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Lost Lantern Whiskey: Your Guide to Their Unique Liquors

Variety is the spice of life, as the old adage goes. If you are interested in having access to unique variations of whiskey from across the United States, then Lost Lantern Whiskey might be a brand to keep an eye on. Let’s take a look at what makes this brand so special.

Lost Lantern Whiskey: An Introduction

Lost Lantern Whiskey is an independent bottler that prides itself on working directly with distilleries across the United States to find and bottle unique whiskeys. The brand aims to provide whiskey enthusiasts with unique blends, limited-edition whiskey releases, and new takes on whiskey that provide an exemplary drinking experience.

The whiskeys featured by Lost Lantern feature varying flavor profiles, as these liquors are distilled and blended in different locations. Some of the whiskeys’ flavors may be more classic, while others provide new takes on traditional alcohol. This brand has several varieties of whiskeys that are shelf staples and available year-round, while other special blends come and go based on the season and availability from distillers.

Lost Lantern Whiskey is a new take on a classic drink that aims to bring American whiskeys into the limelight and encourage upcoming stars in the whiskey world to shine bright. 

What Is the Alcohol Content of Lost Lantern Whiskey?

Lost Lantern Whiskey ranges in alcoholic content due to the variety of different whiskeys carried by this bottler. In general, a whiskey needs to have at least a 40 percent ABV (alcohol by volume), and most whiskeys are bottled at 80 to 100 proof, which is 40 to 50 percent ABV. Check the label of the specific Lost Lantern Whiskey you are interested in for more specific details about its alcoholic content.

What Is the History of Lost Lantern Whiskey?

The independent bottler Lost Lantern Whiskey originated in September 2018 when this brand’s two founders, Nora Ganley-Roper and Adam Polonski, quit their jobs in New York City and began an eight-month road trip to visit whiskey distillers all over the United States. This was the first step in the process of ensuring distillers were up to the standards the brand wanted to uphold and forming relationships with multiple distillers as part of the brand’s bottling process.

A significant amount of research is part of the Lost Lantern Whiskey process, and this research ensures that the distillers and whiskeys sold by the brand are high-quality. The brand now makes three distinctions between its products – blends, single distillery, and single casks. 

Today, Lost Lantern Whiskey is the foremost independent bottler of American whiskeys, and the brand gives distillers a chance to create new and unique twists on the classic whiskey. Everything from blends to limited-edition bottles of whiskey is available through Lost Lantern, and the brand strives to provide a high-quality experience for whiskey drinkers and enthusiasts throughout the United States.

Where Is Lost Lantern Whiskey From?

Lost Lantern Whiskey comes from a variety of distillers throughout the United States. You can check the specific distillery and location where a whiskey product comes from by reviewing the label on your selected variety of whiskey.

When Was Lost Lantern Whiskey Created?

Lost Lantern Whiskey was created around 2018 and 2019 as the two co-founders went on an eight-month road trip across the United States. The first bottles of whiskey independently bottled by the brand were released soon after, and the brand continues growing and working with new distillers to this day.

What Types of Lost Lantern Whiskey Are There?

There are many different kinds of Lost Lantern Whiskey, including limited-edition releases, special blends, and single-cask or single-distiller whiskeys that showcase the best a specific distiller has to offer. It’s important to browse the currently available products that Lost Lantern is selling, as certain varieties of whiskey are only bottled by this brand in limited quantities.

In general, the whiskey varieties that Lost Lantern produces are split up into three different categories – blends, single distilleries, and single casks. Blends are created by working with blending teams from various distilleries to create a unique product with flavors unlike anything produced by the distiller alone.

Single distilleries are limited releases or unique whiskeys that are sourced from a specific distillery and are developed to showcase a different side of the distiller’s production abilities. Single casks are hidden gems that are sourced from varying distillers and are only released in a few hundred bottles on average, making them limited-time and unique products.

Lost Lantern Whiskey also utilizes the following categories for their whiskeys: blend series, single malt, straight bourbon, straight rye, and special whiskeys. You can review the labeling on their whiskeys to learn more about the distiller, the whiskey’s category, and what you can expect that specific whiskey to taste like.

What Ingredients Are in Lost Lantern Whiskey?

The whiskeys produced by Lost Lantern may have varying ingredients due to the variety of distillers that produce these specific blends and other whiskey varieties. In general, whiskey is produced from a mixture of grains that are hand-selected by the distiller to create a certain flavor. Aging is done in oak barrels, and distillers may again make choices depending on the types of barrels, whether or not the barrels are charred, and how long to age their whiskey.

The slight variations in the ingredients and whiskey creation process are what create the unique and distinctive flavor of each bottle. Lost Lantern Whiskey will display any specific or notable ingredients on the labels of each bottle, and you can access specific tasting notes on the brand’s website.

How Much Does Lost Lantern Whiskey Usually Cost?

The price of Lost Lantern Whiskey varies depending on the specific type of whiskey and whether or not the whiskey is a limited-edition release or a special release. You can expect to pay between $70 and a few hundred dollars for a bottle of whiskey from this brand. 

Depending on your state, you may be able to purchase Lost Lantern Whiskey in a local bar or restaurant. You can expect the cost of an individual serving to be similar to that of a top-shelf liquor or cocktail in your state. 

What Is the Best Way to Enjoy Lost Lantern Whiskey?

The best way to enjoy Lost Lantern Whiskey is by drinking it the way you enjoy your favorite whiskey. You can serve your whiskey neat or on the rocks, or you can add a few drops of water to it to open up the flavors. You may also want to use your Lost Lantern Whiskey in a whiskey-based cocktail such as the classic old fashioned or whiskey sour.

In general, your whiskey is best served in a lowball glass or in a cocktail glass if it has been mixed into one. Whiskeys pair well with meats, nuts, and sweets, especially chocolate. You can serve your whiskey as a before-dinner drink or as an after-dinner nightcap – whenever you feel you want to relax and savor the flavors of one of Lost Lantern’s many quality whiskeys is the best time to enjoy them.

How to Choose a Good Lost Lantern Whiskey

Choosing a good Lost Lantern Whiskey is done by taking into account the type of whiskey you are looking for, your general price range, and the distiller. Lost Lantern Whiskey independently bottles a range of distinctive whiskeys, blends from multiple distillers, and limited-edition bottles – you should always check the currently available products to make sure the whiskey you are interested in purchasing is available.

Check the label on your bottle of  Lost Lantern Whiskey to find this information, and consult tasting notes listed on the label or the brand’s website. If you know that you prefer a specific type of whiskey, such as a straight bourbon or a straight rye, you can browse these options to narrow down your choices and select a whiskey that you are most likely to enjoy. 

Where Can You Find Lost Lantern Whiskey?

Lost Lantern Whiskey is primarily available online or through specific retail locations that the brand works with. You can use the Lost Lantern Website to see if your state is eligible for shipping or if a local liquor store carries the whiskeys bottled by this brand. You may also be able to find Lost Lantern Whiskey in local whiskey bars, but this is more difficult than purchasing the specific variety of whiskey you are interested in online.

What Are Popular Alternatives to Lost Lantern Whiskey?

Lost Lantern Whiskey is an independent bottler, and the whiskeys available through this brand are unique blends from a variety of American distillers, varieties created by a single distiller, or limited-edition releases. It can be hard to find an exact alternative to this brand because of this.

However, if you aren’t able to purchase Lost Lantern Whiskey in your state, you might want to look at other popular American whiskey brands such as Maker’s Mark, Jack Daniel’s, and Woodford Reserve. Many of these popular brands carry a wide range of varieties in their whiskeys, and you can find a similar quality whiskey drinking experience with one of their products. There are also other small distillers that you can choose from, with one of them being Doc Swanson's. Now, if you dislike dark liquor or want to try out something a little different, give something like Hotel California Tequila a shot.

Lost Lantern Whiskey FAQs

If you still have questions about Lost Lantern Whiskey, review our answers to frequently asked questions about this brand for more information.

How Does Independent Bottling Work?

Independent bottling is the process where whiskey distillers will sell extra barrels of whiskey to independent bottling brands, such as Lost Lantern, and independent blenders as a way of making additional income and ensuring that all of the whiskey produced by the distiller is utilized.

Independent bottlers and blenders will go through the process of creating special blends, bottling, and labeling the whiskeys, creating a unique set of flavors with their products, and allowing certain aspects of a distiller to shine through. With an independent bottler like Lost Lantern, the distillers working with the brand are carefully selected, and blends are curated to create the highest-quality whiskey experience possible.

Can I Find a Specific Distiller With Lost Lantern Whiskey?

You may be able to find a specific distiller you are interested in by looking at the labels of where each specific Lost Lantern Whiskey is produced. However, some varieties are blends and have a range of distillers, and if you are really interested in a specific distiller’s products, you may want to purchase one of their signature products instead of a blend curated with Lost Lantern.

Are Any of the Lost Lantern Whiskeys Global?

All of the whiskeys bottled by Lost Lantern are American whiskeys, and this brand prides itself on finding the best American whiskey distillers and curating products that shine a new light on American whiskey. You won’t find any global or international whiskey distillers utilized in the Lost Lantern Whiskey products.

Discovering Lost Lantern Whiskey

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Lost Lantern Whiskey is an independent bottler dedicated to crafting unique blends of whiskey and showing off new sides to the whiskey products that distillers across the United States can produce. Keeping whiskey enthusiasts in mind, Lost Lantern Whiskey releases distinctive blends, limited-edition products, and invigorating whiskeys that are sure to become your new favorite thing to sip on.

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