purest ingredients that you’ll find in vodka, and the taste is smooth enough to sip with some ice. In fact, you can even be bold and sip it without ice if you’re a fan of the taste of vodka.

Another reason to enjoy a glass of Meili Vodka is because it supports local farmers and a green environment. With all of the ingredients being sourced from local farmers, it’s hard to go wrong with Meili Vodka. Plus, those local ingredients and fresh mountain spring water will have you shocked by how great it can taste.

Before you go, also consider who’s behind the brand. Jason Momoa is one of the most likable actors out there, and he’s even known for signing bottles of Meili Vodka. While not everyone can get their bottles signed, what’s stopping you from holding onto your bottle until he comes around?

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